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   Chapter 39 I'm forever your slave

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The shooting incident in the hallway made all the people around went hysterical. Cynthia wasn't distracted by them. Cynthia saw Randolf behind a door. Randolf signalled her to go inside the room so that she would switch up with Janella.

When Cynthia went inside the room, she took off her clothes and switched clothes with Janella.

" Janella, there's no backing up here! Do what you must do! Randolf will back you up." Cynthia reminded Janella.

" Yes, I will! This is my way of thanking you, Cynthia and I'm sorry for messing up your relationship with Oscar before!" Janella said in a gentle voice.

" That's all in the past. I have forgiven you and I'll be forever in your debt for returning the favor. Janella, good luck!" Cynthia held Janella's shoulders side by side and looked at her with a serious look on her face.

With confidence, Janella nodded and embraced her tightly before she went out to chase Miguel. She was with Randolf while Cynthia remained inside the room.

Leandro was on his way with Cynthia's disguise into the room where Randolf have told him to meet up Cynthia. He knocked on the door when he was finally infront of the room where Cynthia was hiding.

Carefully, Cynthia took a peek on the hole on the door. When she confirmed that it was her eldest brother, she opened it. Leandro looked around first at his surrounding, making sure that no one had noticed him before he entered the room.

"Cynthia, I brought you a disguise. I'm going to take you to our vacation house near the dark forest. I'm sure no one will know that you are there. We have instructed already our trusted servants in the house." Leandro said while handling her the prosthetic, wig and old clothes.

" Thank you, brother! I owe you this time!" Cynthia hugged her brother.

" Okay! Hurry up! There's no time!" Leandro alerted her.

Cynthia went into the bathroom and changed her clothes. She put on the prosthetic face of an old woman and her old white wig. After putting some finishing touches on her face, she headed out of the bathroom. Then, they went out of the room.

On the oth

m the hotel wearing a disguise of an old woman through the help of Leandro. Upon leaving the hotel, Leandro drove her to the vacation house near the dark forest. Only the family Chou knew that she was still alive.

The whole moonlight alliance society paid their respect to the legendary Dark Angel.

In the funeral, the family Chou was weeping while looking at the coffin with Cynthia's body but they all knew that Cynthia was alive. They hid her so that the moonlight alliance society will never have any connection to her from now on. Her death as a Dark Angel was the dtart of a new beginning on Cynthia's life as a normal citizen.

Oscar remained in terrible pain and feeling so much agony for he doesn't know the truth yet and the family Chou felt sorry for him as they watched him crying silently while looking at Cynthia's dead body lying down inside the coffin. But there will be a time that the truth will be revealed. The following day, Cynthia was buried in the Montessori Cemetery. They were all wearing black clothes and they offered red roses on Cynthia's tomb. After the burial, Oscar remained standing on the tomb.

" Sweetheart, I will never forget you! You'll remain in my heart forever and we'll see each other again on our next life. Good bye, my love! I will always love you. I'm forever your slave." He left with tears in his eyes and his heart broken into small pieces.

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