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   Chapter 1 Aya's request

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After Aya married Charles, they went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Aya loved the beach so much and being with Charles right now made her mood go crazy for him. Charles was madly in love with her and made love to her all night long.

Charles wanted to show her the beautiful light show near the beach. It was indeed fascinating. They danced with the crowd as the music went on. Aya swayed her body as she dance to the music. Charles held her hand and moved closer to her. He bent his head and kissed her passionately.

"My love, we are in the middle of a crowd. Can't you restrain yourself a bit?" Aya said blushing and leaned on Charles manly chest.

" How could I restrain myself, my Queen? You've cast a spell on me whenever I look at you!" Charles teased her and gave her another kiss.

"Let's have some drink, my love!" She suggested as an excuse for her to be set away from the crowd's attention.

Charles saw some men whose eyes was focused on his wife. He gazed at them with a warning look on his face. Aya noticed his sudden change of facial expression and looked at the direction where he was looking at. She saw the guys lustful look on her. She grabbed her husband's arm and tried to pull him away from the crowd.

"Okay!" He answered and led her towards the bar tender's counter.

When they sat infront of the counter, Charles ordered a glass of martini and Aya's favorite red wine. Aya noticed the bartender's face. He was so handsome and oozing with sex appeal. Not only that but he has a resemblance of someone close to her heart. Charles noticed her gazes on the man. He felt insecure.

"Are you okay, my Queen?" He asked with a certain roughness on his voice.

" He looks exactly like Dad, isn't it, my love?" She whispered in his ears.

Charles stared at the man for two minutes, scanning every features of him. After that, he nodded.

" Excuse me, dear sir! May I know your name?" Charles insisted to ask the man serving their drinks.

Although Willie looked puzzled by Charles way of interrogating him, he politely answered back.

"My name's Willie, Sir." He said with a smile on his face.

" Full name, please?" Charles demanded.

" Willie Harvard. " The bartender said directly.

When Aya and Charles heard his name, they became more interested to know him more. Charles took a sip on his glass of martini while Aya kept observing the bartender's behavior.

" How are you related to the famous Harvard clan?" Charles continued as he put down his glass back to the table.

"I'm not related to them at all, Sir." Willie lied to them. The name Harvard made him sick. He cursed the man who gave his name to him.

Aya noticed his eyes became gloomy, hearing at the name Harvard.

Is that anger l see in his eyes? Aya said to herself and took another sip on her glass of red wine.

" You look exactly like Mister William Harvard, the famous business tycoon in the entire Malvey Country. " Charles said to him casually.

" Well, if that is so, I'm honoured, dear sir." His smile can't hide the anger he felt hearing the name Harvard.

Why is this man kept asking on him about the Harvard? Everybody knows the Harvard family but he was abandoned after his father broke up with her mother one year ago. He saw how her mother suffered from their break up.The pain was still fresh. He said to himself.

"What's your mother's name if I may ask?" Charles was being persistent.

" Laura Mariz Valdez, Sir." He answered again.

" Do you live here? Your mother must be very proud to have you as his son. I can see that you are a hard working man." Now, Charles was being considerate on him.

" Yes, I live here but it's only temporary. I'll go back to Macau to visit my mom and probably settle down in Malvey City in Malvey Country afterwards. " He said straightforwardly.

" I see." Charles nodded as he heard his reply. They finished their drinks and paid their bill.


rles left the bar, hand in hand with his wife.

In their private room in a famous hotel, Aya was leaning on her husband's chest while they were lying close to each other in their bed.

" What do you think of him, my love?" Aya asked him. Charles knew to whom his wife was referring to.

" Well, he's honest and hardworking." Charles simply replied.

" Do you think we could help him out?" She looked up to stare at his face.

" Why?" Charles looked at her and their eyes met.

" I don't know. I feel comfortable with him and there's a mystery on how he looked whenever you mentioned to him our family's name although I'm already Mrs. Hokkins now." She said and smiled.

"I'm beginning to think you like that guy." A little jealousy can be felt with his words.

"Stop it!... I'm only yours, my love." Aya raised her two hands to hold her husband's face with it.

" Well, that's better! I love you so much and I don't want anyone to get close to you especially that guy." Charles smiled and his jealousy was replaced with a flaming desire to have her.

" Cheez...You're hopeless!" Aya teased him and laughed. "I love you, too!"

"Come here!" Charles grabbed her wife's body more closer and closer to him. "This is our last day from our honeymoon, my Queen. Let's make the most of it. Okay?"

She smiled and nodded. Charles slide his hands on Aya's back and kissed her passionately. Their longing to become one made them moaned and groaned.They made love the entire night.

Early morning, Aya felt weak and weary. Charles took her to take a bath with him in the shower room. They changed clothes and took their private jet in going back to Malvey Country. It took them three hours until they finally landed at Charles company roof top.

Charles held her hands tightly when they got off their private jet. He kissed her before heading to his office while she was taken by Ben into the Harvard company building.

Aya was still hooked up with the thought of having another brother. She can't stay still on her office so she went to their house. She asked Timothy to drive her to their mansion.

When she arrived, she headed towards her father's private study room.

I know I could find something in here. She said as she started to search on a clue to confirm her suspicion.

In her father's drawer, she saw a picture of a family. It wasn't their picture but it was definitely a family picture of her father with her lover before. She saw a hand writing at the back of the picture: Willie Harvard, Laura Mariz Valdez and William Harvard.

Aya took her phone and called up Jillian.

" Hello, Jillian! Its me!" She said instantly.

" Aya! How's the Mrs. Hokkins doing?" Jillian asked as she giggled with excitement.

" I'm fine. How about you?" She answered.

"I'm great!" Jillian said cheerfully.

" Are you busy right now?" Her voice was so sweet that Jillian couldn't ignore hearing it.

"I have lots of time for you, girl. What's up?" She said gladly to Aya.

" I need your help on something. " Aya could only trust this case to her.

Hearing her usual words, Jillian suspected that her friend was into another personal case. She shook her head at the thought of it.

"Whew! You never change, do you? So what is it now?" She whistled as she made a remark on her friend.

" I want you to investigate a man named Willie Harvard. " Aya said without hesitation.

" Harvard you say? Am I hearing this correct?" Jillian was suddenly confused. The only Harvard she knew in the entire Malvey Country were Theo, Brian, William and her dearest friend Aya. Whose these another Harvard? Her mind was puzzled by this.

Now, she understood why Aya wanted to take this case seriously and give it to her. She was silent for a couple of minutes.

" Yes! I want to know more about him. Will you do that for me?" Aya was really into knowing the truth.

Jillian sighed and said to her: " Okay!"

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