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   Chapter 4 Meeting with the Demon Lord

Rise of the Demon Queen By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4035

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Ai Ning sat quietly in the back of an old carriage. Her whole body trembled in fear because she knew she might never see the sun rise again. The demon lord inhabited the mountain ridge near the boundary of Scarlet Dragon Kingdom to other Kingdoms and parts of the continent.

She heard so many horror stories about him but she wondered if they were true or just mere speculations from the villagers to threaten their children not to cross the lands of the great demon lord. Did he drink the blood of the virgin sacrifices or did he sleep with them since he only accepts virgin women to enter his castle.

Ai ning just recently turned sixteen years of age and had never seen anything past their village or decided to go out by herself and learn the outside world.

Since she and Meng Ren were born in an upper class family, they were only taught within the inner chambers of their home, away from the prying eyes of the opposite sex.

But as a child, her health had always been poor, and because of this Meng Ren got to spent a lot of time outside their home compare to her.

She took a deep breath as the carriage went up to the trail of the highest mountain where the castle was located. It was dark and gloomy and Ai Ning got a feeling that something unexpected would happen tonight though she was not really sure what could it be.

The stars shifted when she gazed up on the sky. She didn't know why but she could always predict when something big was to come or happen to their clan and village.

"We're here. Go down and face your destiny. If you only cooperated with us this would have never happened to you." A man pulled her from the old carriage and threw her body on the ground. Her body was still covered with bruises, her petite body covered with green robe that was tainted with soil and her own blood.

A hand pulled her by her arm, forcing her to get up on her wobbly legs. She looked around and saw that they were in front of the foyer of the castle.

"Get up, girl. The Lord is wai

ting for you." an almost throaty voice reached her ears.

With her good eye, Ai NIng looked up to see a short and baldy demon with gibbous eyes that caught her off guard. This was the first time she had seen a demon face to face. He removed the tight ropes from her hands.

Her words remained stuck in her tongue as she failed to reply to the demon. She could only nod and follow him up the stairs and down along the dark hallway. The demon then motioned her to come inside a room that was only lit up with the candles.

A silhouette of a man could be seen outside the balcony. He seemed to be staring up at the full moon above the sky.

There was a small table in the middle of the room but the room itself was almost empty aside from a couple of scrolls littered on the right side of the table.

Ai Ning hesitated to come forward but nevertheless she kept her head high up. If she was going to die today, the least she could do was to die with dignity. Her family might have betrayed her but she believed in karma.

The demon lord sensed her presence and uneasiness and turn his attention to her. He walked back inside the room and sat in a cushion seat in front of the table. He motioned her to do the same. She silently knelt in front of him and studied his face.

Ai Ning eyes widened in surprise. He was the most handsome male she had seen in her entire life. Wasn't demon supposed to looked ugly and terrifying? This one was so beautiful that it made her jaws drop in awe.

The Lord had long silvery white hair that went all the way down his knees. His ears were pointed on their ends but were barely noticeable because of his long tresses.His intimidating eyes were golden that made him more enchanting and mysterious in any mortal's eyes.

His skin was very pale and looked very smooth under the moonlight and the candlelights. His white robe screamed with elegance and wealth.

If Ai Ning didn't know he was a demon, she might have mistakenly take him as a celestial being instead.

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