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   Chapter 5 The deal

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Every morning, Jillian received a text from Willie. He comes over to their office to give her food and flowers at lunch time.

" Willie, what are you doing here?" Jillian asked surprisingly when she saw Willie standing infront of her office.

" I'm here to see my lovely girl." Willie said smiling at her. He was holding a packed lunch again.

"I'm not your, girl!" Jillian shouted that caused everyone to look at them.

Jillian saw the stares in her surroundings and invited Willie to go inside her office. She carefully closed the door when they were inside the room.

"Your not my girl yet but soon you will be. I'll definitely make you mine. " Willie said with a teasing smile on his face.

"Is that for me?" Jillian changed the topic and pointed at the lunch box that Willie was holding.

"Yup! I made them especially for you, my lady!" He said and he started unpacking the food, placing them on her table.

"You mean, you can cook?" Jillian said as she was amazed by the food he was preparing for her.

"Of course my lady. I'll do anything for the one I like." He winked at her, making Jillian blushed suddenly.

"Is that so, I just hope you didn't put a magic potion on the food you made." She tried to mock at him.

"I don't need any magical potion. Just by my looks I am certain that you are going to be enchanted already. " He said confidently.

"Wow, you've got a lot of nerve to say that to me!" She said sarcastically.

"Want to try?" He asked, teasing her more.

"No, thanks!" She said.

But it was too late. Willie lowered his face and kissed her red lips passionately. The kiss was so intense that her body arched and Willie pressed her body more closer to him. Jillian was still ignorant on how to kiss but she learned how to do it every time Willie kissed her.

She kissed him back this time, making Willie craving for more. His hands started wondering around her back, caressing every part of her skin. Jillian was about to lost control. She didn't hesitate when Willie cupped her right breast while his other hand was taking hold of her back.

Jillian moaned when Willie lowered his head kissing her neck and back to her lips. Willie can't hide the fact that Jillian attracted him so much. The little control he had was now gone and gently, he was about to undress Jillian. He looked at her before proceeding to his next move.

" Jillian, you're driving me crazy over you!" He said in soft tender voice.

His voice resonated into Jillian's ear making her more thrilled on what Willie will do next. Willie put her on her table, wiping out all the hindrance in it. He laid her there and was ready to take her in when suddenly someone knocked at the door.

Shit! She said and her mind went into panic. She pushed Willie away from her and fixed herself. Willie was disappointed but felt more aware of the feeling he had for Jillian.

However, Jillian opened the door as soon as she had finished fixing her clothes.

"Sorry, inspector but the chief asked me to give you these files." A police officer who was in a low rank from her, looked apologetic.

Jillian took the files from him. He was a timid type of policeman because he had never been seen in any outdoor activities.

"Thank you! You may go now." She said when they saluted each other.

"Yes, ma'am!" The young policeman said and went out of the office.

"As for you, you better behave yourself or you'll end up in jail." Jillian gave Willie a warning look.

"Sorry! But I did enjoy it and I know your craving too." He said pinching her chin.

Jillian blushed all of a sudden. Willie was having fun seeing her blush. Her face turned reddish that made her more attractive into Willie's eyes.

"Let's make a deal." He said smiling and staring at her lovingly.

"What kind of deal?" Jillian asked curiously.

" I'll play as your boyfriend for a while and you become my girl." He announced.

"What?! Are you out of your mind?" Jillian was shocked.

"Come on! We're both single and we may get to know each other more. So, what's your decision?" He said attentively looking forward into her response.

"I'm not interested!" Jillian rejected his proposal.

"Oh, come on! I know that you want me too. Your body said so when we had almost gone further than kissing." He teased her.

"Stop teasing me! I said I'm not interested! You better leave." Jillian said pushing him through the door.

"Okay but I know that I won't forget this day." He winked at her. He planned to take over Jillian but Jillian sensed his mo


"Don't come any closer." She said. She quickly let go of his back and distanced herself from him.

"Cheezzz ...You're so unpredictable! Bye, my lady! I'm going to work now." He said and went outside her office.

Jillian felt relieved when Willie was gone.

At night time, Jillian was lying in her bed. She was so tired from the whole day work but her mind was fantasizing about how Willie would be as her lover. She never had an affair with anyone since she only dedicated herself to love and care for Brian, Aya's big brother.

She thought she would never feel how to love and admire someone again not until Willie came into her life.

If I become her girl that means I can investigate him without him suspecting me of my real intention to him. That's it! I better go see him and tell him that I will accept his proposal to me.It would be more convenient for me. She thought.

She dressed herself up, wearing a white mini skirt and a yellow haltered fitted blouse. She tied up her hair with a red ribbon and put a light make up on her face. She took her car and drove towards Crimson Hotel where Willie served as a bartender at night.

Inside the bar, Willie was serving a couple of drinks to a group of ladies infront of him. The girls were intimidated on how charming and kind he is.

" Willie, do you have a girlfriend?" Monica Watson, a famous tv host in the City, asked him flickering her eyelashes.

"Yes, I do." He said straightforward to her.

"Can you introduced us to her? We wanted to know how you fell in love with her." She said tossing her glass of wine from her hand.

Willie scratched the back of his head feeling awkward. He was aware that Monica had become a regular customer here at his work and she gave a lot of tips to every waiter she likes but that doesn't include him because he hesitated not to take advantage of her. She became her friend.

"Give me a glass of vodka, please?" A familiar voice said to him. He turned around and saw the girl who drives him wild.

"Jillian?! I knew you'd come!" His eyes sparkled and his smile widened when he saw her.

"Yeah, right! You're so optimistic, huh?!" She said as she sat down next to Monica.

The other girls glanced at her when they saw how Willie behaved at her presence.

"Is she the girl friend, you were talking about, Wil?" Monica asked.

"Yes!" He said proudly.

Jillian looked at Monica who seemed displeased upon seeing her.

"Did I interfere on something between you, my love." Jillian played flirty with Willie. She stared at Willie closely.

"Not at all, my lady." He pinched her chin and gave her a sweet tender kiss.

"Wil, can you give me my bill?" Monica said to him.

"Sure!" He said and gave her the pay slip. Monica intentionally touched Willie's hand.

"Thank you! Here's my payment." She gave the money and pulled Willie's hand causing him to get hooked by her kiss.

Jillian was shocked and gave Monica a glaring look on her face.

"Bye, Wil! See you again tomorrow! Monica stood up and turned her back to them, waving her hand.

Willie smiled indifferently. He doesn't know how to explain himself to Jillian.

" So, who was that girl?" Jillian glared at him.

"She's one of the richest regular customer here. " He said avoiding to look straight to her eyes.

"I see. I bet you enjoyed her kiss that you went blank." She said as she took the glass of vodka given to her by Willie.

"Of course.... I mean... of course not!" He said in panic.

"Oh really? How intimidating?" Jillian somehow felt jealous. She took another sip of vodka.

"Jillian, don't be misunderstood by what you saw earlier." Willie was trying to explain himself to her.

"What made you so sure that I was misunderstanding you?" She said looking at her glass while tossing it around.

Jillian, I swear I'll never get close to any woman again if that's what you want." He looked so upset this time.

"What are you so afraid of, my love?" Jillian said. Her face was so close to him.

"Jillian!" Willie murmured as he grabbed her head and kissed her the way Monica did to him.

"I really like you, Jillian! Please be my girl!" He said in between their kisses.

Jillian pushed him away to take in some air. She was running out of breath by how passionate Willie kissed her.

"Okay! It's a deal. I'll be your girl from now on." She said while calming her senses.

"Yes!" Willie screamed loudly.

Willie jumped out happily and hugged and kissed her again and again. Everybody clapped their hands.

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