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   Chapter 27 Cynthia's escape

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 6180

Updated: 2018-11-26 23:29

In a dark room, Cynthia found herself tied up in a bed. Both her hands were tied up sideways even her feet. All she remembered was she went to a bar and drank a glass of wine. Then her vision became blurred until she went blank.

Where am I? Who could have the guts to do this to me? It seems they don't know whom they are dealing with. Maybe Janella is the mastermind about my abduction. She thought.

Suddenly, she heard some voices. There were men laughing and was coming inside the room.

I've got to do something quick. She said to herself.

" Let's have some fun, guys!" One of the first five men said gaily.

" Yes! The girl is really beautiful and looks very tempting. Who goes on first?" Another men said glancing each of his companions.

"Let's make a bet! How about whoever gets the tallest stick will be the first one to have fun with the girl." The other men said holding a broom stick which was subdivided into five different sizes.

"Okay!" They all agreed.

Damn it!" One of the men said anxiously.

" It's a pity you'll going to die after we get what we want from you!" The ugliest of the five man said glancing at Cynthia.

" Who ordered you to do this to me?" Cynthia shouted out loud at them.

" You don't need to know!" One of the five men answered while grinning.

When they continued what they were discussing a while ago about who will take Cynthia first, Cynthia used her full strength and pulled hard the rope. The bed was made of rattan wood. That's why she was able to corrode it. The bed collapsed because of her sudden and forceful pull. She had free herself from being tied up.

The five men were shocked of what happened. They were surprised of what she did. They all wondered were did she got all the energy to free herself from being tied up and what kind of girl was she. They suddenly felt

e her and give her reward for what she did to my woman." Oscar said with so much anguish in his eyes.

" Damn You! Oscar!" Janella cursed him.

Oscar reached his phone and called Louie.

" Louie, bring some of our men and we'll go to Spartan Island to save Cynthia. " He said.

" Are you coming with us?" Louie asked hesitantly.

" Yes! I want to make sure that Cynthia comes back safe." Oscar answered briefly.

On the other hand, the Moonlight Alliance Society was alarmed by Cynthia's abduction. Luckily, Cynthia always take precautions whenever she goes out of her place. She has a tiny blist of microchip attached in her hair. It was a device where they can use it to locate her.

" Sniper, have you located her?" White Knight asked anxiously.

" Yes! She's in an Island. West of Maryland. The Spartan Island. According to the radar, she is moving quite fast. I think she managed to escape her abductors. There's no one in the radar that could possibly be chasing her. How do we proceed?" Sniper explained.

" Call her siblings to inform them her location and tell them that there's nothing to worry about because we are going to save her....Right now!" White Knight answered with full authority in his voice.

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