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   Chapter 11 Mo Yu

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Updated: 2018-08-15 21:01

Her eyes slowly opened revealed black orbs instead of her usual brown eyes. Her gaze landing on the opened window of the room, letting the soft breeze to enter. She blinked and slowly lifted her upper body to sit up on the bed.

The white blanket that covered her body made a pool on her lap. Lifting her right hand, she noticed that her skin tone looked paler and smoother than the usual and her nails became sharp claws. The end of her lips curled into a smile making her beauty spot on her right cheek prominent.

She slipped out from the bed and let the sheet falls from her body. Slowly, she walked towards the wardrobe across the room that has a full body length mirror on. The reflection on the mirror revealed another woman. Although the body stature and face was still the same, there were some differences.

Aside from the skin color which turned paler, her usual black wavy hair turned into white silvery locks. Her previous bruises and injuries disappeared overnight. Inside her mouth, she could feel small fangs when she tried to run her tongue on her dry lips. The mark of her right face made her wonder why Ran Ai Ning has it.

Mo Yu smiled at her reflection. Not bad considering this body was her current incarnation. Some of her memories fr

horizon. She started to brush her silvery hair while she thought of what she should do next.

She could sense that her father, Mo Sheng was weaker than the last time she had seen him. Did he sacrifice himself for years just to find her current incarnation? A demon lord who was already on the brink of death sacrificing his health just to find his only daughter.

A demon father compared to her human father. Mo Yu could only snicker at the thought of the irony. She stood up once again and left her room to speak with her father about those irritating curses that were forced on her.

Oh, she probably needed to guise herself as a mortal too, and play with them. Especially with her twin sister Ran Meng Ren. She would turn the table this time to her human twin sister.

"Let's see if the witch could play well against a demoness."

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