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   Chapter 12 For Five Hundred Years

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4636

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Mo Yu, now in the body of her incarnation Ran Ai Ning, left her room and strode towards the main hall where she knew her father was waiting patiently for her.

In the main hall, Mo Sheng was sitting upright with his eyes closed and his face void of any emotions. Behind him, Ying Shu stood silently, waiting for his master's orders. They knew Ai Ning was already a demon now; however, they both wondered how would she take this change.

"Ying Shu, whatever happens, do not stare directly at Ai Ning's eyes." Mo Sheng's cold voice broke the silence.

"Yes, master but may this servant of yours know why?" Ying Shu asked.

"You will be affected by her curse and if that happens, I will be forced to kill you."

Ying Shu shuddered at his master's words and kept his mouth shut. Oh no, he would never try to defy his master's order. He didn't want to meet his end yet.

A young woman clothed in white and red robes walked into the room. She had a small smile plastered on her lips and she moved with the graciousness of a monarch. Her eyes looked at the demon lord with a hint of happiness. She hadn't seen him for a very long time and she missed him.

This woman was a different and a new version of Ran Ai Ning. A woman who presented herself with confidence and elegance, unlike the pitiful human Ai Ning that was sacrificed by her own kin.

"Father, " Her voice made the demo

demon and heart are tainted with negative energy."

'So as long as they wouldn't look into my eyes, I can avoid unnecessary battles?' she thought.

That's a good news since she didn't want to fight every man she was to encounter in this lifetime.

"What about the second curse?"

"You only need to fight to get the cores to sustain your new body."

"I see."

Ying Shu looked up and stared at the face of the daughter of the demon lord. He agreed that she became prettier after her transformation. Something about her made her look mysterious, untouchable and captivating. Maybe it was because of the effect of the first curse.

"What are your plans now?" Mo Sheng asked.

"I'm going back to that wretched village to play with the humans. I bet their negative energies are swarming around them with all the conspiracies they made against each other." Mo Yu smiled and her eyes glimmered with mischievousness.

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