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   Chapter 3 Say Goodbye

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When Ai Ning woke up, she could feel the pounding pain in her head. She groaned and tried to pull her arms from confinements but failed. She then noticed she was tied up. Her eyes darted around the room, searching for something that she could use to cut the ties from her hands.

"I see that you're awake, " Her father emerged from the shadows and Ai Ning felt shivers run up her spine. She was scared but she tried to hide it. Ai Ning wondered if her mother found out what her twin sister and her father did to her.

"Are you still planning to hide the sacred mirror instead of giving it to your sister?" Her father asked.

"That bitch isn't my sister!" Ai Ning spat out.

Just when she said that, a hard slap landed on her face.

Ai Ning's body fell on the ground, her good eye widened when she realized she's been hit by her own father. She forced herself to sit up as her eyes filled with tears.

"Why, Father? Am I not your daughter too? You let Meng Ren have an affair to brother Fei?"

"You insolent woman! How dare you talk down about your own sister? You? My daughter? Compare to Meng Ren's ability, you are nothing Ai Ning! If only you have given the sacred mirror to her, this will never happen to you! You don't deserve to bear the name of the Ran family!"

Realization dawned upon her, when he said that. So Meng Ren really intended to take away the sacred mirror from the shrine for her own good and agenda? And their father knew about it? What kind of shameless family she was born into?

Behind her father were her twin sister and her supposed betrothed. Until this moment, they both chose to torture her? She still has that sinister smile on her lips as she looked down at Ai Ning. Nobody noticed how her eyes flashed with ill intent against her eldest sister.

'Ai Ning, this is all your fault. If it wasn't for you, I would have enjoyed all the privilege as the gifted child born under the night of the blue moon. Blame it on yourself for being weak and soft. But thank you, as you're a trash who couldn't culti

vate, you had helped me to secure the spot as the gifted child between the two of us. Too bad you will never find out that it is I who have been poisoning your body since childhood.'

Ran Ai Ning heart turned cold as she looked at her own father and own twin sister who betrayed her. She then realized that this might not be the first time that Meng Ren did something behind her back. Was she the reason she became useless?

Every time she tried to cultivate, her body screamed in pain as if she was burning inside out. So painful that she almost passed out in pain and break a cold sweat. Her pores would open and secrete her own blood from within. What had happened to her body? Why couldn't she cultivate like everyone else?

"Father, please stop. Maybe elder sister really doesn't know where it is." Meng Ren's angelic voice tried to calm her father. She looked like she was really worried about her elder twin sister even if she had just taken almost everything from Ai Ning.

"Ai Ning don't deserve your pity, dear Meng Ren." The old man said to his other daughter.

With Meng Ren's beauty, charm and abilities as a spirit cultivator, she would lead their family in higher status within the social circle of cultivators in the central city of Scarlet Dragon Kingdom. If only if Ai Ning was as talented as her twin sister, he wouldn't allow anyone to trample her. He was confident that Meng Ren was the blessed child between the twins.

"It is time. The demon lord is waiting." One of the villagers came and informed them that Ai Ning would be taken to the demon lord's castle anytime soon.

"Say goodbye to your sister then, Meng Ren. There's nothing else we can do for her now." Ran Ei Tai said before giving a last look to her eldest daughter.

Meng Ren looked down at her sister and bent down to her level and whisper something. She stood up then chuckled to Ai Ning before taking her lover's hand and followed their father leaving Ai Ning behind.

'Finally. The trash has been taken care of.' Meng Ren grinned inwardly.

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