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   Chapter 26 Cynthia's abduction

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 14187

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In Oscar's place, Cynthia got up from bed after taking a nap. She went to the kitchen to cook for lunch. She put on her earphone and played a music on it. She played her favorite song: Dreaming of you. She was singing while cooking to enlighten her mood. She didn't think of what happened between her and Janella this morning. She was enjoying herself at the moment.

Meanwhile, Oscar had finished his duty early as expected. He dashed into his car and drove towards his house where Cynthia was busy preparing their meal. He was smiling joyfully while thinking of her. When he arrived, he instantly smelled Cynthia's cooking. He walked into the house and directly headed to the kitchen.

As soon as he got there, he saw her singing while cooking. This scene fascinated him. His eyes glowed with so much affection for Cynthia.

Cynthia didn't noticed that someone was watching over her because she was wearing a headset on her ear. When she was done cooking, she took off her earphone and sensed that there was someone near her. She can smell a familiar male scent. She leaned back and saw Oscar standing infront of the kitchen door.

" Honey, you're home early!" Cynthia said with a cheerful smile on her face.

Hearing her sweet endearment to him, Oscar went near her and kissed her lips passionately. Everyday, they felt like they were a married couple. Janella seemed to have given up her hope in getting back Oscar because she never bothered Oscar since Cynthia and her had a conversation. They were so happy together.

Summer came.....

Cynthia was busy writing her novel about her love story with Oscar. She planned to keep this as a souvenir because she felt that someday, she'll disappear in everyone's life. As she was typing on her laptop, her phone rang. She picked up her phone under the table and answered it.

"Hey sis! Want to join us on the beach?" Denise excitedly asked her when she answered the phone.

"What?! Beach?" Cynthia said in an awkward tone.

"Yes! Our family are going to the beach tomorrow. Let's have some fun for a while. I know you're not busy since you were not given any mission after Boltzilla's death." Denise said.

Cynthia thought for a second before she answered. " Okay! I'll ask Oscar if he also wanted to come too! I really need to go out to breath some fresh air and new environment too."

"See you tomorrow then sis!" Denise was overjoyed with her answer.

"See you tomorrow. Bye!" Cynthia hung up the phone and continued what she was doing. Then she felt tired and fell asleep.

Oscar who have just arrived from his duty went directly to their room but he furrowed his eyebrows when he didn't see Cynthia on their room. He was about to go to the kitchen when one of his made came across to him.

" Have you seen, Cynthia?" He asked to the maid.

" She's in the study room, sir!" The maid answered politely.

" Thank you!" Oscar said to his made. After knowing Cynthia's whereabouts, he dashed towards the study room and he found the woman soundly asleep. He went near her and closed the laptop carefully. After that, she took her by carrying her in his arms towards their room. She laid her down on the bed and kissed her forehead tenderly.

Smelling a familiar male scent, Cynthia slowly opened her eyes and saw Oscar close to her. " Honey!" Cynthia said in a whispering tone.

Oscar smiled when she heard her endearment word to him. " Sorry, sweetheart! Did I wake you up?" He touched her cheek lovingly.

Cynthia shook her head and encircled her arms around his neck. " How's your day? Do you want to eat?" She randomly asked.

" I'm fine and I'm not hungry. Why did you sleep in the study room? We're you feeling lonely?" Oscar said full of affection.

" I wasn't feeling lonely. I just got bored and fell asleep while working on my story. By the way, Denise called and she was asking me if I can go with the whole family into the beach and I said yes. Would you like to come with me, Honey?" Cynthia said staring at him with so much affection too.

" I wish I could come but you know that I'm busy in the hospital, sweetheart. When will that be?" Oscar said.

" Tomorrow!" Cynthia simply answered.

" Maybe I could catch up in the afternoon. Would th

Noticing her disapproval, Denise and Neil glanced at each other and nodded to each other too. They held Cynthia's hands side by side and dragged her towards the seawater.

" Fine!" Cynthia said hopelessly. She stood up forcibly by them. She wasn't in the mood to swim because she was anticipating for Oscar to arrive sooner or later. She was forced to join them go swimming. Her clothes were all wet.

They also played beach volleyball. It was already late in the afternoon but Oscar hadn't showed up yet. Cynthia was getting disappointed and she headed to a bar next to them.

" Hey, sis! Where are you going?" Randolf asked when they saw her walking away from them.

" I'll just go get something to drink there!" Cynthia pointed the bar next to them.

" Okay! Be sure to get back here soon. You're man might get crazy looking for you?" Randolf tried to tease her.

" Yeah! Yeah! I know! See you later!" Cynthia said and waved her hand into the air.

A few minutes later, she walked inside the bar and ordered a glass of martini. Janella's men pretended to be a waiter and they gave Cynthia her order but it has a sleeping pills on it that was dissolved already. Cynthia drank the wine in one gulp because of frustration. She was expecting Oscar to come but she was disappointed. She looked at her watch and her vision became unclear.

" What's happening to me? Damn it! Someone must have put something on my drink. I've got to get out of here." She said subconsciously.

She tried to stand up but her knees were weak and her vision was getting worse. She tried to call on her phone but she also dropped her phone. Suddenly, she fell unconscious. Before she could fall into the floor, one of Janella's men approached her in an instant and held her in his arms. He lifted her and carried her out of the bar. They took her inside a black Mercedes van.

On the other hand, Randolf felt uneasy. It's getting dark but Cynthia was not yet around. He began to feel worried. Moreover, Cynthia doesn't answer his calls. He rushed into the bar where she headed in the afternoon to look for her.

Leandro and the others tried to contact her phone again but still no one answered. Therefore they all decided to help out Randolf. They followed him inside the bar.

They tried to look around but found nothing. Suddenly, Benedict saw a phone which was exactly like Cynthia's. He scanned thoroughly the phone to confirm his suspicion. He was shocked when he learned that it was really Cynthia's phone.

" Damn it!" Benedict exclaimed.

He went near his siblings and told them what he have found instead. They all looked furious when they learned that Cynthia was abducted when they tried to interrogate some individuals inside the bar including the waiters. They were told that Cynthia was taken by five strange men.

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