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   Chapter 28 I'm yours forever

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Several days later, Jillian was well aware that Sergeant Alexander wanted to talk to her but she kept on avoiding him.

" Sergeant Alexander, can you please give these flowers to Miss Jillian. I have a lot of work to do. Since you're heading to the head quarter anyway. Please?" The senior guard officer asked a favor to Sergeant Alexander himself.

Hmmm...perfect timing! I might be able to get close to her now. He thought.

"Sure! Give me that!" Alexander grabbed the bouquet of flowers from the guard and walked away from him.

The guard was shocked but then ignored Alexander's misbehaviour and went back to his post.

Meanwhile, Jillian was watching over the troops on their afternoon exercises. She was standing infront of them.

" Commander, I'm sorry to interrupt but I have been instructed to give you these." Alexander brought the flowers into her presence.

Jillian took the note on the bouquet before taking it from him. She smiled like an angel when she read the note. The note said: "My love, I wish you a good day. Hope you're doing fine. I love you and I'm waiting for you. Love, Willie. "

After reading the note, she took the bouquet from his hand and smelled the scent of the fresh flowers. Alexander was captivated by her unusual behaviour. He saw her priceless smile. It was so pure and sweet.

" Thank you, Sergeant. " She said saluting at him.

Alexander saluted too and asked her. " Is that from your lover perhaps, Commander?"

Hearing his mocking words, Jillian glared at him. " Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong, Sergeant. "

Ooops!...Wrong choice of words! Damn it! He thought after seeing her negative reaction.

The trainees saw and heard how Sergeant Alexander misbehaved at Jillian and they all frowned at him. Jillian turned her back at him and continued initiating the daily training of the trainees. She ignored the man next to her. Sergeant Alexander felt embarrassed and left.

In Willie's office, he was working with his paper works when his head felt heavy and dizzy. He tried to take in a lot of water and rested himself for a bit. He called out Robert to cancel all his appointments because he was not feeling well. He also instructed him to take care of his other works for tomorrow. He stood up and took his brief case and headed home.

When he arrived at the mansion, Aya was there in the living room watching a drama on TV. She noticed him come in.

" Welcome home, brother!" Aya greeted him.

" Why are you here again? Aren't you supposed to be on your own house, sis?" He asked and went near her. He gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead. Ever since they moved in with them, he was accustomed already on kissing and hugging her little sister just like what his other siblings do to her.

" Charles told me I could come here while he's on his work. He doesn't want me to be alone

hug him tightly and they fall asleep after an hour. Willie was awaken by the rising fever of his body and Jillian was awakened by his shivering movement.

" What's wrong?" She asked with a worried look.

"I couldn't take anymore of the cold. I'm terribly freezing!" He said in a trembling voice.

Jillian remembered that body contact is necessary but they must be both naked. She got no more choice. She took of Willie's clothes except his undergarment and she took of her dress and bra before pressing herself near his body. Jillian felt embarrassed but just kept on holding him without hesitation. This was the last thing she could think of to help the man she love.

Willie looked at her lovingly. "Jillian, are you okay?" He asked.

" I'm fine just don't look at me!" She felt her body feeling so warm when their bodies touched.

Willie pinched her chin to face him and their eyes met. Little by little, their faces got closer and Willie kissed her lips tenderly. The kissed lasted and their hunger and longing for each other made them blazed into fire.

Willie began to kiss every inch of her body and his other hand was caressing her back down to her legs in circular motion. Jillian closed her eyes and felt feverish inside. She moaned when Willie kissed her curves and licking her breast. She bit her lower lips when Willie finally took off her underwear and his too in a slow motion. They began to dance into the rhythm of their bodies. They moaned and groaned until they finally reached their climax.

Willie stared at her in the dim light and whispered into her ears. " I love you, Jillian! Please be mine forever!"

Jillian felt tears flowed into her cheek but with a smile on her face. " I love you too, Willie. I'm yours forever."

Then, they made love again and again until they fell asleep until noon. Their hearts became one again and their bodies entwined with each other.

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