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   Chapter 4 Don't flirt with me

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10555

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The night was young but Jillian was not in the mood to wander around. She was playing with her phone when she remembered to call her friend. She dialled Aya's number afterwards.

"Aya, where are you?" She said when someone picked up the phone.

"I'm here in Theo's company building. Why? Is there a problem?" Aya said when she heard how sad her voice was.

"I have something for you. I know you want this." She said to her and took some papers from her desk.

"Meet me in Crimson Hotel around nine o'clock. I'll just finish my work and let Charles know that I'm meeting up with you, girl." Aya said to her.

"See you later!" She said to her friend.

"Bye!" Aya said and ended the call.

Jillian took a bath and changed clothes. She wore a red silky half shouldered dress and put some light make up on her face. She put on her 5 inch silver coloured high heels sandals. Her curly blonde hair was twirled like a bun and put her accessories on.

She drove her car when she saw the time. It was already eight thirty and she has only thirty minutes left before she could arrive at their meeting place. There was no traffic that made it convenient for her. She arrived there after ten minutes.

She sat a table near the corridor. She ordered a glass of red wine while waiting for her friend. Not long after, she saw Aya dressed in a white sleeveless blouse matched up with black fitted jeans. She stood up and waved her hand at her.

"Aya, I'm here!" She shouted.

When Aya saw her, she smiled and walked close to her.

"Wow! You look so beautiful!" Aya complimented her as they kissed each other's cheeks.

"Not as beautiful as you, girl!" Jillian said with a smile.

Aya ordered a glass of red wine before Jillian handed her the papers. It was her investigation report on one of his staff personnel in Theo's company. Aya scanned the papers carefully and took a sip on her glass. She glanced at her watch and stood up, finishing the remaining wine left on her glass in one gulp.

"Sorry but I have to go. Charles will go crazy again if he didn't see me at home." Aya said in a hurry.

"Yeah, I get it! Take care. Don't worry about your bill, I'll pay for it." Jillian said with a slight smile on her face.

Aya grabbed her sling bag and the papers that Jillian gave her, leaving Jillian behind.

When Jillian was all alone in her table, a man dressed in a business suit came close to her table. He was staring at her.

"Hi there, honey pie! Would you like to be my date?" The man said confidently.

Jillian was annoyed by the man behaved. She took her glass of wine and took a sip on it. She glared at the man and said: "No, thanks!"

Without being warned, the man grabbed her hand forcefully.

" You're coming with me, honey pie!" The man grinned and pulled her from her chair.

"Stop it! Let me go, you bastard! You're hurting me." Jillian yelled at him and struggled from from the hands of this man.

Not far away from the counter table, Willie noticed the commotion near the corridor. He left his work and walked straight towards them.

"Excuse me, Sir! Do you have a problem?" Willie placed his one hand on the man's shoulder.

"Mind your own business!" The man answered annoyingly.

"It is my business, Sir. You see, she's my woman." Willie glared at the man. He looked furious that the man got frightened.

" Sorry! My mistake!" The man said with an apologetic face and left.

Before Willie got to see her face, he grabbed her shoulders and faced her.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?" He asked and was stunned when finally he saw her face when the lights struck her body. The woman he saved from being harassed was Jillian. She was so beautiful and looked so sexy.

"I'm fine! Thanks for helping me back there!" She said casually. She glanced at Willie who was star struck by her.

"Hey, are you still with me?" She asked when she saw him not blinking at all.

Willie got back to his senses and smiled happily.

" Jillian, you look stunning! I almost didn't recognize you." Willie said to her, his eyes were sparkling with admiration.

"Don't flirt with me!" Jillian said in embarrassment.

Willie was confused when he heard her said that to him.

"Sorry! I guessed, you misunderstood me. The truth is I like you, Jillian!" He said it straight forward to her.

"Huh?" Jillian said in confusion.

As she observed his behaviour, she reminded him of Aya. Harvard siblings have such unique character traits indeed. Aya and him have the same trait. They are both straight forward person. She thought as she looked at him.

"Are you insane?" She asked anxiously.

Willie smiled and rubbed her cheek with his one hand.

"I guess I am!" He admitted straight forward to her. "So, will you have date with me tomorrow night, my lady?" He added.

Tomorrow is Sunday and both of them had lots of free time to spend on their own private life. Jillian suddenly had the urge to reject his proposal.

"Is this how you flirt with women around you?" She said without hesitation.

Willie was more and more attached to her and his desire to have her grew stronger.

"Only to you, my lady ." He said and gave her a passionate kiss.

When Willie left her lips with his lips, Jillian felt her kn

ees weakening.

"What if I decline your offer?" She asked in a soft voice.

"That would make me sad but I know how to make you agree." He said and once again, he gave her a passionate kiss. She almost collapsed if she hadn't hold onto his shoulders.

"So how about it?" He continued pressing her body close to him.

" Okay!" She said with her trembling knees.

"See you tomorrow night. I'll text you the place and time, my lady." He said and gave her a more intense kiss. He slightly gave a distance between them to hear her response.

" Okay!" She answered.

Upon hearing her response, Willie held her more tightly and kissed her more and more.

"Stop kissing me!" She protested and pushed him away.

"You're so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off you." He said to her and left her afterwards.

Jillian walked out of the hotel after paying her bill. She drove her car and went back to her apartment. She took off her dress and changed into her nighties. She laid down on her bed and fall asleep.

The next day, Jillian had no work. She stayed at her room the whole afternoon. She doesn't want to go outside. She slept, ate and watched on TV. When she woke up after eating lunch, she received a message from Willie. It says:" Meet me at Crystal restaurant around eight pm."

She replied by texting the word " Okay."

Night time came and Jillian wore her favorite white silky backless dress. It was a bit revealing and sexy. She put on her light make up and red lipstick on her lips. She looked like Marilyn Monroe when she looked at her reflection from the mirror. Lastly, she put on her 5 inch high heels sandals and her accessories before heading to her car.

She drove her car and checked her time. It was seven o'clock in the evening. She was always been punctual in any of her affairs. She arrived at their meeting place thirty minutes earlier. She was infront of the restaurant when she saw Willie approaching her from inside.

"Good evening, my lady!" He greeted her with a smile on her face.

"Good evening!" She greeted him back with a slight smile on her face.

Willie circled his hands around her waist pressing her body close to him. He bend his head down and gave her a savouring kiss.

"Stop it!" Jillian said in embarrassment.

"Sorry but I really like kissing you! You're so beautiful, Jillian. " He said in a husky voice.

"Can't you be more aware of your surroundings?" She said feeling irritated.

"I don't mind them seeing us like this. I'm just happy being with you. " He said straightforwardly.

Jillian blushed and pushed him away. She turned her face away from him.

"I told you not to flirt with me. "She said shyly.

"I'm not flirting with you. Can't you see that I'm serious. I want to know more about you. Jillian, can you give me a chance to prove myself to you?" He said and pinched her chin forcing her to face him.

"I'll think about it." She answered.

"Okay! For the meantime, let's enjoy the night together. " He said staring at her.

They went inside the restaurant and Willie ordered a seafood cuisines and lemonade for Jillian and whisky for him. While they were waiting for their meal, Willie held her hand gently.

"Tell me, what's your favorite food?" He began interrogating her.

"Chef salad with fried tempura. How about you?" She said.

"Grilled pork chop with sweet and spicy sauce." He answered.

"That's weird! I don't like spicy food." She remarked.

"I like spicy food but I like you more, my lady!" He said in a very seductive way.

Jillian ignored what he said. The waiter came to their table and put their orders infront of them. While they were eating, they continued their conversation.

"What's your favorite flower?" He asked while he was sliding the fish meat into bite size pieces.

"I like red roses." She answered.

Willie remembered a story about red roses and asked her.

"Have you heard about the red rose princess story?" He said and took a bite of fish fillet.

"Yeah! I have heard it before from one of my teachers in kindergarten." She replied.

"So, are you like a rose too?" He asked curiously.

"Maybe? " She responded.

"Have you been in love before Jillian?" Willie stopped feeding himself and asked her a more sensitive topic.

"I did. It was Brian. He and I, share the same kind of interest. Unfortunately, he is now engaged to someone else." Her voice saddened a bit.

"Does he know what you feel for him?" He further asked her.

"I guess he knows but he only sees me as his sister's friend." She answered and took a bite of her food.

"Are you afraid to fall in love again?" He asked seriously.

"Why should I be afraid? He may be my first love but I'm open to have a relationship when the right time and person comes." She said honestly.

"What if I'm that person?" He asked staring at her intensely.

"If you were that person but that's impossible." She said and shook her head with a mocking face.

"Why is it impossible?" He asked again.

"Let's drop that discussion. Okay?" Jillian said avoiding to answer his last question.

Willie nodded but his final words made Jillian's heart pound faster.

" Jillian, I'll make you fall for me." Willie said straightforward to her.

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