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   Chapter 29 For the man I love

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9907

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The following days, everything went back to normal again. It was quiet but this time, Cynthia began to ponder on what's ahead of her. After her being abducted, she was more careful now of her surroundings. Oscar made sure that she was guarded by two of his men without Cynthia's permission.

In Sapphire Hotel, Janella and Miguel were having another conversation.

" Don't you have any idea yet on how to kill Cynthia?" Miguel frowned. He was being impatient because Janella were preoccupied lately as a director of Mengjian Hospital.

" Sorry but I haven't figured out on what to do yet. I was so busy lately attending my work....unlike you." Janella said with sarcasm. " Besides, Cynthia is being protected by Oscar now. You can't get into her that easily."

" Oscar, you say?" Miguel was irritated.

" Oscar is a director of Metropolitan Hospital. He has a lot of connections to in the industrial business industry. That's why I can't think of a plan on how to infiltrate Cynthia without Oscar's knowledge. " Janella explained.

" I see." Miguel said touching his chin.

"I have an idea. I'll set an appointment with Cynthia again for another media interview with her. You... on the other hand...must give me some assistance. I need a chemical that I can use in putting her unconscious without me being affected on it." Miguel said.

" That seems to be a great plan. I'll go check on my research lab if there is a medicine you can use that has an effect like what you just said." Janella said glancing at Miguel while taking a sip of her orange juice.

" I want the drug as soon as possible." Miguel said roughly.

" Yes! You'll have the drug when you needed it." Janella confirmed.

After their conversation, Janella left the building while Miguel took another round of whisky on his glass before he headed out too.

On the publishing company, Cynthia was sitting on a chair facing Carl.

She went there to check on her books and her payment for her works.

" Here's your payment, Cynthia! Are you sure that you're doing your last book as a farewell for being an author? Your readers will terribly be sad." Carl said with an upset look on his face while handling her a check card.

Cynthia took the pay check " Yes! I'm going to quit writing now. I have my own personal reasons. It's for the best. I don't want anyone to get involve with me." She said firmly with no sign of regret on her face.

" When will you give the story you made?" Carl said in a sad tone.

" Probably next month after Oscar's birthday." Cynthia answered briefly.

" If ever you change your mind, you are welcome to come back as an author in our company. I'm sure gonna miss you, Cynthia!" Carl hugged her.

Cynthia patted his back to comfort him." Don't worry! You'll forget me someday. The books I made will be a mark of how I started my writing profession. Thanks for everything you've done for me, Carl."

" You're welcome, Cynthia!" Carl said.


hey were patiently waiting for him to show up. Oscar had no idea what she planned on his birthday. She also planned to give the book which contained their love story together.

On the other hand, Oscar had just arrived infront of the hotel after he had finished his work in the hospital. He dashed inside the hotel. When the font desk officer saw him, she went near him and gave him some instructions. Oscar got curious and then, he went into the elevator. He was instructed by the front desk staff to go to the VIP room on the top floor.

As he stepped out of the elevator when he reached the VIP room on the top floor, he opened the door and saw that the room was dark. He entered the room cautiously. He was afraid that there might be an enemy around.

All of a sudden, the light went on and the party poppers exploded infront of him. Everyone shouted: " Happy birthday!"

Oscar was shocked and surprised. His heart raised with joy. Cynthia went close to him holding the birthday cake and a party hat on her head. " Happy birthday, Honey! Make a wish before you blow the candle." She said with a smile on her face.

After making a wish, Oscar blew the candle and kissed Cynthia on her lips. " Thank you, sweetheart! How did you know that today is my birthday? I never told you about my birthday."

" I'm Dark Angel and I have my own way to know more about my man." Cynthia said.

Oscar took the cake and placed it on the table. Then his friends and close relatives especially his own family gave him a warm hug. They gave their gifts for him. Then they began to get their own food.

Oscar and Cynthia were feeding each other with the cake. After the party, everyone went out of the room happily and satisfied aside from Cynthia and Oscar. They remained inside the room holding each other's arms.

" Thank you, sweetheart!" Oscar said happily.

" You're welcome. I'm doing this for the man I love. Are you happy?" Cynthia stared at him and touch his face.

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