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   Chapter 38 Her final battle

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 8868

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Benedict hired a professional plastic surgeon and took Janella in a private house of his. They started operating her to look like Cynthia. They even changed her voice according to Cynthia's voice too.

After a week, Janella opened her eyes with her new identity. She felt her life has changed when she agreed to what the Chou family has demanded from her. She was willing though because she owed her new life to Cynthia.

On the other hand, Oscar suspected that Cynthia was being kept in the Ancestral house because she was in danger. When he asked Cynthia to go out with him, she always refuses. That's why the more he was having suspicion on what's keeping Cynthia from being kept in the Ancestral house.

Meanwhile, Miguel was informed that Janella had disappeared and Cynthia was back in the Ancestral house. He was also informed that Cynthia had another rival in love. Her name was Camille. Miguel thought of a plan on how to persuade Camille to be in his side.

He dialled Camille's number on his phone and called her. A few seconds later, Camille answered her phone.

" Hello? Whose this please?" Camille asked politely.

" Good day to you, Miss Camille! I'm Miguel McGuire, a media personnel. Can I ask you for an interview tomorrow at Sapphire Hotel. Maybe around five in the afternoon. " Miguel introduced himself.

" Sure!" Camille answered immediately.

" Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow then, Miss Camille." Miguel grinned while speaking to her.

" Me, too, Mister Miguel McGuire!" Camille said and then she ended the call.

Early morning, Cynthia received an anonymous text on her phone. It says: Camille is in trouble. Please tell Oscar not to come.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Cynthia silently scanned her phone and connected it to her personal server. She tried to hack the pc address of the sender and she successfully found her answer. The message came from Miguel McGuire.

Did he thought he can outsmart me? He's really a fool! He's pretending to be an informant now, huh? Impressive but not quite as I expected him to be after failing to kill me. Cynthia thought.

She closed her server and called Oscar. She wanted to make sure that he was safe.

However, Oscar was on his way to his house. He was not feeling well lately. He's having a terrible headache and body pain due to exhaustion. When his phone rang, he immediately answered it using her other hand while his other hand was on the manoeuvre.

" Hello, honey! Where are you?" Cynthia asked with a worried tone.

" I'm heading home, sweetheart! I forgot something that I needed in the hospital today." Oscar answered.

" I see!

Oscar. They all pointed their guns directly to him.

After that, Camille showed up being held by one of Miguel's men.

Miguel laughed like a devil." You're a fool! Cynthia warned you but you didn't listen. Maybe this girl is more important to you than your fiancè. "

Oscar tried to move but Miguel threatened him." Don't move or I'll kill her. Check f he has a weapon." He said to his men.

One of his men searched Oscar's body if he has weapon and they found his gun and scalpel.

Surprisingly, Cynthia kicked the door opened and rolled herself onto the floor. She shot almost all of Miguel's men but he couldn't shoot at Miguel because Camille was being held by him.

"Miguel let's end it here! Let go of Camille! She has nothing to do with us!" Cynthia yelled furiously.

" Sorry but I can't! You see....she's one of my puppet. She does what I tell her to do!" Miguel said touching Camille's face with his gun.

"Damn you!" Oscar gnashed his teeth in anger.

Glancing at the man next to her, she said: "Oscar, why did you come here?"

"I was called by Camille to come here. But I never expected that I'll be seeing you here, sweetheart." Oscar explained.

"Well...well...well... What do you know? Oscar came to save this little princess while you came here for him to witness you're death...Dark Angel!" Miguel pointed the gun to Cynthia.

Camille took this opportunity. She bit Miguel's arm and stamped his feet.

Because of what Camille had done to her, he set her free. Camille ran towards Oscar while Apparently, Miguel tried to escape. He ran outside the room followed by his other men.

On the other hand, Cynthia chased him and left Oscar with Camille. Oscar was planning to follow her after he had put Camille into a safe place.

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