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   Chapter 16 Just This Once

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The raven-haired woman turned slightly to the man, revealing her face to him.

"You are insane. Why would someone like you, a celestial being wished to be tied with me?" Mo Yu hissed. She would never involve herself with someone from his race. Although there was a celestial blood running on her veins from her previous life, her hatred against the celestials still could make her blood boil with anger.

"You think highly of yourself, woman. That isn't what I mean." The man glared at her in scrutiny.

"What? You want to take my life?" Mo Yu arched a brow in him. "You ungrateful bastard! I have saved your life! Not only once but twice!"

"I didn't ask you to save me, " he said with a deadpan face.

His eyes fixated on her beautiful face. Even if there was a flaw on one side of her face, she was quite a beauty. Something about her made an urge a desire of him to dominate her. He knew then that she was cursed. A curse that cannot be broken unless she was defeated and conquered. Her eyes were enchanting as if calling out for him.

The gentle breeze whistle throughout the dark forest. The coldness starting to bite on Mo Yu's pale skin. Despite this, she stood on her ground and enjoyed the brief silence between the two of them.

"Why do I have a sudden urge to fight you? You are cursed." He was sure that she wasn't a demon in origin. Perhaps, she was a mortal who chose to defy the law of origin and changed herself to become a demoness. But why?

"That's not of your business." Mo Yu replied but she wondered why wasn't he affected like everyone else that she encountered earlier? Those male demons were obsessed with her. She could only conclude that this man was powerful enough to resist her curse.

Mo Yu was about to leave when they heard a snarl from the bushes. Mo Yu drew her sword from its sheath and prepared herself from an incoming attack. She had forgotten that there were lower demons that had seen her eyes earlier that made her retreat. This one was one of them.

She frowned. Was this one really stupid and won't leave her alone? She never thought that the effect of the cursed would drive any male insane once they had looked into her enchanting eyes. Can't she take a break from horny bastards that were trying to get their hands un

to her?

The demon glared at her with red eyes. He leaped up and reached out to the woman. Mo Yu let out a warning growl as she tried to dodge the attack. She slashed her blade in front of her to deflect his sharp claws.

The intensity of his attack made her body thrown backward. She snarled as she tried to endure the sudden pain that ran on her body. No, she wasn't strong enough to beat him. She stood up straight and tall even though she knew there was no chance she could beat him. Her emotionless mask had concealed the storm that was brewing inside of her.

'Damn it, ' she thought. Was there no other way for her to escape her impending loss? She had to kill him or ran away from him or else he will dominate her. No, she couldn't let that to happen. She had plans and she had to avenge her previous mortal incarnation from her human family.

"You aren't going away this time, Princess." the demon taunted her. "You will be mine!"

Mo Yu lunged forward to attack. She would rather be killed than to be claimed by this disgusting demon. His tentacles shot at her but she cut them off with one horizontal slash. Using one of the cut flesh, she leaped and sped up her pace to deflect the slimy and poisonous tentacles that were trying to catch her.

Their demonic powers surrounded them, protecting themselves and trying to overwhelm each other. It was clear who was on the losing side. Mo Yu let out a grunt when his powerful demonic aura seeped through her barrier. The sudden burning sensation that was covering her arms made her hissed in pain.

In an attempt to weaken her, the demon darted a tentacle at her side, stabbing her without damaging her vital spots. Mo Yu kept on pressing on, trying to push him out of her system but the sudden hit on her side made her cry in agony. Her hand gripped the hilt of her sword tightly. She was immune from his poisons but that didn't mean he couldn't harm her physically.

The celestial prince watched closely at the battle. He supposed that the demoness wasn't lying when she told her that she had saved his life twice earlier from the celestial army that was hunting him. He then decided to help her just this once. He was never the one who liked to be in debt with someone especially if it was about his life.

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