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   Chapter 2 Mark's childhood with Jade

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After having a little celebration, Jade went straight to her room and laid down on her own bed. Her mind was busy thinking of Mark. She felt sympathy for him. She remembered how they first met and became playmates when they were kids.

Flashback of the past.......

In a park, a little boy was playing alone with his ball while there were also other group of children playing there too. Among the group of children playing there was Jade. She saw the little boy who looked so lonely.

" Who is that?" Jade pointed his index finger to Mark's direction.

One of Jade's playmate, Clarissa, answered faintly. " Who cares who he is! We heard that his parents abandoned him after they have divorced. "

"That's so sad!" a girl playmate of Jade answered with a disappointed look on her face.

Jade felt bad when she heard about the boy's life story. She thought that she is lucky enough because she is loved by her family and they are complete. She went near the boy whom they were talking about.

" Hi there! I'm Jade! Would you like to play with me?" Jade bravely approached the kid.

Mark leaned on to face her and he was delighted when he heard that there was still someone willing to take him as a playmate. " Aren't you afraid that they will teased you?" He said looking back at the other children who was with Jade.

Jade smiled and shook her head." They are good friends of mine. I'm confident that they won't do that to me."

" Are you sure?" He said with a doubt on his mind.

" Yes!" Jade said firmly to him.

Mark smiled and happily went with Jade to play. As expected, Jade's playmate avoided them and they distanced themselves from the two kids. It didn't matter to Jade that her old friends disregarded her just because she wanted to make friends with Mark. She was happy that Mark was happy being with her and that was the most important thing for her right now.

In her mind, nobody's perfect and everyone should not be judged by how they were raised or from whatever their family background might be.

From then on, they became good friends. They entered the same school and they were together almost everyday.

One day, Mark played a jazz music on his phone and he dance without hesitation infront of her.

Jade's eyes widened with amazement on her face. This was the first time she saw Mark dance infront of her. They were already on their 9th grade.

" Wow! You're so good at dancing, Mark. I couldn't believe my eyes. You're a total performer. You are energetic and very graceful. Where did you learn to dance?" Jade asked.

Upon hearing complimentary statements from Jade, Mark stopped dancing for a while and faced his dear friend.

" I watched dancing on my phone and play dance revolution inside my room when I'm at home. In this way, I can divert my attention to other things so that I won't bother myself thinking of my situation regarding my family. " He said with a glimpse of sadness in his eyes.

Mark is really keeping himself like a invulnerable person. He never wanted to show his true feelings. But in his eyes, you can tell what he really felt. Jade thought to herself.

" Can you teach me how to dance too?" Jade said with enthusiasm.

With a furrowed brows, Mark looked at her intensely. " I'm not good at teaching. Why don't you just hire a dance instructor instead of me." He said.

" I don't like a dance instructor. I want you to personally train me. Please?" Jade said in a pleading tone of voice.

Her eyes were begging for him to agree.

Looking at the pleading little girl, Mark was persuaded. " Okay! I'll teach you. But... be attentive and patient. As I told you, I'm not good at teaching others. "

Jade smiled joyfully and nodded promptly.

They started their first step by positioning Jade's arms levelled to her shoulder and Marked helped her out. "That's right! Hold on to that position. Stand still for a while. "

Jade nodded and willingly waited for Mark's next instruction. Mark went to Jade's side and then he gave the simple or basic steps one by one with patience. It took them a lot of time and effort until finally Jade began to dance on her own. Following the steps that Mark had taught her.

" Amazing! You're movement are quite good already.... as a beginner." Mark praised Jade.

Big droplets of sweat was flowing into their bodies as they were done practicing.

" It feels great! Can we dance again next on our free time? Please!" Jade made a puppy eyed looked on Mark to persuade him to agree on her request.

" I guess it's fine! I don't have anything to do anyway." Mark said scratching her head with a shy look on his face.

Upon hearing Mark's affirmation to her request, her heart jumped with joy. She was so thrilled that she ran towards Mark and gave him a warm hug.

Shocked by her earnest behaviour, Mark didn't refuse her warm gesture. He just allowed her to do what she was doing.

This girl is so beautiful and innocent. Maybe being with her will make me somehow feel better. Maybe having someone by your side and someone who cares is what I really needed to distract myself from my miseries in life. Maybe she help me feel that I do exist in this world. Mark thought and slightly moved to reciprocate her simple affection.

" Thank you so much, Mark!" Jade said in soft sweet voice.

" You're more than welcome!" Mark replied plainly."

"From now on and onwards, you can count on me as a friend. Friends?" Jade moved a distance from him and raised a vow to her. She was smiling cheerfully.

"Friends!" Mark made a pinkie swear with her.

Not long after their warm conversation, Mark excused himself. " Your sweating a lot. Let me get a clean face towel for you."

He went near a bag which was his possession and unzipped it. He took a clean face towel and gave it to her. " Here! Take it!" He said as he handed her the towel.

" Thank you so much!" She reached out for the towel and wiped her sweat with it. Then, she suddenly realized something as she looked at the boy gazing at her." Pardon me but is it true that you don't have parents?"

" I do have parents but they don't care about me at all. They separated and left me all alone." There was a glimpse of anger and sorrow as he spoke about his parents.

"Don't worry. I'm here as your friend. You can always count on me. If you needed someone, I'll be always here for you!" Jade said firmly.

Hearing her proclamation, he was glad to have met her. Then, he turned his back on her and walked away.

" Hey, where are you going?" Jade shouted.

Mark smiled and never looked back at her." I know your thirsty just like me. I'll just go get some water for both of us. I don't have enough water for both of us in my bag."

Jade ran towards him qnd clang into his one arm." I'm coming with you!"

" Whatever!" Mark exclaimed but deep inside he hope that Jade will forever be with his side.

Together, they walked toward the canteen.

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