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   Chapter 25 He's mine

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The rest of the day made Oscar felt exhausted. He looked at the time on his watch. It was already ten in the evening. He thought of Cynthia again as he sat back on his chair. He grabbed his phone on his table and dialled her number. He was smiling while holding the phone on his hand.

Apparently, no one answered his calls. He assumed that Cynthia was now sleeping on their bed. Then, he hung up the phone. Since he was done with his work for today, he headed out of the hospital and drove his car towards his place.

When he parked his car infront of his house, he noticed that there was a woman standing on the window of the balcony. The woman was dressed in a silky white negligee. It was Cynthia. He opened his car door and dashed inside his house.

Noticing a car stopped infront of the house and a man came dashing out from it, Cynthia's heart raised. It pounded hard with excitement. She smiled happily when the man came inside their room and threw his briefcase on the bed. Oscar rushed into her and embraced her tightly from behind.

" Sweetheart, I'm home! I thought you were asleep because you didn't answer my calls." Oscar said tenderly in her ears.

Cynthia turned sideways to look at him. Then she gave him a peck kiss on his lips. " Maybe I was in the bathroom when you called, Honey!" She said sweetly.

Hearing her soft sweet voice, Oscar was aroused. He lifted her and carried her towards their bed.

" Sweetheart, I love you!" Oscar said and he started showering her body with his sweet kisses until a sweet sensation drove them crazy and they make love the whole night. It was already dawn when they fell asleep.

The next morning, Oscar was still sleepy but when he smelled a very tempting aroma coming from the kitchen, he slowly woke up and stood up. He wrapped his lower part of his body with a clean towel. He didn't bother himself getting dress first. He walked into the kitchen and saw Cynthia cooking breakfast for them.

" Good morning, sweetheart!" Oscar kissed her cheek and encircled his arms around her waist.

" Good morning!" Cynthia greeted him.

" Don't you feel weak, sweetheart about what happened to us last night?" Oscar asked with grin smile.

" I'm fine! I'll just take another sleep later. I was worried that you won't be able to take your breakfast if I didn't wake up early, Honey." Cynthia was telling the truth. She was really worried of him.

Oscar squeezed her from his arms. He felt so lucky to have met such sweet, kind, considerate, caring and loving woman like her. " Sweetheart, can I eat you first!" He said, teasing her by biting her earlobe.

" No! You can't! You have to go to work to save lives. You can flirt with me when you come home!" Cynthia slightly hit his belly using her elbow.

Oscar was taken aback for what she did but he smiled instead.

" Go take a shower! I'll be done cooking after 5 minutes and then I'll prepare your clothes for you. Okay, Honey?" Cynthia said with so much authority in her voice.

" Yes, ma'am!" Oscar saluted her like an obedient soldier and went back to their room.

Living with her, made his life full of lively colours, thrilling and exciting. She was the only person that he can't control. She can't manipulate her that easily but she can dominate him too. She has her own power and skills. She was really an amazing woman.

While he was taking a shower, Cynthia went inside their room and took out his clothes from his closet for him to use in going to work. Hearing the door twitching, Oscar came out of the bathroom with the towel on his lower part of his body. He went near her and gently wrapped his arms around her body.

" Are those my clothes for today, sweetheart?" Oscar asked teasing her by biting her earlobe.

" Are you a dog? Why do you always bite me?" Cynthia said emotionless.

" I'm not a dog but I can be your dog .....and I can bite all the parts of your body if you wanted me to." Oscar said in a teasing voice and he then licked her ears.

" Cut it out! I don't want you to be my dog. I don't need one. So, you better get dressed. Put this on and I'll go take a shower too." Cynthia said and handed him his clothes.

She walked towards the bathroom, leaving him behind.When she was finished taking a shower and walked out of the bathroom, she saw Oscar patiently waiting for her, sitting on the side of the bed.

" Why are you still here?" Cynthia was surprised that Oscar was looking at her with a deep eyes and full of desire.

" Come here!" Oscar grabbed her body and pouncing her onto their bed.

" Honey, please be reasonable! I'm still feeling weak. You took all my energy last night, remember? Aside from that, you don't want to be late in going to work. Isn't it?" Cynthia tried to talk to him in a convincing way.

Oscar kissed her red lips passionately and stood up, moving away from him. " I'll come home for lunch, sweetheart. So you better prepare yourself." He said in a husky voice.

" Okay! Can you prepare the table for me while I'm putting on my clothes, honey? I'll be there after one minute." Cynthia asked him politely.

Hearing her sweet voice requesting him to set the table, Oscar happily gazed at her and nodded. He left her on the room. Just as what she said, after one minute, she came towards the dining room. She was wearing a sky blue coloured, spaghetti strapped, blouse and a white mini skirt. She was so stunningly beautiful that Oscar was jaw dropped when she saw her.

" Sweetheart, I think I want to eat you first." Oscar went close to her and touched her face gently.

" You can eat the food I cooked for you and go to work." Cynthia's voice was full of power.

Oscar gave her a peck kiss on her lips and grabbed a chair for her and Cynthia sat onto it. Oscar grabbed a chair and sat close to her.

" Honey, I'm not going to run away. You're being a paranoid!" Cynthia said glancing at him with annoyance.

" I want to be always close to you, sweetheart! I'm going to work in the hospital the whole day and I won't be able to take you in my arms often." Oscar sounded upset.

" Fine!" Cynthia gave up and they took their plates. Then Oscar suddenly lifted her putting her onto his lap. Cynthia didn't argue anymore with what he did.

" Will you be kind enough to feed me, sweetheart?" Oscar asked politely.

Cynthia sighed. This guy is hopeless. She though while she began putting some food on the plate and spoon fed him.

" I really like how you spoil me with your cooking. It always taste delicious, sweetheart." Oscar praised her cooking.

Cynthia just smiled. When their stomach was full and felt satisfied, Oscar put her down to his side. " Thank you for the food. Now, I'm energized. I'll see you for lunch, sweetheart!" He said and gave her a tender kiss on her forehead, to her nose and then to her lips while he was holding her close to him.

" What do you want me to cook for lunch, honey?" Cynthia asked.

" Anything as long as it is made from the heart. I'm going now, sweetheart. Bye!" Oscar walked towards the door and went out of the house. He dove his car towards the hospital.

Meanwhile, Janella was looking for an opportunity to

have a talk with Cynthia. He was hiding at the back of a big mango tree near Oscar's place. When she saw that Oscar had finally left his house, she went infront of the house and knocked on the door. The guard who was on the gate knew who she was. That's why she entered without having any trouble at all.

On the other hand, Cynthia was about to go back to her room when she heard someone knocking on the door. She scratched her head, feeling annoyed. She opened the door and she frowned when she saw Janella.

" Good morning, Cynthia!" Janella greeted her with a wide smile on her face.

" Good morning! Chasing a man in an early morning is a bad habit. Isn't it, Janella!" Cynthia obviously looked at her with a narrow eyes.

" No! You got it all wrong! I came here to talk to you!" Janella waved both her hands in disagreement with what Cynthia said.

" Okay! Come in!" Cynthia gave way for Janella to enter. Janella was holding a token as a peace offering to her while she was walking inside the living room. They sat on the couch facing each other intensely.

" By the way, please accept this simple token as a peace offering to you. I know it was my fault when I acted that way to your boyfriend. Can we be friends?" Janella handed to Cynthia her gift. Cynthia took it but her face showed no emotion.

" I don't want to be rude but I don't need a friend. Just stay away from Oscar. He's mine!" Cynthia said with so much power and authority in her voice. Her glaring eyes made Janella stirred in fear.

" Okay! I think it is useless for me to persuade you to leave Oscar but I won't be beaten by you!" Janella slapped her face several times infront of her and cried.

Shocked by what Janella was doing, Cynthia knew that Janella had a plan against her. Cynthia went close to her and grabbed Janella's hand.

" Do you think beating yourself will help you get Oscar? He's not dumb if that's what you think he is. He won't believe you! You don't know me and you don't want to know me." Cynthia threatened her.

Janella shoved Cynthia and went out of the house with red marks of a hand on her face. She went to her car and drove it towards a hotel. Her eyes were reddish and puffy while she continued crying. She took out her phone and called Oscar.

In the Metropolitan Hospital, Oscar heard the ringing of his phone. When he looked on the caller's name, he furrowed his eyebrows.

" Hi, Janella! What do you want?" Oscar asked in a formal tone of voice.

" Oscar, please help me!" Janella said on the phone while sobbing.

When Oscar heard her sob, he felt a little guilty and sad for her. " What happened?" He asked with concern.

" Meet me at the Crescent Moon Hotel now at room 146, I will tell you everything when you get there!" Janella answered.

" Okay!" Oscar did not hesitate and he followed his instinct. He took off his coat and went to Crescent Moon Hotel.

When he was infront of the room 146, he knocked on the door. Janella opened it and she immediately hugged him while sobbing.

" Hey, I'm here now! What's wrong?" Oscar held her face and saw the red marks of a hand still visible and fresh. " Who did this to you?" He asked.

" If I say who did it, will you believe me and leave her?" Janella said with a scheming thought in her mind.

" Of course, I'll believe you.....but leave her?...Did you mean... Cynthia did this to you?" Oscar was dumbfounded.

Janella nodded.

" What did you say to provoke her?"Oscar's face changed in an instant. He gazed at her coldly and moved her away from him.

" I just went to your house and gave her my peace offering. Then I asked her that I want to make friends with her but then she started slapping my face. I don't know why she got mad at me. I swear!" Janella looked at him with a pleading eyes.

" Okay! I'll deal with her! Go take a rest and put some medicine ointment on your face." Oscar said roughly. He assisted her on going to bed and left her afterwards.

Janella thought that she made a convincing act but the truth was Oscar never went back to his place. Instead, he called and asked Louie to investigate in that incident between Cynthia and Janella's fight.

" What's so urgent that you called so early today, man?" Louie said when he answered his phone. He just got up from his bed with a naked woman beside him.

" I want you to investigate what really happened between Janella and Cynthia this morning when Janella went to my house." Oscar said arrogantly.

" Sure thing!" Louie said. He stood up and picked up his clothes that was scattered around his room. He went to his own apartment leaving the girl behind in the hotel. When he got inside his apartment, he opened his computer and scanned the video camera monitoring device to see what he can find about Janella and Cynthia in Oscar's place.

" Bingo!" Louie exaggeratedly said when he caught the video of Janella talking in the living room with Cynthia this morning.

After watching the video, he transferred the video clip to his own phone as an evidence to show to Oscar. He rushed outside his apartment after the video was transferred into his phone. He used his car and drove towards Oscar's office in full speed.

When he arrived at the hospital, Louie walked inside Oscar's office without anyone's permission. He waited for him. It was just a matter of seconds that Oscar came into his room. He then noticed that someone was in his office. When Oscar looked around, he saw Louie sitting down quietly in a chair. He looked so serious.

" Hey man! I came here as soon as I have learned what happened between the two women of yours. Cynthia didn't slap her. Your maid saw that Janella slapped her own face. They didn't have any fight at all. I also have here the video that can prove Cynthia's innocence." Louie said in detail. He showed the video clip in his phone to Oscar.

Carefully watching the video, Oscar frowned at what he has seen and heard on the two women's conversation. After watching it, he gave back Louie's phone.

" seems Janella is making her moves on making trouble on my relationship with Cynthia. I'm afraid Janella will cause trouble again to Cynthia." Oscar said seriously.

" I'll take care of her for you, man!" Louie said with a grin smile.

" Thanks but I want you to keep an eye on her instead. If you found out that she's having another plan against Cynthia. Then, I want you to take her away and make her disappear in this city." Oscar instructed him.

" As you wish!" Louie said. He turned his back and walked towards the door. He opened the door without saying anything more to him.

Then, he left Oscar's office while Oscar put on his coat again and normally continued his work. He wasn't going to confront Janella now but in the near future, he will have to do something about her. He smiled when he thought of Cynthia preparing their lunch. He planned to finish his duty early so that he can be with the woman he love so dearly.

Everyone in the hospital saw how he was in good mood again. He constantly smiled from the start of the day until now. The nurses admired his good looks that they giggled whenever they saw him pass by.

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