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   Chapter 33 Let's forget the past

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Noticing Cynthia behaving like a stubborn child, White Knight knocked on the door of her room. He was not afraid to confront her. It's either she will listened to him or not. It will all depends to her.

Not even questioning who was behind the door, Cynthia already knew that it was White Knight. The only person who were capable of talking to her were White Knight, Boltzilla and Dark Lord. Eventually, White Knight was more closer to her than Dark Lord especially now that Boltzilla's gone.

" Come in!" Cynthia said it loud.

White Knight opened the door and went inside her room. He looked at her with a straight face." Do you mind if we have a little chat?" He said as he walked near her.

" Sure! Have a seat!" Cynthia said upon hearing his request.

White Knight sat beside her and stared at her. " Are you still mad?"

" Not really. I was just thinking what made Oscar agree to be in a supposed secret affair with that Camille." Cynthia's voice was calm.

" Why don't you go home and talk to him? How will you know the answer if you lock yourself here." White Knight recommended.

Thinking about his suggestion, Cynthia kept silent for a while and made a resolution to her problems l. " Your right!" She said afterwards.

Looking at her with a smile on his face, Oscar held her hand. " But before you go, there's another mission I'd like you to do."

Cynthia glanced at him with an intriguing look on her face. " What is it?"

White Knight lifted his face a bit looking at the wall. " Do you know a certain person named Janella Liu?" He asked.

" Yes! She's Oscar's ex girlfriend and the director of Mengjian Hospital in Mengjian Country. What's the mission about?" Cynthia answered.

" Janella Liu is making a drug that caused drowsiness and suffocation. It can kill a person in just one glanced. She's using these drugs in dealing with some underground society. I w

ence and love for her.

" No! I don't want us to separate again! Not ever! I won't let you go!" Oscar said anxiously.

Cynthia tried to resist his look on her and walked away. But Oscar twisted her arms around her back and kissed her hard until he felt that she gave up. He loosened her grip on her and released her. Her mind was going crazy by the feel of his warmth. " Oscar!"

" Sweetheart, please listen carefully. It's true that Camille and I had an affair but that was before when you were not yet in my life. I have loved her a lot but that was all in the past. You are my present and my future now. You're the only one for me." He explained thoroughly.

"Oscar....I...I'm sorry." Cynthia looked away from him.

" Let's forget the past, sweetheart. I love you so very much! Please don't leave me." He begged.

Cynthia smiled and felt satisfied. She turned her face to look at him and said: " I love you too!"

Oscar embraced her tightly and they kissed passionately.

On the other hand, Janella burned the files which were the files that Oscar was looking for. She grinned while looking at it being burned.

This is my revenge on you, Oscar. I told you that I will make your life miserable if you didn't choose me. She said to herself.

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