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   Chapter 10 Waking up the Demon Princess

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4585

Updated: 2018-08-15 21:01

Big heavy raindrops fell from the sky, battering the roof and making a sound that helped Ai Ning calm her senses. The pond on the garden of the castle was full of ripples as the rain fell, the red coy fishes swam actively within. The sky was dark with greyish clouds that brought the heavy rain.

In her dim room with opened windows, Ai Ning sat quietly, waiting for the demon lord to visit her for the ritual. She watched the heavy rainfall outside and sighed. There's no turning back now. If she stays as a human, everyone would still look down at her like a trash.

For three days and three nights, she suffered the cleansing process before the ritual. She wondered how and what will Mo Sheng do to change her origin. Did she need to die first? Was binding herself in a pact worth enough to free herself from being a useless mortal?

She turned her head to the doorway when it slid open, followed by Mo Sheng and Ying Shu who came inside her room. Ai Ning bowed her head slightly at the demon lord. Mo Sheng sat in front of her, while Ying Shu put a cup full of dark blood on the table and a silver short knife beside it.

Mo Sheng stared at the human woman and noticed how her appearance changed in a span of three days. She still got those nasty bruises on her body but some of her wounds were starting to heal.

"Are you certain about this? This one will give

she has bled enough, he slowly stood up and moved towards her. He cradled her half-dead body in his arms before he held the cup with the demon blood on his other hand.

Slowly, he forced the demon blood down her throat making sure there wouldn't be a single drop that would be wasted. The cup was already empty when Ai Ning started to move slowly. Her hand started to twitch and her body shuddered like it was freezing in cold.

Mo Sheng lifted her rigid body and laid her down on the bed gently. He then brushed away the stray hair strands away from her face before whispering to her ear.

"Wake up now my little demon princess. It is time."

Ai Ning's already opened eyes widened more. Her usual brown eyes changed into bloody red orbs. A loud bloody scream once again echoed within the walls of the castle followed by roars of the creatures from the nearby forest filled with demons and magical beasts.

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