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   Chapter 3 Meet my mother

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When Jillian arrived at her apartment, she immediately took a shower leaving her dress lying down on the floor. Her senses were out of control. She desired to have a more passionate moment with Willie.

All she thought of was how they shared a sensational kiss.

Reminiscing what happened to her a while back, she traced her lips with her index finger. She licked her lips as if she can still taste his lips from hers.

What am I doing? This isn't me at all. Why am I thinking about him? Crap! I need to be aware of myself the next time. She said to herself.

She pulled her blanket and tried to put herself to sleep.

Early morning, she got up and ready for work. She drove her car and headed to their department.

She arrived early than the others as usual. She sat down on her chair and opened some files on her computer.

" Good morning, inspector!" A man in uniform greeted her.

" Good morning!" She said without even looking at him.

" Are you going out today for inspection, Ma'am?" He asked standing infront of her desk.

" Yes!" She answered.

" Would you like me to accompany you, Ma'am?" He offered himself to her.

" Thanks but I can do it on my own." She declined.

The man was disappointed and turn his back. Jillian somehow felt guilty from always declining him. She raised her head and glanced at him.

" Hey! Tomorrow, you can come with me." She said to comfort him a little. She wanted to give him a chance.

The man smiled victoriously upon hearing her command.

" Yes, Ma'am." He cheerfully glanced back at her with a smile on his face.

" Don't be late or I'll leave without you tomorrow. " She said in a warning tone.

He nodded and happily went into his respective desk.

Jillian has a soft spot for those whom she looked persistent and hardworking people. After finishing her reports, she left the building using her car. She went around the City to check the situation. On her way to black district, she stopped by in a nearby store. She bought two cold soft drinks to quench her thirst.

While she was drinking, she noticed a woman carrying a bag of rice and some groceries. The woman seemed to be alone and tired because she was full of sweat on her face. The weather was hot and everyone were craving for something to ease the hotness in the surrounding.

After finishing her drink and put the other one inside her car, she crossed to the other side of the road.

" Excuse me, ma'am, do you need help?" She asked to the woman standing infront of the opposite store.

" Oh, no need! My place is not far away from here. Thank you! " The woman declined her offer.

But Jillian insisted since she looked at the woman's facial expression. It appeared that she was desperately in need of help and she was being shy.

" Please let me help you, ma'am." Jillian took the bag of rice and put it on her compartment. The woman had no choice but to agree to her demand.

"Oh alright if you insist! Your such a sweet girl!" The woman said in defeat.

Jillian took her groceries and put it on her compartment once again. She opened the car door at the driver's seat side. The woman went inside the car and Jillian turned to the other side of the car. She sat at the driver seat and started to drive.

As they were on the highway, Jillian was focused into her driving. The silence between them was broken when the woman started to have a conversation with her.

" Are you single?" The woman asked.

"Do I look like a married girl, ma'am?" She answered back with a question, too. She spoke casually.

"Oh, no! It's just that you're so beautiful that I thought you were married. A beautiful girl like you is likely hooked already into a serious relationship. " The woman explained and felt embarrassed.

"I'm single and definitely have no boyfriend, ma'am." Jillian said coldly.

The woman felt awkward and looked back at the road.

"Turn to the black district, please?" The woman said when she saw her way to her house.

Jillian turned right towards the black district as instructed to her.

" Stop at that three storey apartment ahead. Please?" The woman said to her.

When they were infront of the building, she pulled over and got off her car together with the woman. She opened her compartment and brought out all the woman's groceries and the bag of rice.

She carried the bag of rice while the woman took the groceries.

Following the woman as she walked towards the apartment, Jillian entered the woman's place.

" Please come in!" The woman said to her cheerfully.

Jillian put down the bag of rice infront of the woman's room.

"Oh, no need, Ma'am!" Jillian said hesitantly.

"Please?" The woman pleaded.

Jillian doesn't want to be rude so she gave in to her request.

"Okay!" Jillian said as she entered the room. " Do you mind if I look around ma'am?"

" Sure! Feel at home! By the way, may I know your name, my dear?" The woman said to her politely.

" Jillian Casanova. " She answered.

" And I'm Laura Mariz Valdez. Just call me Aunt Laura." The woman smiled shyly.

"You're living alone here, Ma'am? I mean...Aunt Laura?" Jillian felt awkward saying aunt to her.

She walked around the living room and saw some displayed pictures.

"Oh, no sweetheart! I am living here with my son." Laura said happily.

Jillian noticed a picture of a baby boy. She took it and looked at it carefully.

"This picture is so cute." She said with admiration.

Laura came closer to her and looked at the photo she was staring at.

"That's my son when he was a baby." She said with pride and joy.

Suddenly, Jillian saw another picture and took it. " Wait a minute! Who is this, Ma'am?" She said in surprise.

"That's my one and only son, Willie." Laura said as she gazed

at the picture.

They were happily having a conversation when a man came inside the room. The man looked at the person whom his mother was talking to and realized that it was Jillian.

"Jillian, what are you doing here?" The man said out of curiosity.

Jillian and Laura looked at where the voice was coming from. Laura approached the man who happened to be his son while Jillian somehow felt awkward.

"You know each other?" Laura said gazing at both of them.

"Yes, mom! She's a friend of mine. " Willie admitted.

Laura saw a spark on his son's eyes and knew that the girl he called his friend was someone special to him.

"That's great!" She remarked. " Since you knew each other, can you please entertain her for a while. I'll just prepare us something to eat."

Willie nodded. Laura left them for a while to get something to give to Jillian as a sign of her appreciation. She went to the kitchen while Willie and Jillian were sitting opposite to each other.

"How did you meet my mother?" He asked. His eyes were glowing as he looked at her.

"I saw her in a store, carrying a lot of stuff so I help her out." She said coldly. She kept herself composed. "Black district is a dangerous place for her to walk alone." She added.

"Aren't you afraid of this place?" He asked.

"Why should I?" She answered.

"You said this place is dangerous. " He stated.

Jillian smiled mysteriously at him.

"Black district is my refuge. I come here every time I wanted to escape from reality. " She explained.

"I see!" He remarked.

Laura came back to them with a tray of food on her hands. She put the tray of food at the center table.

"Have some rice cake and juice. I made them especially for especial guest like you." She said staring at Jillian.

"How nice of you, Ma'am.... I mean Aunt. Thank you!" She said but her mobile phone vibrated in her pocket and she took it out. She read the message sent to her silently using only her eyes. She stood up and stare at Laura.

"Sorry, ma'am....I mean Aunt.... but I have to go." She said formally.

"Is it urgent?" Laura asked. Her face became sad.

"Yes! Thank you for inviting me to your humble home, Aunt...Willie..." She said with an apologetic look on her face. She turned her back and was about to leave when Willie spoke to her again eagerly.

"Jillian, can I have your number?" He asked and stood up.

"Sure! I'll give it to you next time." She said hesitantly.

"Promise?" He said in a sweet tender voice.

Jillian was confused for a bit. "Sorry but I don't want promise."

Willie got curious on her statement. "Why?" He asked.

Jillian bowed her head with a sad face. She didn't dare looked back at him.

"Promises are made to be broken." She said sadly and ran towards the door. She got outside the apartment and headed to their department.

When she arrived at their office, she went to the director's office.

" Inspector Jillian, it's good that you're here. I want you to meet Bradley." Her director said glancing at the other man standing next to her.

" What is the meaning of this, Sir?" Jillian asked promptly.

" He is your new partner. I hope you'll get along with each other." The director declared.

Jillian was not pleased to hear their directors command. She shook hands with the new man.

" Permission to leave, Sir!" Jillian saluted and went outside the room followed by her new partner.

Feeling disappointed at the news about her having a partner, Jillian took her car and went back to black district. It was already night fall when she arrived at the basketball court. Willie was about to head back to the hotel when he noticed her sitting quietly in the bench.

"Jillian, why are you here all alone?" He asked as he got closer to her.

"Mind your own business, will you?" She got annoyed by his presence.

Willie saw how depressed she was. He wanted to cheer her up so, he grabbed her hand.

"Come with me!" He said as he forced her to follow him.

"Hey, where are you taking me?" Jillian got confused.

Not far away from the basketball court was an open barbecue stand. Jillian was forced to sit next to him. He ordered a plate full of barbecue with a vinegar side dipping in it.

What is this guy up to? Why did he take me here? I don't get it! Why is he wasting his time for me? Jillian said to herself as she stared at him.

" Try it!" He was looking at the food that was served for them." Don't worry. It's my treat." He said with a smile.

"You're hungry?" She said curiously.

Willie took a stick of barbecue meat and dipped it into the vinegar.

"Well I didn't have much time at work to eat so I'd like to eat now with you." He answered cheerfully.

Jillian rolled her eyeballs in disbelief. This guy is weird. She said to herself.

"Yeah, right!" She said and took a stick of barbecue meat too. She took a bite when she finished dipping it into the vinegar.

"Mmmm...this is good!" She remarked after chewing a piece of meat.

Willie glanced at her and felt delighted with her remark. They continued eating until there was no more food left in the plate. She was stuffed and had forgotten why she was depressed a while ago.

"Thanks for the treat!" She said with a simple smile.

Willie nodded and remembered something afterwards.

"Can I have your number now? We're friends now, right?" He asked.

Jillian laughed and said to him: "Okay. You win!"

She took her mobile phone from her pocket and sent her number to him when he gave his number to her. After eating, Jillian stood up and turned her back from him. She was heading back to her car when Willie shouted at her.

"Jillian, I'll call you tonight!" He said loudly.

"Whatever!" She said waving her hand as she bid farewell to him.

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