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   Chapter 44 A complete family

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 11380

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Time flies like an arrow. Another year came but Oscar felt like he was alone in the world. He decided to go to the dark forest after he had received that mysterious message. He followed his instinct that there was something there and he needed to find out what it was. While he was standing infront of the narra tree, he reminisced his memory with the woman he love.

" Hey, Mister! Are you lost?" A small boy asked Oscar.

Oscar turned around and he was fascinated to see a young boy who looked exactly like him when he was a kid. " What's your name, kiddo?"

" My name is Oscar Valdemor Junior but Mommy called me Greg." The young boy smiled innocently at him.

Oscar was shocked when he heard the young boys full name and his nickname. The same name that he has.

Is he my son? But that's impossible! I never had any sexual relationship with any other woman beside Cynthia. He said to himself while shaking his head in disbelief.

" What's your mother's name, kiddo?" Oscar asked with anticipation.

" Cynthia Chou. We live just outside this forest. This forest is very special to my mother. We always comes here because she said this is where he met my father. According to mommy, my father is a doctor." The boy answered with full of excitement on his eyes.

Oscar felt his heart raised on what he has discovered. His eyes began to cry and he ran towards the boy. He hugged the boy tightly in his arms.

" Where's your mother? I'd like to see her. Please! " Oscar looked deeply at the young boy.

Without any doubt on his mind, the boy held his hand and led him to a house nearby. When the boy opened the door, a woman was sitting on a couch reading a book on her hand.

" Mommy!" The boy called out to the woman.

Cynthia heard her son calling her and she turned her head where the voice was coming from. She was shock to see her son with a man whom she longed for to be with for 3 years.

For a brief moment, Oscar was shock too. The woman who was looking at them was the woman he wanted to see and touch for a long time. The woman that he thought was dead was now infront of him. He can't believe his eyes but he hoped it was not a dream.

They were both speechless but Oscar suddenly ran close to her and embraced her tightly. Cynthia was overjoyed to see the man she love and embraced him back.

"Cynthia! ....My love! ....My life!.... Is it really you? Am I dreaming? If I'm dreaming, let me be like this forever so that I could hold you forever, sweetheart. " Oscar cried as he held her more tightly. He could smell her cherry blossom scent as he pulled her closer to him.

" You're not dreaming! I'm real and alive! I've waited for you so long. Oscar, I love you!" Cynthia said with a trembling voice and tears fell down from her eyes.

" How is it possible that you are still alive?" Oscar asked curiously.

" My family and I planned it. The Cynthia you saw that died was not really me. It was a decoy. We need to set a decoy so that the society will know that Dark Angel was gone and never to return. Meaning...if they knew that I was dead, I will be no longer a member of the society and I am free to live a normal life. I'm sorry that we hid it from you." Cynthia explained.

" The boy... Is he my son?" Oscar then remembered the boy who was happily watching them.

" Yes! He is your son. I was pregnant with your son before I disappeared." Cynthia smiled

dorable and handsome like his father.

In the center Aisle, Oscar was wearing a white and silver suit. He was so gorgeous and seductive by his look. Arm in arm with her parents, Cynthia walked to the red carpet towards her groom who was impatiently waiting for her.

When they reached the groom, Cameron handed his daughter's hand to Oscar before they left. The ceremony was so quick that everyone was bewildered.

" This wedding ceremony is outrageous! The groom also planned this too huh?!" Denise said.

" I guessed he really can't wait any longer." Benedict slightly laughed.

After exchanging rings, the priest said the final words already. " I now pronounced you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!"

The groom took off the veil on Cynthia's face and slowly, he kissed her red lips passionately. Everyone clapped their hands and cheered for them. Their son was jumping with joy while looking on his parents happily gazing at each other. White Knight and Dark Lord were both heartbroken but felt happy for the newly wed.

They deserve to be happy. White Knight and Dark Lord said while looking on the couples at the altar. Wicked witch was giggling and thought that Cynthia had found the man who deserve her full trust and love. She wished to find her true love someday too.

When they walked together outside the church, a private plane was waiting for them. Before they went into the plane, Cynthia threw her wedding bouquet and Wicked witch caught it with her hands. Everyone's eyes were focused on Wicked witch who smiled shyly as the crowd clapped their hands for her. Cynthia winked at Wicked witch and got inside the plane together with her husband with happy faces. The plane took off and everyone looked away because of the wind blowing hard from the plane's axle.

Inside the private plane, Oscar held her closer to her in his arms. " Welcome to my life, Mrs. Valdemor. I'm so lucky to be your husband. I'll love you forever, my Darling!"

" Welcome into my world, my husband! I love you more than ever! I'll stay with you till the end of time. Thank you for making me happy. " Cynthia said looking on her husband.

Feeling overwhelmed, Oscar pinched her head and kissed her passionately again.

************ (The end ) **********

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