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   Chapter 22 You are Dark Angel

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 13390

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After visiting Boltzilla's grave, Cynthia was on her normal self again. A week later, she finished her new novel and gave it to Carl in the publishing company.

" Good work, Cynthia! I bet your story will be on top again!" Carl cheerfully said to her.

" I hope so!" Cynthia answered.

" Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Remember the literary romance celebration?" Carl scratched his head.

" Yeah! What about it?" Cynthia said with disinterest about that thing.

" You were one of the nominees. And guessed what? You won the award for being the best literary author of the year!" Carl said excitedly.

" Well, that's great! I suppose!" Cynthia said emotionless.

Noticing her disinterest, Carl stopped blubbering about it and sighed with discontentment. "Cynthia, are you not happy about your hard work?" He said with a sad face.

Ignoring his question, Cynthia just waved her hand and was about to leave the office. She doesn't want to stay long in the building because she wanted to go and see Oscar. She felt like her days were not complete if she didn't see him even just a glance.

" Cynthia, the awarding ceremony will be next week at Moonlight Hotel. You must attend it for professionalism sake. Please be there!" Carl pleaded before Cynthia could get away.

" Fine! I'll attend it. Just remind me about it beforehand. You're face has gotten ugly because of too much worrying. I'm going now!" Cynthia said glancing at him and left.

Feeling uncomfortable, she went to the metropolitan hospital to visit Oscar. She drove her car and when she arrived, she sighed deeply. As she walk along the corridor, some nurses spotted her and they gave her a fake smile. Cynthia smiled back slightly on them. She doesn't want to be rude to them even though they were just pretending to be hostile.

In Oscar's office, he was busy working on some documents. He was sitting in his chair with a furrowed brows. Suddenly, he heard a knocking on the door. He sighed and put down the papers on top of the table. He stood up, walked towards the door and opened it. Although Cynthia came to see him everyday, his excitement was still there. He smiled happily when he saw her standing infront of him.

" Hi, honey! Are you busy?" Cynthia smiled shyly.

" Not at all, sweetheart. I'm glad you came!" Oscar said and kissed her passionately, pressing her body closer to him.

After they've kissed, Oscar held her hand and they went inside his office, closing the door after.

" So, how's your day sweetheart?" Oscar asked fondly gazing at her.

" Fine! I was notified that I won the best literary author of the year. I was hoping you could come with me on the awarding ceremony. " Cynthia buried her head into his chest. She felt more relaxed now that she was with him. His presence alone made her feeling satisfied.

" Congratulations, sweetheart! When will the awarding be?" Oscar cheerfully said, brushing her hair gently with his big hands.

" Carl said it will be next week." She answered.

When He heard her answer, he was saddened. " Sweetheart, I'm sorry but I can't come if it will be next week. I'm going out for a business trip starting tomorrow. I'm just finishing all the needed documents here before I prepare my things. I'm so sorry!" Oscar said in a sad tone.

Cynthia shook her head." It's okay, Honey. I understand. So, how many days will you be gone?"

" About a month or two. It depends on how it will progress. I have to inspect all the hospital connected to medical needs. But I promise, I'll behave while I'm away. Your the only woman for me. I love you!" Oscar said sincerely.

Cynthia looked up to see his face. Their eyes met and Oscar lowered his head to kiss her. Cynthia kissed him back and as they prolonged their kissing, something inside them were beginning to get hot and excited. Oscar began to caressed her body, making her moan and gasped for air.

" Sweetheart, let me have you!" Oscar said in a seductive alluring voice on her ears. He licked he

ther again.

After a while, Oscar took his clothes and dressed himself again. He stood up and accidentally, he found a mask under the side table of Cynthia's bed. It caught his attention and held it on his hand. He was shocked when he recognized the mask. He saw it when he had encountered Dark Angel before.

"I see that you found my mask." Cynthia's face was serious while standing infront of the bathroom door. She was unhappy looking at him holding the mask on his hand.

"You're Dark Angel!" Oscar blurted.

I guess the day has come for him to know the truth about me. It will also release me from having this burden inside my heart. Cynthia thought while glancing on him.

"Yes! Now that you know my secret, I guess you should keep your distance from me from now on." Cynthia said firmly. She was clenching her fist because it was hurting her to say that to him.

Though Oscar already knew the truth about her, he was certain that his feelings for her had never change. "Darling, I don't care if you're Dark Angel. I won't leave you! I won't let go of you! No matter what!" He said firmly.

"Oscar, I know that you are the gang leader of CIA and that you are looking for Dark Angel. What are you going to do now?" Cynthia said when she revealed what she knew about Oscar's secret too.

"Cynthia, I'm not that stupid to just let you go. I know you have a deeper reason why you keep killing people. Explain to me please! I'm sure I'll understand whatever it is." He said with an anxious look on his face. He was determined of having her in his life.

"Do you trust me that much, Oscar?" Cynthia was still in doubt of what he was saying.

"Yes because I love you and I want you so badly, my Darling." He said and he went closer to her and embraced her lovingly.

"Thank you for loving me this much, Honey. I feel relieved now that you care a lot about me and that you want to stay beside me. But being with me, will make a lot of trouble for you. I rather would not get you involve in my concerns." She said with a sad face.

"Please let me stay with you and protect you, my Darling. I promise I won't be a burden to you!" Oscar pleaded.

"Oscar don't do this to me!" Cynthia felt her heart was breaking. Her tears were about to fall from her eyes.

"I love you so much, my Darling. Please let me stay." Oscar kept on repeating these words to her.

Until finally, Cynthia gave in to his demand." Okay!" She said afterwards. She loved him so much that living without him was meaningless. She was willing to take the risk of being with him till the end. She gave him her trust and gave her reason why she killed several men of high calibre.

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