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   Chapter 28 Back in your arms again

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 6872

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Cynthia was in good luck. She managed to escape although she still felt weak and dizzy because of the sleeping pills that hasn't worn out yet from her system. She ran as fat as she could. Not knowing where she was, she hoped that her colleagues will come and save her.

When she got out of the house where she was kept, she looked around to see if there was anyone around that she could asked for help. Her eyes wandered around but there was no man in that Island. She was along the seashore and her knees were becoming weak. Her breathing was fast and she felt tired. She sat down helplessly into the sand.

After a while, she heard a flying chopper on top of her. She looked up and she smiled when she saw Oscar on the chopper.

" Cynthia!!!" Oscar called her name loudly.

" Oscar!" Cynthia said his name in a weak tone of voice.

Upon landing of the chopper, Oscar ran towards her and embraced her tightly. His heart was full of joy and relief when he saw her. He showered her face with sweet kisses.

" Thank goodness! I'm right on time!" Oscar said in relief.

" How did you know that I was here?" Cynthia asked curiously, embracing him back.

" I'm a gang leader, remember? I have my sources and I'm glad you're safe." He pinched her chin to face him and their eyes met.

" Let's go home!" Cynthia said in a weak tone of voice. She was really exhausted.

" Yes, sweetheart!" Oscar then gave her a passionate kiss on her lips.

Not long enough, another plane landed next to them. It was the Moonlight Alliance Society came to rescue her.

" Dark Angel! Are you alright?" White Knight asked when he got near them. His gaze was cold like ice but deep inside he was worried a lot about her.

" I'm fine! Thank you for coming. I'll let you take care of the rest. I really appreciate your effort, White Knight. See you at the headquarter!" Cynthia gazed at White Knight with a proud and dignified look on him.

White Knight nodded and he instructed to capture the culprit of her abduction while Oscar and Cynthia left together hand i

identity and her secret, we will entrust that you keep your word from now on." Leandro looked at Oscar with a serious face.

" I promise!" Oscar sworn infront of them, raising his right hand.

" Can we ask you something confidential?" Cameron said to Oscar.

" Yes! Of course, Sir!" Oscar answered proudly, glancing at Cynthia's father.

" We all know that you are connected to the CIA. How sure are you that you won't betray my daughter's secret? And why are you seeking for her in the first place?" Cameron asked looking at him deeply.

Oscar sighed before answering his question. " Yes! I am apparently the gang leader of CIA but I can reassure you that no one will touch Cynthia from my organization as long as I'm here. The reason why I seek for her before was because we were notified to seek justice for Congressman Bernard who was killed by Dark Angel. But when I have learned that Cynthia was Dark Angel, I asked the reason why he killed him and she told me her reason honestly." Oscar glanced at Cynthia and placed his hands on her shoulders.

" Do you trust her?" Cameron again asked.

Without any doubt on his mind, Oscar said: " Yes!"

Upon hearing Oscar's firm answer, Cameron felt relieved. " Therefore, call me father from now on. I entrust you, my daughter's well being.....My son-in-law." He tapped Oscar's shoulder firmly and smiled.

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