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   Chapter 15 Take Responsibility

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4484

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Her eyes landed on the unconscious man. Mo Yu rubbed her chin and sighed. Maybe it would be a bad idea if she tries to scam him. She shouldn't even consider having any connection with the celestials.

"What should I do with you?" she asked him before turning around to pick up her ruined robes. It will suffice at the moment. She sat at the boulder near the unconscious man and wondered if

Mo Yu slowly lifted her gaze to the darkened sky. The moon was shining brightly, making her face more radiant but the patch on her face still obvious. She had noticed that it started to fade but at a very slow rate. She wondered when will it vanish as it had caused a lot of troubles in her previous life as Ran Ai Ning.

Her musing was distracted when she heard a groan from her side. She was sitting near the side of the spring, waiting for the celestial man to wake up.

The man grunted as he tried to lift himself from the ground. His hand cradling his aching head. He tried to remember what transpired before he lost his consciousness. The memories of being hunted by his fellow celestial beings flashed on his mind. He suddenly jerked and looked around him. It was then he noticed a demoness sitting near him.

"Finally, you're awake." Mo Yu muttered. She really didn't have to stay but she couldn't just leave him alone not until he wake

come back and Ying Shu must have prepared the things she needed for her journey back to the Scarlet Dragon Kingdom.

She gave one last glance to the celestial prince and turned around ready to leave but his cold voice made her stop on her tracks.

"You saved me."

Mo Yu Looked over her shoulder, seeing that he was already back on his feet. His strength returning after she took out the poison from his body.

"Yes, I did."

There was some kind of awkwardness in the air.

"And you have seen my face." Mo Yu almost groaned. What was about his face really?


"Take responsibility on it."

Mo Yu gawked at his audacity. What did he mean by her taking responsibility for it? She should be the one to demand his responsibility for seeing her naked body not the other way around. Was he really serious? Just because she had seen his face during the commotion in the spring?

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