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   Chapter 36 Red signal alert

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Chapter 36 Red signal alert

Looking like a villain, Miguel waited for Cynthia to wake up. He took the antidote that will make her senses active again.

Later on, Cynthia slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was tied up on the bed. She got furious when she saw Miguel watching her struggle.

" Miguel, what do you want?" Cynthia yelled at him.

" You know what I want. Tell me where is Dark Angel and I'll set you free." Miguel answered.

" I don't know who is Dark Angel. I told you already before that I have no connection with her." Cynthia protested while struggling.

Miguel sighed and then he called his men. He instructed them to prepare the chopper and they will move Cynthia into Casa de Nova in Mengjian Country.

Nevertheless, Janella was somehow have been discovered by Oscar. So, she tried to call Miguel for his help.

" What is it that you want now?" Miguel said agitatedly.

" Miguel, Oscar just called me and he found out that I was the one who infiltrated his hospital. I need you to do something for me. I want you to take me away from here. I know what he is capable of. I don't want to die yet! Please!" Janella begged him.

" Okay! I'll send my men to guard you and take you away. Did he knew that you do business with me?" Miguel asked anxiously this time.

" I don't know! How could I know? He only told me that he'll punish me for what I did to him. I'm scared!" Janella cried out of desperation.

"Okay! Fine! Prepare yourself. My men will come to pick you up in five minutes. " Miguel instructed her.

Somehow Janella felt relieved that Miguel was willing to help her get away from the anger of Oscar. She prepared some of her personal belongings and her laptop. A few minutes later, Miguel's men arrived and took her in the Casa de Nova. Miguel continued having conversation with Janella on the phone when she got inside a black Mercedes Benz.

" Janella, you've failed to meet your goal! Now, it's my turn to make Cynthia's life a hell." Miguel said in a rough tone.

" Well...suit yourself!" Janella was now calm and confident after crying a while ago." By the way, I have an information you've dying to know." She added.

Miguel was intrigued by what she just said." What is it? Tell me now!"

Janella smirked. " Dark Angel is none other than Cynthia herself. I have some underground men who helped me discover the true identity of Dark Angel. "

" At least, you had a good news to tell to me. As compensation for the information you've given me, I'll let you go for now. And as for Cynthia....I'll kill her myself with my own hands." Mig

s alarmed when he heard some footsteps a while ago. Just as he expected, he saw an anxious look on Sniper's face followed by Skull.

" What's the emergency, Sniper? You look both worried of something. " White Knight said in a straight face.

" Dark Angel gave me a red signal alarm. I need your command." Sniper said while gasping for air.

" What?!" White Knight was shocked. He instinctively stood up from his chair. " Have you located her?"

" Yes! She's in the Mengjian Country particularly in Casa de Nova. That's where her coming from." Sniper answered.

" Can you use the communicator?" White Knight asked promptly. He knew that Cynthia would wear her communicator device if she used her monitoring device as well.

" I think we can. I just hope her signal doesn't turned off. Let's go to my office now before it's too late!" Sniper said with a worried look on his face.

In a flash, they reached the Computer Room. Sniper manipulated all the devices and switches in a fast-paced move. The big screen showed the image of Cynthia lying down unconscious with Janella Liu with her.

" Cynthia, can you here me?" White Knight asked in an alarming tone.

On the other hand, Janella heard a voice of a man coming from the micro earphone attached on Cynthia's ear. She took it and speak on it.

" This is Janella Liu. Cynthia can't speak right now! She's badly hurt. We need help! Please!" Janella said in despair.

When White Knight heard Janella's response to their call, he instructed his men on an immediate retrieval of Cynthia in the Casa de Nova. " Help is on the way! Janella, please secure Cynthia's safety." He said to Janella after deploying his men to help them.

" Yes!" Janella answered.

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