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   Chapter 34 Keep your money

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 6271

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Early morning, White Knight went into the hospital where Oscar was working. He intended to talk to him privately about Cynthia and her mission.

" Excuse me, Miss! Kindly lead me to the directors office. I really need to speak to him."

" Yes, Sir! Please follow me!" The little nurse said smiling courteously to him.

When they were walking in the hospital lobby, some nurses giggled when they saw him passed by. White Knight was a well-known person in the City State because of his status as a State prosecutor. He was a handsome bachelor and a respectable individual.

As they reached Oscar's office, the nurse knocked on the door.

" Who is it?" Oscar asked loudly from his office.

" I'm nurse May Chan, doctor! Someone wants to speak to you!" The nurse said confidently.

" Bring that person in!" He instructed.

Then, the door opened and White Knight went in while the nurse left after that.

" Sorry to disturb you, doctor. Let me introduce myself properly. I'm Travis Perkins. A colleague of Cynthia. I want to personally apologise about the scene that I created in the restaurant before." White Knight said with a dignified look on his face.

Oscar glanced at the new arrived visitor. " It's okay! Please have a seat! Do you want anything? Tea or beer maybe?" He said politely.

White Knight closed the door and went near Oscar's table. " No, thank you! Have you two spoke to each other already?"

With a serious face, Oscar looked at him. " Yes! I'm happy that she's back with me again!"

" That's great to hear but a word of advice. Don't hurt Cynthia or I'll take her away from you!" White Knight gave him a slight smile.

" Are you threatening me?" Oscar frowned.

" I guess I am!" White Knight crossed his both arms infront of his chest.

" Damn you!!!!" Oscar yelled.

" How cunning! I heard that your reputation here as a playboy

scare. No wonder she can't fight back for the man she love. I guess i win. Cynthia thought.

Camille who was running away said to herself: I won't be beaten by you. Let's see whose going to win Oscar back. I won't lose to a cunning girl like you. I swear!

On the other hand, Cynthia went back to her car and drove towards the nearest supermarket. She had to buy some fruits and vegetables for their lunch.

While she was driving, she felt something strange. Her vision was becoming blurred. She shook her head to clear her vision. After a while, she stopped at a nearby post and held her head. She began to feel dizzy.

What's happening to me? Why do I suddenly felt dizzy? I have taken my breakfast and I have taken my vitamins every day. What's going on with me? Wait a minute! Maybe I'm just exhausted thinking about my last story. She thought.

Closing her eyes tightly and then she remained like that for a couple of minutes before she opened her eyes slowly again. When her vision became clear again, she started the engine again and headed to the supermarket. She felt better after relaxing her eyes for a moment there.

Upon reaching the supermarket, she parked her car and got off from it. Then she walked into the supermarket.

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