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   Chapter 6 A Pact with a Demon

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 3865

Updated: 2018-08-15 20:57

Ai Ning gasped. She never expect that the demon lord would try to make a pact with her instead of taking her life essence.

"Reborn as a demon?"

"Yes, "

"Why are you proposing this? You won't eat me like the previous maidens?"

"Why would I eat a mortal that will barely die in a week?"

'A week?!' she screamed inwardly.

She was going to die even if this demon wouldn't devour her life?

Was there no other choice but to become a demon?

Was it even possible? Weren't reincarnation and rebirth required one to die first so the soul could be transferred to another vessel?

To be a demon in this world was to become a murderer, a destroyer, and a cruel monster. Was that a kind of life she wanted when she was reborn and lived a new life?

Thinking about it, being a human who couldn't cultivate was like a curse she had bear for so long. The people around her treated her cruelly especially her own blood.

"What are the terms?"she asked with certainty in her eyes. If she was going to live another life, she would make the most out of it.

"I will turn you into a demon like me although we have to cleanse and purify your body firs

ifferent, men would have still come for you for bloodbath."

Ai Ning lowered her head and looked down at her hands. She would have to face a lot of enemies then when she became a demon. Even if she became a demon, her life would be filled with threats. Was there a way to stop that curse?

"How could it be stopped?"

Mo Sheng didn't answered her. He kept silent for a while as he stare up to the moon. Just when she was to give up and thought he will never answer her. He spoke.

"It's either you die or someone defeats you. Your soul will be connected to his for eternity. If there's someone who is able to defeat you and isn't able to connect yours souls and he is killed or defeated by another male, the right to claim you will be pass on the second male."

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