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   Chapter 7 Not a Two-Faced Heroine

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4025

Updated: 2018-08-15 20:57

Would that mean that the fight could be endless until one strongest male remained to defeat her?

Didn't that sound like she was a prized possession to be won over?

"The second curse will force you to fight constantly. If you stop, your body will start deteriorating."

Ai Ning knew that it was a fair price for changing her origin. She was going to die if she didn't accept the pact with this demon. Her life as a mortals was cruel and unfair. Being a demon would be hard but nevertheless she had a freedom to choose her option.

Men wants to dominate her? Let them come and she would not back down without a fight.

She would prove to the world that she can change her destiny and conquer the world. She wouldn't be the stupid and trash like Ran Ai Ning who could easily be fooled by anyone.

Mo Sheng glanced at the woman from in the corner of his eyes. It seemed she has come to her decision.

"I agree with the terms." she finally made up her mind. There was a willful smirk in her lips and her eyes shimmered with coldness on it.

"Aren't you afraid?" The demon lord turned around to face her. His long hair swayed and glisten under the moonlight.

"I am but to live a life like a c

nt from me?"

This demon lord seemed too reserve and had very few words to share. By just looking at his aristocratic stature, she could guess that he wouldn't hurt her unless it was necessary. His eyes were cold but somehow she could feel warmth whenever he gaze at her.

"You remind me of my daughter." Mo Sheng answered.

She could only gaped at him in shock. What? He had a daughter? Was she dead?

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to.."

The demon lord waved his hand cutting of her words.

"There's nothing to worry about it. Now go upstairs and go to your room, it's second on the left side. Wait for Ying Shu and he will help you detoxify your body."

When Ai Ning left the room, Mo Sheng looked up to the moon once again and whispered, "Rou Ning, you've found her. She's finally home."

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