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   Chapter 32 Lover's quarrel

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Upon arriving at the hotel, she paid her fare to the taxi driver and dashed towards the Hotel. The security guard was shock when she saw her angry face. She directly went into the restaurant and looked around. Not long after, she spotted Oscar and Camille having a good conversation while eating.

She dashed towards them and caught the table where Oscar and Camille were eating. She lifted the table by force and threw it. Everyone's eyes caught her attention. They all gossiped around them.

Denise and Edgar were alarmed by what Cynthia did. Edgar was about to stand up from his seat but Denise grabbed his hand." Don't go there! You'll just hurt yourself! Let my sister fix her own problem." She said glancing at Cynthia.

" But that's your sister!" Edgar protested.

" Sweetheart, believe me! I know my sister very well. She can be silent at all times but she's like a volcano when she's mad. Besides, they are both mature enough to handle the situation." Denise explained.

Edgar sat down again and felt disappointed. " Fine! Let's just leave then. I'm done eating my food!"

Denise shook her head. " Wait! Let's see what will happen next, sweetheart. Let's stay a little longer. Please?" Denise pleaded.

On the other hand, Cynthia looked at Camille and Oscar furiously angry. She was about to attack Camille but a big hand grabbed her wrists and stopped her from her attempt of causing more trouble.

" Oscar, get your hands off me!" Cynthia shouted.

" Cynthia, let me explain!" Oscar pleaded.

Camille was taken aback when she saw how horrible Cynthia could be.

A few seconds later, Cynthia pretended to have calm down and Oscar released her hand. He was confident that Cynthia had calmed down. But unexpectedly, Cynthia dashed towards Camille and slapped her face hard, leaving a red mark on her face.

Oscar rushed towards Camille to comfort her. " Cynthia, stop it!" He said glancing at her.

Cynthia felt betrayed and looked at Oscar with an upset face. " If you care about her that much, just go and be with her!"

Then, White Knight happened to be in that place also. He saw what was happening and he looked at the woman with a concerned look on his face. He dashed towards Cynthia and embraced her in an instant. White Knight was shielding her from the pain in her heart.

" And who are you?" Oscar asked with a jealous look on his face.

"Travis, why are you here?" Cynthia was surprised by the sudden appearance of the ma embracing her.

" I came here for you! Come on! Let's leave this place and have a talk." White Knight said confidently.

Cynthia followed White Knight instruction and let him close to her

e must be breathing with fire huh?!" Neil said with a grin smile on his face.

" Yeah!" Oscar exclaimed.

" Your arm injury must be a result of her anger. We're terribly sorry. Please forgive her. She's really like a wild beast when she's mad." Leandro said, looking apologetic.

" If ever you happen to see her or talk to her, will you please tell her that I'm waiting for her and I'm willing to take whatever punishment she will give me. I just want her back." Oscar said feeling down.

With a sympathetic look, Leandro patted his shoulder. "I will, brother-in-law. Stay strong! "

"I'm going home now! Thanks, brother-in-law!" Oscar said and went out of the Ancestral house of the Chou family.

On his way to his house, he felt sorry for himself. He doesn't know where to find her and he's missing her so much. Whenever he laid down his body on their bed, he could smell her scent. If he wakes up in the morning, he was yearning to hear her sweet voice. He missed her handmade cooking and her sweet kisses. He misses her warm hug. Everyday was like full of misery and it hurts him a lot.

Is this my punishment for betraying her trust. Damn it! Cynthia, where are you? Please come home, sweetheart. I miss you so badly. He said.

Teardrops fell on his eyes as he thought of Cynthia. He's a man but he's being a cry baby now that Cynthia came in to his life. How terrible life is without her around him. He punched the manoeuvre of his car. The pain in his heart seemed to breakdown.

Back in the headquarter of Moonlight Alliance Society, Cynthia was sitting on her bed. She was also thinking of Oscar. She never contacted him since they quarrel in the restaurant. She felt bad for what happened between them. She felt lonely and miserable right now.

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