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   Chapter 24 Cynthia is the only person i need

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Meanwhile, Oscar arrived in the hospital. He went to his office first and checked his schedule for today. Luckily, he was not too busy today. Meaning, he had plenty of time to go shopping today with Cynthia. He put on his doctor's gown and went to check all the patients in the hospital.

At around ten in the morning, Oscar finally finished his work and he instructed again one of the nurses to contact him for emergency cases only. He went out of the hospital with a smile on his face. The nurses noticed his happiness and they envied Cynthia more.

On his way back to his place, Oscar made a phone call to Cynthia.

" Sweetheart, I'm on my way back to the house! Please be ready after twenty five minutes. I love you!" Oscar said with so much affection.

" Okay! I love you too, Honey!" Cynthia said and hung up the phone.

Feeling contented, Oscar smiled gaily. His heart softened whenever he heard Cynthia saying the word "Honey " to him. It made him convinced that he was changed by her love for him and he has forgotten about his first heartbreak.

When he arrived, Cynthia was already infront of the house, waiting for him. Her rosy cheek reflected her extraordinary beauty. Her lips was as red as cherries that looked so delicious to devour. He opened the car door for her and Cynthia walked inside the car.

" You're so beautiful as ever, sweetheart!" Oscar whispered into her ears and gave her a peck kiss on her cheek.

" Thank you, Honey!" Cynthia smiled back on him.

In the Central Mall, Cynthia was walking in with Oscar. There were girls giggling while looking on him. She pulled him closer to her and glared coldly at those girls. When they saw her glare, they were all frightened as if her eyes can kill them in an instant. They looked away and avoided her gaze.

Noticing Cynthia's possessiveness towards him, Oscar felt happy but when he saw some men staring at Cynthia, he held her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. He looked on those men with a warning look on his face.

However, Cynthia felt his aggressiveness and stared at him with curiosity. She was intrigued. When she saw that he's glaring on some men who were staring on her, she felt happy too. She pinched his waist to get his attention. Oscar felt a little pain but he held her hand and kissed it. Cynthia pulled her hands back after.

Then, they went inside a dress boutique and picked some clothes for her. A saleslady came and assisted her. The saleslady was staring on Oscar and winked on him.

" Please behave yourself, honey! There are a lot of dirty women around wondering around." Cynthia said glancing on Oscar.

" Of course, sweetheart!" Oscar knew what she was thinking and he pulled her closer to him, kissing her lips torridly.

The saleslady felt embarrassed at the sight of them kissing each other in public. After that, Cynthia left Oscar and went to look on some clothes. When she was done choosing her clothes, the saleslady helped her carry the clothes, putting them on the counter. Oscar went near her and paid the clothes for her.

After shopping, they went to a fast-food chain and ordered something to eat. They were both facing each other when Oscar saw a familiar face. He stood up from his seat and he looked so surprised.

" Janella? Is that really you?" Oscar said it out loud.

Hearing him calling her name, Janella looked where the voice came from. She smiled when she saw Oscar. She went near him and smiled at him.

" Oscar? This is a surprise! Don't tell me you are on a date?" Janella said widely smiling on him.

Ignoring the scene, Cynthia expressionlessly continued eating her food. Deep inside, she wanted to burst in anger and punched Oscar's face and the woman too. But she refrain from doing it.

" Actually I came here to buy some things for my girl." Oscar said with a smile on his face.

" Well, aren't you going to introduce me to her?" Janella pretended to be nice infront of him.

" Sure! Janella meet my girl Cynthia." Oscar glanced on Cynthia.

As expected, Cynthia turned her face towards Oscar before looking on the woman near her.

" Hi, Cynthia! It's nice to meet you! I'm Oscar's ex lover." Janella said reaching her hand to make a handshake with Cynthia.

" Nice to meet you too!" Cynthia held Janella's hand squeezing it hard. Janella pulled back her hand instantly. Her face registered pain after having a handshake with Cynthia.

" What the hell?! What's wrong with you?" Janella blurted her anger.

" Sorry! My hand must be in a tensed mood. Pardon me!" Cynthia said emotionless.

Oscar felt Cynthia was mad on him. He was so careless. He said to himself. He decided to pull Cynthia close to him. " I'm sorry, Janella! My girl is having a hand exercise with you right now. Will you be kind enough to forget what happened?"

" Okay! I forgive her." But in reality, she wanted to slap Cynthia's face. She had never been treated like this by anyone. She is a director of Mengjian Hospital from Mengjian Country and all the people fear her and would never lay a finger on her. Treating her with disrespect, will cause trouble to that person.

" Thank you! You're really so kind! Would you like to join us for a bit?" Oscar was being considerate but Cynthia was displeased by his action.

" I really appreciate the offer but I have some errands to do. Anyways, i would prefer being alone with you if possible. Just call me anytime. I'll be waiting!" Janella suddenly caught his lips and kissed him like she was her girl.

Clenching her fist, Cynthia would really like to give this girl a lesson. If only they were not in a public place, she will not refrain herself from being cold and cruel. All she can do for now was to control her bad temper and ignore them.

Quietly, Cynthia went back to her seat without glancing on them.

" Good bye for now, my love! See you again sometime Cynthia." Janella throw a mocking smile on Cynthia but Cynthia just nodded and continued slicing the meat on her plate. Suddenly, Cynthia stabbed the meat forcefully. Janell

a abruptly was taken aback. She felt like Cynthia was going to stab her with the knife. Trembling with fear, Janella walked away from them.

On the other hand, Oscar was startled to by what she did. He tried to say something sweet to coax her.

" Sweetheart, please don't get mad. She is nothing compared to you. Please just forget that we met her today. I don't want to ruin our especial day together. Please!" Oscar held her in his arms while tenderly looking on her.

" I'm not mad, honey! I think I need to go somewhere more private!" Cynthia stood up, not finishing her meal.

" Where do you want to go, sweetheart? I'll accompany you. " Oscar said to coax her.

" I want to go to a gym. I'm on fire and I want to cool down a bit." Cynthia answered.

" Okay, sweetheart! But let me call Louie to get these things that we bought. It won't take long, sweetheart. " Oscar brushed her long black hair gently with his big hands.

"Fine!" Cynthia said.

Holding his phone, Oscar called Louie to get what they shopped. A few minutes later, Louie came and took the bags while Oscar and Cynthia headed to the nearest fitness gym. Even if Cynthia was wearing a dress, she didn't care less. She headed to the bouncing ball and started punching it to release the pressure on her while Oscar followed her all the way.

After an hour, Cynthia was sweating hard. Oscar held her hand to stop her.

" Sweetheart, that's enough! You're sweating!" He said in a gentle voice.

Frowning like hell, Cynthia looked at him. She was not yet satisfied but being touched by him, she felt like she lost all her energy. Oscar took out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her sweat.

" I'm really sorry, sweetheart! Come on! Let's go home!" Oscar said with a pleading look on his face.

Cynthia sighed and let her hand down. Feeling tired, Oscar led her out of the gym and went inside his car. Cynthia sat next to him in silence and leaned on the side of his shoulder. Oscar was anxious and felt relieved when Cynthia was calm. He stretched out his other hand to hold her head and kissed her head lovingly while his other hand was busy driving.

As they reached their house, Ocsar received an emergency call from the hospital.

" Sweetheart, I have to go back to the hospital. Don't wait for me for dinner. I'll be coming home late everyday." Oscar said while standing infront of her.

" Okay! Honey, take care!" Cynthia encircled her arms around his neck and tiptoed to kiss him.

" I will, sweetheart! I love you !" He said against their tongue twisting kiss.

" I love you too!" Cynthia answered.

They gasped for air when their lips parted. Oscar went back inside his car and drove back towards the hospital.

Upon arrival, he immediately went to his office and grabbed his doctor's gown. He rushed into the ICU for the immediate survival procedure of the patient laying down on the hospital bed. The nurses assisted him as he conducted the operation. After an hour, Oscar and the others felt relieved when the patient survive from his injuries. The patient had a third degree burn and had a deep wound on his chest caused by a gun shot.

Feeling relieved, Oscar overheard his nurses praising his skills.

" Doctor Valdemor is really amazing!" A nurse blurted happily.

" Yes, indeed! He's so reliable!" Another nurse said.

Hearing these praises, Oscar smiled and went to the vending machine to get something to drink. On his way to the vending machine, he came across again with Janella.

" Hi, Oscar!" Janella called out his name loud and clear.

" Janella? What are you doing here? Are you sick?" Oscar asked with anticipation.

" No! Silly! I thought I could come to have a little chat with Y

You!" She said and went closer to him and cling into his arms.

Oh, no! This is bad! Cynthia and I had just make up and she's here again. This woman is full of herself. She maybe a director but the way she act is quite disturbing. He thought.

Cautiously, he pulled his hand from her and shove her. " If it's business, we can talk in my office properly. " He said with an awkward smile.

" Okay! I'd like that!" Janella said cheerfully.

While walking towards his office with her, Oscar made sure that he had a distance with her. He doesn't want Cynthia to get mad again from him. As he opened the door of his office, Janella went in and scanned her surrounding.

" I see that your office is still the same as usual. How about we use your private lounge over there, darling!" Janella was indeed flirting with her again.

" I'm sorry but I don't use that room for business purposes. So, we'll just have to talk here." Oscar said as he closed the door while glancing on her.

" Actually, I came here for personal reason." Janella went near him and touched his lips, tracing it with her index finger.

" Janella, please stop flirting with me. We're done and I'm happy now with someone else." Oscar said stopping her hand from touching his lips.

" Oscar, I still desire to have You! Let's get back together again. I know you dumped me before but don't reject me again. Please?" Janella said while playing with the buttons of Oscar's shirt.

" I'm really sorry but we can't be together again." Oscar rejected her proposal.

" I'm willing to be your mistress. I still love you Oscar!" Janella said and she hugged him tightly.

" Sorry Janella but I don't feel the same way with you. The only woman I need is Cynthia." Oscar said seriously and pushes Janella away from him.

" I won't allow you to be happy with her." Janella frowned.

" Move on, Janella! You're beautiful, smart and efficient doctor. I'm sure you'll find someone better. Please leave and don't come near me again. It's for your own good!" Oscar drove her away from his office.

After he has made Janella disappeared from his sight, he sighed.

I won't let anyone destroy my relationship with Cynthia. No one can separate us! I rather die first than give her up. He said to himself as he leaned his back on the door of his office.

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