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   Chapter 43 Can I call you Daddy

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 11624

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With a heavy heart, Randolf shook his head when he saw his niece sad. If only Cynthia would have the courage to show herself to Oscar, it would have been better for the two of them. Life was harsh on both of them. They had to hide from the world of Moonlight Alliance Society came and to their enemies including Oscar too.

When they arrived in the vacation house, the boy ran into the house and headed directly to his room. He burst his frustration into tears. He cried and cried until he fell asleep on his bed. Everyone heard the boys sobbing but they ignored it but they also felt the pain in their hearts. But they can't afford to let danger comes to him. It's better of this way.

The next morning, little Greg went to his school. He was driven by Neil this time around. Cynthia's siblings had their own rotation of schedule in taking Greg to school because Cynthia can't go out of the house. She can't even attend any school activities that involved parents.

That's why it's either her parents or her siblings goes to attend the parent activities for her son.

It was really difficult for Cynthia and her son. They can't even have a bonding time outside. It was such a pity for the little boy to have a life like this.

In a day care center......

A young boy was crying behind a school fence. Oscar was passing by when he caught his attention. He approached the boy.

"Hello there! Why are you crying?" Oscar asked with a concerned look on his face.

The little boy lifted his head and looked at Oscar." They said I don't have a daddy but mommy said my daddy loves us and he's a busy person." The little boy said while sobbing.

"I see! So, the other kids are bullying you." Oscar felt sorry for the kid.

" Yes! But if I can find a daddy and show to them, they'll stop bullying me. Hey, I have an idea. Can I call you daddy?" The boy said when an idea popped into his mind.

If Cynthia and I would have a child, maybe he would be as cute and smart like this boy. Oscar thought.

Greg looked at him with a pleading look.

" Okay! But are you sure you're mommy will not get mad at you about this idea of yours?" Oscar said cautiously.

"Mommy won't know because she's not allowed to go out of the house." Greg answered with a sad face.

Out of curiosity, Oscar asked the boy as he knelt down infront of him."Why is you're mother sick?"

The boy shook his head. "No! But they said it's dangerous for mommy to go out. I don't know why. They all care for my mother and I."

Poor kid! He must be feeling so lonely without a father to guide, care and love him. Oscar said as he tapped the boy's head.

"Come on! I'll accompany you into your school." Oscar lifted the kid and put him up on his shoulder in a sitting position.

"Really?! Thank you Daddy!" The boy's face and voice were full of joy.

Daddy? What a wonderful word to hear but unfortunately, he will not have a child to call him that. I only wanted a child from my one true love....Cynthia. He thought for a second.

Oscar walked towards the day care center and put down the kid from his shoulders into the ground. The boy smiled and was about to go in when three kids of his same age came with an angry faces.

"Hey, you! Why are you still here? You're a bastard! You don't belong here!" The taller yet fatty kid said, pointing his finger towards the little Greg.

Oscar knew that these were the boys who were bullying little Greg and he finds it irritating to see how they

like I used to be when I was a kid." Cynthia was being dramatic.

"Sis, Greg is different from you! Do you want him to feel miserable for his entire life?" Leandro scolded her.

"I want my son to be happy. I want him to live a normal life. A life away from the moonlight alliance society and from the CIA. I have to prepare him for the worst to come in his life, brother. " Cynthia answered.

"You're so stubborn! I don't know if you love your son or not anymore. " Leandro doubted his sister for how she controlled their lives.

Hearing Leandro false thought about her, she got mad. "Don't ever question my love for my son brother. My son is my everything right now! I love him very much and I care about him."

"Then prove it, sis! Tell him the truth before it's too late." Leandro provoked her.

"I will brother! I will!" Cynthia said with displeasure.

Leandro thought about the incident a while ago. He concluded that he should inform his sister about it." By the way... Oscar and Greg had finally meet each other again after so many years."

Cynthia got shocked. " How did that happen?"

" Oscar saw your son in the school and your son even asked him to pretend to be his father. Just to stop the other boys from bullying him." Leandro explained.

" I see..." Cynthia was saddened.

" Cynthia, you need to resolve this at once!" Leandro commanded.

" Yes brother. I'll talk to my son when he comes home." Cynthia said.

In the metropolitan hospital, Oscar kept thinking of the young boy he met. He felt something different as if he was somehow connected with the kid. He can't explain the feeling. He was so comfortable and happy looking at the boy. He was scanning some papers when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He took his phone and opened the inbox. The message came from an anonymous number.

The message was: " Go to the dark forest and meet her there. It is time for the both of you to be happy and free."

Oscar was intrigued and curious. The message was so mysterious. Who was " her" that the message was talking about. He closed his eyes and recalled Cynthia's face. The Dark forest was a special place for both of them.

Unconsciously, he took off his doctor's gown and headed towards his car. He went to the dark forest not knowing what was waiting for him there.

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