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   Chapter 2 Jillian encountered Willie Harvard

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Having so much of her free time, Jillian went to play basketball with her boy friends. Unlike other fine young lady, Jillian was too different. She liked to do men's stuff. She has only one brother and a half sister. She went to the black district where her friends were currently playing at the basketball court.

" Hey, guys! Can I join?" She said loudly.

A group of men stopped playing and looked at her direction. They all smiled when they saw her.

" Look who finally showed up! Long time no see, little sis!" The tallest man in the group said as he approached her.

" Cut the crap, man! I'm not that little girl anymore. I'm a grown up already. " She was irritated a bit.

" So, can I kiss you then?" His confidence was overwhelming and everyone seemed to be enjoying his act.

" Kiss your ass, man!" She said coldly.

They all laughed and gave her a welcome hug. She took off her police uniform jacket and put on her spare t-shirt. Everyone was shocked when she didn't even bother herself from being stared by her friends.

" Cheez...Can't you at least tell us that you want to change clothes?" Albert remarked when she was putting on her t-shirt.

" Stop nagging! Are you ashamed to look at me?" She said anxiously.

The other guys laughed at them. When she was finished, they began to play basketball again. Red team versus blue team. Jillian was on the red team. They were all perspiring heavily.

When they finished the first quarter, they all sat down and drank water. Jillian was so thirsty and felt hot. After a minute of break, Jillian saw a man wearing a jogging pants and a trouser.

" Whose that? It's the first time I saw him here." Jillian pointed the man jogging around the court.

" His name is Willie Harvard. His living here with his mother." Albert said as a response to her.

" According to his neighbours, he dedicated himself to take care of his mother when his father broke up with his mother. " Brix said in giving her more information.

" He is working as a bartender at night and a manager of Crimson Hotel in the morning till afternoon." Roger added.

" He just arrive last night from Hawaii." Justine interacted with their conversation.

" You're a good gossipers, aren't you?" Jillian mocked at them. She took her drinking water and drank again.

What a coincidence? I can do my work without being suspected. This is going to be easy for me. She thought to herself. She glanced back to her team mates who were giving information to her.

" Its not a gossip. We're saying the truth." Justine reclaimed.

" His right little sis. We don't do gossips. We speak only the truth. " Brix demanded.

Jillian put her both hands up. Telling them that she surrendered.

" Fine! Fine! Fine!" She said in defeat.

After taking a short break, they continued playing for the second half. Jillian saw Albert threw the ball to her. Unexpectedly, she got slipped and was about to fall down into the floor.

" Little sis, watch out!" everyone shouted when they saw her out balanced.

As she was about to fall to the floor, a strong manly arms held her body instantly. She was saved by a man whom they were talking about with her friends a while ago.Their eyes met and they felt something that made them kept staring at each other.

Wow, her eyes are so enchanting! Her lips are so luscious. Her skin was so soft. Who is this girl? Willie said to himself. He was struck by this woman's beauty.

Jillian lost her senses for a while as they were staring at each other. But when she heard her friends calling her name, she got back to her senses. She choked to give him a sign to let her go.

Willie got her point and carefully helped her to stand up properly.

" Thank you!" She said when she had composed herself in his presence.

The man smiled and Jillian was like mesmerized by his sexy lips.

"I'm Willie Harvard. What's yours?" The man's husky voice resonated into her ears as if she was hearing a sweet kind of music.

" Jillian Casanova." She replied.

" Nice to meet you. Be careful next time." He said cheerfully.

" Yeah, sure thing!" Jillian said smiling at him.

All the boys gathered around them and they looked so worried.

"Little sis, are you alright?" Each of them said it in chorus.

She laughed on how adorable her friends were behaving like this. But her laugh didn't last long, she heard a gun shot near by. She gave them formal look in her face a

nd alerted herself to leave them at once. The call of duty was calling her.

"I'm fine! I'm sorry. I've got to go, guys! Nice playing with you!" She said and quickly grabbed her uniform on the floor.

" When will you come again?" Albert asked loudly.

" I'll drop by again sometime. Bye!" She said glancing at them for a bit as she kept on running.

When her figure disappeared in their presence. They felt sad and disappointed that they didn't continue their game.

" She's incredible! Does she have a boyfriend?" Willie said in admiration. He glanced at the person at his side waiting for an answer.

" We don't know, man. She's like a mystery to us, you know? But she is a nice girl." Albert answered.

" Yeah, I can tell by the looks of her." Willie agreed. His smile was looked more energetic now and his eyes was glowing.

Albert noticed how he behaved and gave a teasing smile on him.

" You like her don't you?" He asked with a teasing tone.

Willie glanced at him looking confused but his smile was intact.

" Maybe or maybe not." Willie answered and left.

Albert was confused on his answer as well.

" What an idiot?!" He said.

In Crimson Hotel ....

Willie was dressed up in a bartender suit. Every woman kept staring at him. They were admiring his manly figure and his kind treatment to everyone he encountered. He became famous in the bar because of his enchanting looks. She can steal every woman's heart in an instant, without putting much effort into it.

A rich young lady who seemed to be already drank approached him.

" Hey there handsome! Do you have a girlfriend?" She said in a seductive manner.

Willie gave her a sexy smile and said: " I don't have a girlfriend but I'm not looking for one either, my lady."

" Ow, how shame! Anyway, if ever you change your mind, just call me." She said bitting her lower lips. She passed to him a calling card and left.

Willie was already accustomed to this kind of situation. His been in this job for almost 5 years and he knew how to handle it without putting himself in trouble. When he went at the back room, he tore the calling card that was given to him. He hated that kind of woman.

He went back to the counter and was shocked to see Jillian wearing a sexy red dress.

" One glass of vodka, please?" She said to him. She didn't bothered looking at his face.

Willie smiled and pour a vodka on a shotting glass. He carefully placed the glass of vodka infront of her.

" Thank you!" She said ignoring his presence.

" Jillian is that you?" He asked to get her attention.

Jillian looking confused. She stared at the person who called out her name. She was surprised who it was.

" Willie? Wow, what a coincidence?" She said in disbelief.

" I see that you recalled my name. How nice of you, my lady! " He used his sweet tongue technique again.

Usually a normal girl would blush when being complimented by a handsome man like him, but to his surprise, there was no effect on Jillian.

Jillian took a sip on her glass and put it back to the table.

" You're working here?" She asked casually.

" Yes! Every night. Is this your first time here, my lady?" He kept smiling at her. He was struck by her enchanting beauty again.

" I see! Oh, no! I've been here for quite sometime." She answered and took another sip on her glass.

" Do you have a date?" He asked again.

Jillian was getting annoyed by him. Why is he keep on talking to me? Surely, he has something in his mind. I'll play with your game if that's what you want. She said to herself.

" No, I don't! Would you like to be my date?" She answered with a flirty act. She smiled and bit her lower lips expressing a seductive look on her.

Willie seemed attracted to her way of flirting and gently, he gave her a sweet savouring kiss. Their kiss was so intense that made Jillian moaned.

This was her first kiss. Oh my God! He had stolen my first kiss and even my heart with it. Am I drank? Why is this happening to me? She thought.

Jillian panicked at the time his lips left her lips. She was satisfied but she also felt disappointed.

She bowed her head to hide her embarrassment.

Willie some how felt that he wanted more of her. He stared at her tenderly.

Jillian finished the last drop of vodka on her glass and paid her bill without glancing at him.

" Jillian! Wait!" He shouted but she kept on walking casually without looking back at him.

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