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   Chapter 23 Living together in one house

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 8916

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As what they have agreed, Cynthia moved into Oscar's place. Oscar opened the door of his apartment. It was so spacious that it can be occupied by ten persons. There was a pool and a Jacuzzi too. This was a luxurious type of apartment for someone like him.

" Sweetheart, how do you find my place? This is your first time to come here, isn't it?" Oscar embraced her tightly from behind.

" It's fine, I guess! Honey, am I the only woman who came here or there were many of us?" Cynthia asked seriously.

Oscar smirked and bit her earlobe to tease her. " Sweetheart, I swear that you're the only one."

"Hmmm...." Cynthia said in disbelief.

" From now on, you'll be the one in charge of my house and in my life. How about that?" Oscar said to give her assurance.

" I don't know! It sounds fantastic and unrealistic for me. Honey, how about we set rules in the house. I can't be in charge of the house always because I'm always on call duty if the organization needed me." Cynthia leaned back on him.

" Okay! But let me know if you are in trouble, I can fix it for you." Oscar kissed her cheek lovingly.

" I'm capable of doing my work, Honey. No need for that." Cynthia said.

Hearing her answer, Oscar shook his head. He was speechless. He knew that Cynthia was an independent, tough and smart but he wished she could depend on him too.

In the evening, they went to a restaurant for dinner. The placed was reserved by Oscar and there were no customers aside from them. A violinist came in their table and played a melody for them. They ate happily.

" Honey, why do you always surprise me. This is too much!" Cynthia said gazing at him.

" That's because you're special to me and you're the woman I love. I'll do anything to make you happy. Money is not a problem. Tomorrow, we'll go shopping for your things." Oscar sliced the meat in his plate while talking to her.

" Okay but do you have time to go shopping with me tomorrow, Honey?" Cynthia said anxiously.

" I'll arrange my schedule so that I can be with you, sweetheart." Oscar said.

After they had finished eating dinner, Oscar escorted her towards his car. They went back to their love nest. When Cynthia got inside their room followed by Oscar, she pouted her lips. She didn't have anything to wear because she didn't brought any of her things. Oscar said that it was not needed because he'll provide everything for her.

Noticing her uneasiness, Oscar closed the door and faced her with tenderness. " Is there something wrong, sweetheart?"

Cynthia bit her lips and spoke shyly." What am I going to wear now? I didn't bring any of my clothes, Honey."

Looking at her, Osc

't cook much at home. I only cook if I'm in the mood." Cynthia said proudly.

After eating, Oscar walked out of the house and drove his car towards the hospital with his briefcase. Cynthia was reflecting on how she became a softy whenever he was near her. Living together in one house is not bad at all. She thought.

When Oscar was.out of her sight already, she went back to the dining room and cleaned the table. She was washing the dishes when her phone rang. She left the dishes floating on a basin of water. She answered her phone.

"Sis, is it true that you are living with the gang leader of CIA?" Leonard said in a worried tone.

" Leonardo, I made my own decisions and living with him is not a problem, isn't it?" Cynthia said coldly.

" But....what about your mission on him? That would affect your relationship with him." Leonardo keep on convincing her to stop her insanity.

" Brother, I know what I am doing. I appreciate your concern but as I said, this is my own decision and you can't change my mind." Cynthia said firmly.

Hearing her firm decision, Leonard gave up." Okay! Just call me if you need help!" Leonardo sighed helplessly.

" Is there anything more you want to say, brother? I have a lot of things to do." Cynthia said.

" No more! Sorry to disturb you, Sis!" Leandro sadly said.

" It's okay! Bye, Brother! Don't worry too much!" Cynthia said and hing up the phone. She put back her phone on her pocket and continued washing the dishes.

When she was done cleaning the dishes, she went back to their room and took a bath. She came out of the bathroom after and picked some of Oscar's t- shirt and put her dirty clothes on the washing machine so that she could use it again after it dries. She will go shopping today with Oscar.

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