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   Chapter 40 When the right time comes

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Since Cynthia was now as free as a bird, she still has something that she wanted to do. Caressing her baby bump, she smiled sadly. She really missed the man of her life. If only she could go out to see him and tell him that she's alive and soon giving birth to their child. But that was impossible in her condition right now.

She must be kept in the dark to secure the safety of her baby. Only her family knew the truth about her and her upcoming baby. She was not allowed to roam around anywhere because the moonlight alliance society members were all over the place. She decided to went into Janella's grave. She went there to pay her respect for putting her life just to save her and her baby.

When she went there secretly, she saw in a distance a familiar male figure. It was Oscar. He was holding a flower and standing right infront of her supposed grave.

Oscar! I'm here! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! She said in silence.

Meanwhile, Oscar placed the flower on the grave and prayed before he knelt down and kissed Cynthia's supposed grave.

" Cynthia! I'll keep my promise to you, sweetheart. I'll remain loyal to you. For you are my life. I miss you so much. I wish to be with you in our second life." Oscar cried hard as he touched the engraved name on the tomb.

His heart was breaking into small pieces while glancing on the grave. He sat down on the ground and played a video on his phone. The video was about Cynthia on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Valentine's day.

" Cynthia! My love! You were so cute whenever you blush. You always look so beautiful even if you doesn't show your true feelings when you were with your family. But you made me feel special because of how caring and loving you are to me." Oscar said while watching the video.

After watching the full video of Cynthia's memories, Oscar stood up and left. Looking at the man, Cynthia was touched by his sincerity. She just hope that Oscar can bare his longingness for her until she will finally get in touch with him again when the right time comes. When Oscar had disappeared from her sight, she walked towards the grave.

As she was standing on Janella's grave, she offered some flowers

rong, handsome and smart like his parents." Mikaela remarked.

" You're right about that!" Randolf agreed to Mikaelas' remark.

They were all having fun gazing at the cute little one. But suddenly the baby cried and cried. Denise got nervous and she tried to calm down the baby by humming but it didn't work at all.

Edith helped out Denise. She took the baby from her daughter and said: "I think he's hungry."

Everyone was surprised but they also wondered how will they feed the baby except for Edith.

Edith went back to Cynthia's room and placed the baby on Cynthia's breast.

" Here you go, young fellow! Feed yourself with your mommy!" Edith said.

The baby sucked Cynthia's nipple and started feeding himself with her mother's milk.

Cynthia woke up by the tickling sensation she felt when the baby sucked her breast. She held the baby in her arms to keep it safe from falling. She saw her mother smiling at her happily.

" I'm happy for you, sweetie but what's your plan about the baby's father?" Edith asked anxiously.

" I don't know yet, mother. I'll have to think first about the baby's safety before making a final decision. " Cynthia said in a weak tone.

" Okay!" Edith said with a sad tone.

Looking at the baby, Cynthia realized that she was now a mother and the baby was her atmost treasure that she have to keep and protect with her own life. Someday, she'll have to tell the truth to Oscar when the right time comes.

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