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   Chapter 8 Lies and Hypocrisy

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4698

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In one of the rooms within the eastern wing of the demon lord's castle. A young woman lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling above her.

This night brought a major shift in her life. She couldn't believe what she had found out earlier.

Is her life really that worthless for other people that they wouldn't mind to trample her?

In this Long Dalu continent, spirit cultivation is the main form of cultivation and those who practiced it were called spirit cultivators. Demons and beasts were usually hunted for their cores.

Ai Ning never heard if demons were capable of cultivating too though some say demons on the higher level were more powerful and stronger than the same level spirit cultivators. The higher the spiritual power, the stronger the person was.

The big continent was divided into three parts - Zhong Lu country, Xing Lu country and Xing Yang country, which all shared the same level of authority within the land.

People were capable of martial art and they practiced with their spirit power using the five elements. For one to be able to use it, one should possess an innate talent. Most of the citizens possessed this kind of ability.

Meng Ren was one of them. She was able to manipulate and use the wood element to her will.

However, just like Ai Ning, there were also people who couldn't cultivate, some didn't even have a talent to utilize their spirit powers. They

ing asked the old demon who was currently looking at her like she grown another head on her shoulders.

"You don't know?"

Ai Ning shook her head. Ying Shu sighed before slapping his forehead in frustration.

This woman was so clueless. No wonder people around her plotted behind her back.

"That sacred mirror was originally owned by the goddess of the moon. There's a legend that only the chosen one can use it to enhance her cultivation speed."

'Oh, that's why Meng Ren is eyeing it.' Ai Ning thought.

It made sense now, but she wondered why the sacred mirror chose her instead. She was dying anyway. Why would it choose a dying woman? Unless it knew her future.

"After your detoxification, scan your body using your spiritual sense. You should be able to see it and utilize it." Ying Shu said and Ai Ning took a deep breath, preparing her physical and mental state for the great pain she would have to endure later.

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