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   Chapter 9 Last Suffering in This Lifetime

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4857

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Using his two fingers Ying Shu press her several acupuncture points before slowly piercing them with the silver needles. Ai Ning's face contorted in pain. This wasn't the same acupuncture she was used to with.

The pain was too much that her eyes started to sting with tears. She bit her lower lip and stilled her movements. She couldn't afford to burden Ying Shu by making a mistake just because she moved.

It was also crucial since they have to avoid cross contamination while performing detoxification for her body.

Ai Ning tried to endure the pain. The pain that was caused by Meng Ren's ill intent against her. As she continued to feel the pain run throughout her body, she couldn't help but cursed her fate, her family, her clan and her village.

"Don't move. This is the first step to detoxify your body. There's so much poison clogging on your meridians that it may take at least a few days for us to remove it completely." Ying Shu said, his hands busy cleaning some silver needles on his set.

Time seemed to slow down when all of the silver needles were pierced on her skin.

During this time, Ai Ning was fighting an internal battle. The pain that surge within her body made her skin looks paler. Her brows knitted and her lips trembled in each second passed. When you are waiting, the time slows itself.

It was already dawn when the first part of the detoxification ended. The moment she opened her eyes, it was clearer and her

The pain gradually lessened as time passed. Ai Ning didn't notice when she fell asleep in the tub and when she woke up, she noticed that the originally green colored concoction were mixed with some drops of black poison.

At least it was cleaner than the first two times. The first time she submerged in the liquid, she felt like she was burning alive and the green liquid instantly turned pitch black. The second time, it turned greyish but the pain was still the same.

Ai Ning stared at it for a long time and thought how long she had those poisons. The pain had finally subsided and made her whole body numb.

She forced herself to stand up and pour a bucket of cold water on her head. Her eyes on her toes while the remaining black liquid were being washed away from her body.

"Lady Ran?" Ying Shu's voice called her from the outside of the bathroom. "The Lord is waiting for you."

It was time. The time to say goodbye to her pitiful mortal life.

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