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   Chapter 35 Leaving the writing novels

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In the supermarket, Cynthia was carefully checking the fruits and vegetables she was picking. She was glancing around the fruit section when she happened to came across White Knight. She smiled and laughed a bit because she knew that White Knight was not accustomed to buy somethings especially in a supermarket. Cynthia went near him.

" Travis! What are you doing?" She said.

Hearing his name being called, White Knight glanced at where the voice came from. Then he scratched his head. He was not expecting to see Cynthia in here too.

" My mother is sick! She insisted that I should get something here for her but I can't figure out which one to pick. Can you please help me?" White Knight said to her in a commanding tone.

White Knight's real name was Travis Perkins, a well-known State prosecutor in the City.

" Sure! Which is it that Aunt Zeny wants?" Cynthia said cheerfully.

" Some fresh fruits especially the peaches. It's her favourite. She doesn't want the maids to do the buying. She insisted that she will only eat the fruits that I personally bought for her. What a demanding mother she is! I feel a little embarrassed about coming here by myself. Luckily, you saw me here." Travis explained.

" Okay! No worries! Let me help you with that! " Cynthia offered herself to help him.

They were both picking oranges from the bulk when accidentally, Travis caught her hand. Instantly, they looked at each other and quickly took back their hands.

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to..." Travis said anxiously.

" Hey! It's not a big deal! Come on!" Cynthia hit his shoulder hard but Travis was not affected by it. He looked away for a second to compose himself.

" I think this is enough! Thank you, Cynthia!" Travis took the plastic basket full of different kinds of fruit.

" You're welcome! You're my buddy. If Boltzilla would have been here with us right now, it would have been more fun. But....anyways...I have to go! I have to prepare lunch for Oscar and I can't afford to make him wait. See you again sometime, Travis!" Cynthia waved her hand and left him. She went into the counter ahead of him to pay for what she bought.

While Travis remained standing and holding the plastic basket. He didn't bother to stop her. He just looked at her while she was walking towards the counter.

After paying, Cynthia went into her car and put on her groceries on the backseat. She drove her car towards their love nest.


In the Research Laboratory, Janella formulated a new one of drug. She grinned when she finally tested and got accurate results that would be appropriate for her to use in getting her revenge to Cynthia. She took her phone and called Miguel.

" Hi! The drug is ready. I'll send one of my men to bring it there to you!" Janella said with a grin smile on her face.

" Well done, Janella! Well done!" Miguel

ouvenir for me as I leave the world of writing novels. " Cynthia answered with a proud and dignified look on her face.

" I see...So, you are leaving the world of writing novels. Is there a special reason on why your quitting your field of work?" Miguel asked again.

" I wanted to go beyond my limit! I want to explore new things that I had never tried before. That's the main reason why I'm quitting my work." Cynthia explained.

Hearing her response, Miguel nodded and then he pressed a black button on the side of the couch where he was sitting. Suddenly, smoke came out from out of nowhere. Cynthia was about to get away from her seat but a lot of buckles wrapped her body. The buckles came from the sides of the seat.

" Miguel! What's the meaning of this?" Cynthia yelled. She can't move a muscle because the buckles were so tight.

" Sorry but I need you so that Dark Angel will show up. You'll be the bait!" Miguel laughed then he wore a gas mask to protect himself from the smoke.

Cynthia tried to struggle from her seat but little by little she became weak and drowsy. Until finally, she fell unconscious

After being put to sleep, Miguel unlocked the buckles that wrapped Cynthia's body. He carried her into the bed and tied her hands and feet sideways. He smirked while looking at her.

On the other hand, Oscar came home from his work in the hospital. He looked around the house to see if Cynthia got home from her interview but he couldn't find her. He tried to call her phone but it was out of reach. He felt uneasy when he couldn't reach Cynthia's phone after calling her several times.

Later on, he called Cynthia's body guard. He have learned that Cynthia was still in the hotel but they weren't aware that Cynthia was being kept as a captive. After knowing that Cynthia was still having her interview, he waited for her in the living room until he finally fell asleep on the sofa.

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