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   Chapter 1 Dance Competition Contest

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In a crowded auditorium, one pair of dancers were performing live at the center stage. The crowd roared with excitement and was thrilled with their performance. Everyone clapped their hands when the pair of dancers ended their performance very well.

" Everyone, the Synchronized Dancers! Let's give them another round of applause. Thank you, Synchronized Dancers!" The emcee of the program gladly announced to the audience after their performance.

Jade and Mark bowed their heads to show their humbleness and respect to the audiences. They were smiling contentedly as they walked out, leaving the center stage and went to the back stage.

They were both sweating hard yet their hearts were filled with satisfaction about their performance. They hugged each other. They sat down on the bench where the other contestants were sitting.

" Hey! You did great back there! Congrats!" A guy near them said to both of them with a wide smile on his face. He was Anthony. The main leader of the group named Jack Ass Dancers.

" Thank you!" Mark replied humbly towards Anthony.

Jade gave Anthony a pleasing smile and nodded to show her appreciation. The other contestants gave their congratulatory applause to both of them. Mark held Jade's hand feeling comfortable with each other.

After all the contestants had finished performing on the stage, the emcee announced the winners.

Jade and Mark were confident that they have done their best performance and they felt a little nervous though because there were contestants that showed their extraordinary movements in the stage.

" Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honour to announce to you our top three winners. The 3rd spot goes to .....The Slashers! The prize will be awarded by our sponsors of this competition. "

The crowd gave a round of applause to the Slashers. Then, the dancers from the Slashers jumped with joy and received their prize merrily.

" Congratulations to the Slashers! And now, I will call on the name of the second winner!" The emcee spoke once more. A loud drumming was heard to make a suspense over the audiences.

A few seconds later, the emcee announced the second winner. " Congratulations to the....Warrior Dancers! Our vice president of CBN enterprise will please give the award."

The Warrior Dancers jumped with joy and hugged each other while the other remaining contestants gave them a round of applause. They took their trophy and the prize money worth 300, 000 pesos.

After taking their prizes happily, the Warrior Dancers gave their thanks to the audiences by waving their hands and bowing several times infront of the crowd.

" Lastly...who among our remaining contestants will be our champion for this year as the Best Dancer 2019? Well....let's all find out....Garnering an average of 99 %...Our champion is the....Synchronized Dancers!" The emcee announced with full of energy and suspense. "Our Champions will be given 2 million pesos and will be competing on London, USA to represent our country. May we ask the president of CBN enterprise to give the trophy and prize money to our Champions."

Hearing the result of the competition, the crowd roared and gave a standing ovation when the emcee announced the champion.

Jade and Mark was so happy when they were announced as the champion. They went near the president of CBN enterprise and made a shake hand to him while receiving gladly their awards.

With teary eyes, Jade and Mark took the microphone of the emcee and spoke to the audiences.

" We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported us. Thank you so much everyone!" Mark said as he looked at the crowd.

" Thank you everyone! Please continue supporting us!" Jade said when she took the microphone from Mark.

A round of applause was heard all over the auditorium. The other contestants win or lose gave their warm congratulatory handshake to Jade and Mark. They took a picture on all of them as they ended the program.

Jade and Mark went home after the program. They drove Mark's private car when they left the auditorium.

As they reached Jade's house, Mark assisted her with her things.

" See you tomorrow, Mark! Thanks for driving me home!" Jade gazed at him with a sweet smile on her face.

" I wish we could celebrate our victory tonight but I know that you needed some rest too because of the pressure in the competition. Good work for both of us!" Mark smiled while gazing at her too.

Knowing how Mark behaved like a true gentleman, Jade always felt secure and comfortable with him. They were like a perfect pair of couples but they maintained their relationship as good friendship. Everyone thought they would end up being a couple since they were so clos

e and intimate with each other.

Suddenly, the main door of Jade's house opened. A manly figure appeared from the door.

" Mark...Jade...why don't you both come inside? It's cold out here. " Simon said to both of them. He was the father of Jade and also a doctor in a government hospital.

Jade and Mark turned their heads from where the voice was coming from.

" Good evening, sir! Thanks for the offer, sir but I won't take long. I have to go home now too. Good night, Jade!" Mark said humbly.

" Good nights! Take care and drive safely! Call me when you got home." Jade said as she stepped away from the car.

" Goodbye, Jade!" Mark went inside his car and started switching the engine on. Then, he left. Jade entered their house followed by her father who looked so proud and autocratic.

As they walked in, the whole family gave Jade a warm welcome hug. Jade was a little surprise though.

" Congratulations for winning again, sweetie! I'm so proud of you!" Agatha said happily to her daughter.

" Thanks, mom!" Jade embraced her mother tightly.

" Congratulations, little sis!" Hector said to her sister and brushed her hair like a puppy.

" Thank you, brother!" Jade said with a smile.

They all gathered themselves in the dining room where there was food and drinks already prepared for the celebration. The maids took Jade's things and brought them into her room. The other maids were standing at the corridor waiting for commands from their masters.

After sitting on the chairs, they took their glasses of wine and made a toss.

" For the victory of Synchronized Dancers! Congratulations to Jade!" Hector said it out loudly infront out the whole family.

Everyone was happy on Jade's house which was the opposite of Mark's place.

In Mark's house, the house was silent. Only the maids were there. He lived alone because his parents were living separately and he was like an abandoned son. He lived for himself and his parents never showed concern on what's happening to him. They only send money to support his financial needs.

Mark went straight to his room and took off his clothes. He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself. After taking a bath, he puts on his clean towel and dried himself. He took out a sando and a boxer short from his cabinet. He wore it and laid down his body on the soft cottony bed. He was disappointed of his parents. He reached out his telephone and dialled Jade's number. While calling, his lips had a sweet enchanting smile. The phone rang and someone answered it.

" Hello! Can I speak to Jade Henares please?" Mark said to the maid who picked up his call." This is Mark. Jade's friend."

Not long after, the maid went to Jade who was having a happy meal with her family.

" Excuse me, Miss! Sir Mark wants to speak with you on the phone." The maid handed the phone to Jade.

As she took the call, she excused herself from the presence of her family. The whole family understood and nodded to allow her to go out of the dining room. Jade went at the other side of the dining room.

" Hey, Mark! What's up? Did you arrive safely in your place?" Jade said with a happy tone.

" Yeah! I have arrived already. Did I interrupt you?" Mark was relieved when he heard Jade's sweet voice.

" Of course not! You are always welcome to call me or talk to me whenever you like as long as I'm available though." Jade felt her heart skipped a beat when she heard Mark's manly voice. A tingling sensation was overflowing in her senses. She just doesn't like to admit that there was something going on with her heart when it comes to Mark.

Mark was very pleased when he heard Jade's typical expressions.

" Congrats for winning!" Mark said with a slight sadness in his voice. He felt a little down because he had no one to share his success in all his achievements in dancing.

" Hey! We both won so...congratulation to you, too! Without you, I may not have achieve my dreams. Thank you, Mark." Jade had known Mark since their childhood and she knew what he was feeling right now.

" No! Thank you for being such a good partner!" Mark reciprocated.

" Take a good rest now, Mark! Don't think too much! Remember....I'm always here for you, Mark." Jade tried to comforted him. " We're friends forever!"

Hearing Jade's promise, Mark had an impression that he can't take another step to upgrade their relationship. He really wanted to court Jade and tell her what he felt for her. Unfortunately, Jade always emphasized that they were only good friends.

" Yes! We're friends! Have a good rest too, my dearest partner." Mark said to end his call to her. He hang up the phone afterward while Jade went back in the dining room to continue her meal.

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