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   Chapter 37 Cynthia's pregnancy

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A battle troupe came after and they carried Cynthia like a baby. Janella followed them. They headed to a chopper near them and flew to the nearest hospital. Janella sat down next to Cynthia inside the chopper.

The moonlight alliance society has a nearby base in the said compound. Just like in the State Country, it was also advanced and equipped with medical needs. There's a hospital in there to assist their wounded men. When Cynthia was brought to the base, Janella was taken to a safe house for her to rest.

In a private ward, Cynthia was being treated by some nurses and the doctor was there to check her health condition. White Knight was waiting outside the ward with the Chou family.

After two hours, the doctor came out of the room with the nurses.

" How is she doctor?" White Knight asked politely.

" She's going to be fine but she needs to take care if herself and the baby. She's pregnant. Almost three months. Luckily, the baby wasn't harmed inside her." The doctor said his findings.

They were all surprised when they heard the news about Cynthia's pregnancy. Cameron went near the doctor. " Pardon me, doc. I'm the patient's father. Can we please beg you to keep this information about her pregnancy a secret to our Society. Please!"

" I know what you assured that I'll keep this matters secret. No one will know about her pregnancy. " The doctor said reassuring them and glanced at them with a gentle look on his face. He patted Cameron's shoulder as he spoke to him.

" Thank you, doc!" Cameron felt relieved.

The doctor left and all of them went inside the ward quietly. They looked at Cynthia with a worried face.

" Denise, inform Oscar that Cynthia will be staying in the Ancestral house for a while. If he ask some questions, you know what to say." Cameron instructed his daughter. Edith held Cameron's arm and leaned her head on him.

In Oscar's office, Oscar received a call from Denise.

" Hi, Denise! Why did you call?" Oscar asked with a worried face.

" Brother-in-law, I just wan

a would be able to disappear and live in peace. They glanced at each other and made a final decision.

" Okay! Since that's the best option we have, do you have any idea on where to find someone to pretend as Cynthia?" Leandro asked.

" I think I know! She said she is desperate to take her revenge to Miguel and she's willing to help out in any ways even sacrificing her own self for Cynthia's sake." Cameron said to his children.

" That's great! How about the plastic surgeon who will take charge on Janella's operation?" Denise said curiously.

" I'll take care of that!" Benedict said with confidence.

" Now, that everything is settled. Be sure to make our plan a family matter alone. No outsiders allowed to hear our secret plan for Cynthia's safety." Cameron firmly reminded his children.

" Even Oscar?" Neil asked.

" Yes! Not even him!" Cameron said with finality.

Everyone nodded as a response to their father's condition. They parted ways when they were finish discussing the matter. Cynthia was well aware of her physical condition when she confronted Denise who went to check on her in her room. Denise told her about the family's plan about her and about keeping it a secret even to Oscar.

Cynthia didn't argue because she thought it would be for the best. She had fallen asleep on her room while thinking of the baby inside her.

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