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   Chapter 42 Greg's birthday wish

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Life continued as Cynthia and Oscar lived on their separate lives. Every morning, Cynthia would prepare breakfast for her son and tell him stories about his father. Each day, she would play and cuddle with her son. Every night, she would read bed time stories to her son and lay down next to him on his sleep.

Unlike Cynthia, Oscar lived like a lonely man. He was always on his office or he would drink wine all by himself in his house. He always remind himself about how happy he was when Cynthia was there to keep his life wonderful and full of life.

Three years passed by....

" Happy birthday, my son!" Cynthia greeted her son while kissing and hugging him.

The boy smiled happily as he glanced at his mother and her mother's family. Travis was always present too. "Thank you, mommy! Thank you everyone!"

Denise came near him, holding a cake. Neil lighted the birthday candle on top of it.

"Make a wish before you blow your candle." Benedict said to his niece.

The boy closed his eyes and said: "I wish my daddy would come home and be with me and mommy." Then, he blew the lighted candle.

Everyone kept silent when they heard the young boy's wish. If only it was easy for them to fulfil his only one wish, they would've done it. But only fate can tell when will be the right time that the young boy's wish will come true.

Feeling pity for the boy, Randolf suddenly thought of what to do. "I have an idea. Would you like to have a peek on your daddy's work place?" She said looking at the little boy.

Everyone got worried. They all looked at Randolf with a serious face.

"That would be risky, brother! What if the society finds out about Greg and Cynthia's existence?" Leandro said anxiously.

" Well.... I'm not against it!" Cameron firmly looked at them.

Cynthia can't believe what their father said. "Dad!" She said in a warning tone.

"I want to see my grandson smile and be happy. Just a peek will do no harm on the boy." Their father explained himself.

Noticing that everyone changed their minds and nodded to each other, she sighed and bowed her head in defeat. "Fine! Just don't forget to stay close to him."

Randolf nodded to her sister's reminder and then stared at the little boy on the center.

"You're mommy have agreed. We'll go see your daddy!" Randolf cheered up the little boy.

When the boy heard Randolf's confirmation about Cynthia's decision, he jumped with joy with his two hands up high." Yehey!!!" Greg shouted out loud.

Poor kid! He must have felt so lonely without his father around. I wish I could come up with something to ease the loneliness he felt inside. If only I could turn back time and wished that I wasn't born as Dark Angel. My son deserve to have a happy and normal life. Cynthia said to herself.

" Before we forget, here are

ened by his look.

However, Oscar sighed deeply after that doctor had disappeared from his sight. He hated gossipers meddling around him. Then he continued walking and doing his work.

Knowing that Greg and Randolf were in the hospital, Cynthia got worried. She held her phone and anxiously dialled Randolf's number.

A ring on the phone caught Randolf's attention. He rushed towards the little boy to stop chasing his father.

" What is it, uncle? Daddy is going away now. I can't see him anymore!" The boy reclaimed.

" I have to answer the phone. It's your mommy calling me." Randolf said when he looked at the screen of his phone.

Looking gloomy, the little behaved and didn't argue with Randolf.

" Hey, sis!" Randolf said feeling nervous.

" Where's my son? Is he alright?" Cynthia said in a worried tone of voice.

" He's doing fine, sis!" Randolf reassured him.

Cynthia was not contented by what her brother said." Let me speak to him!" She said full of authority.

Randolf handed his phone to the little boy. "Here! Talk to your mommy!" He said.

" Hello, mommy! Why are you calling? I already lost track of Daddy. " The boy was disappointed.

Hearing her son's frustration, Cynthia felt a little sad. " Come home now, my son. It's safer here."

Feeling down, the little boy answered: " Yes, mommy!" He hung up the phone and gave it back to Randolf. " Let's go home, Uncle!" He said looking at Randolf.

Randolf pitied the boy and he carried him in his arms as they headed out from the hospital.

" Goodbye, Dad!" The little boy said with a little pain his heart.

When will he be reunited with his father? When will the right time comes for him to feel the love and care of a father? This thoughts made the boy sad.

They went inside the car and headed back home. He glanced at the hospital before it disappeared from his sight.

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