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   Chapter 21 A life for a life

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10271

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At night time, Cynthia was laying down on her bed. Oscar went back to the hospital after she reassured him that she was feeling alright. She didn't take dinner because she wasn't feeling hungry. She was thinking on how to take revenge on Boltzilla's death. While she was in her room, Benedict and her other siblings were talking in the living room.

" How's Cynthia?" Cameron asked to his children and wife.

" She's still upset. She doesn't want to eat anything. As if she's punishing herself because of Boltzilla's death." Edith sounded worried as she looked at her husband.

"What do you think we should do to cheer her up?" Cameron were saddened to learn that Cynthia was so depressed.

" Let her be alone for a while, Dad. It must be really hard on her to let go! Tomorrow is the burial of Boltzilla. We'll just have to stay close to her and comfort her. That's the only thing we could do for her." Benedict said with a sad look on his face.

They all agreed to what Benedict said and before the night ended, they all went to their rooms quietly.

The next day, Cynthia and her family went to attend Boltzilla's burial. She wasn't crying anymore but the pain and sorrow was registered in her face. They offered flowers and prayers to Boltzilla. White Knight went infront of everyone and made his final words for Boltzilla.

" Good day to each and everyone. As we all know, Boltzilla was a good heart and soul. He was a good friend and brother. He keeps on reaching his goal to keep our society safe. He was an extraordinary with his singing talent. He was a just person. He always look so serious infront of others but as for those who were close to him, he was cheerful and fun to be with. Boltzilla, thank you for your great contribution into our organization. Thank you for the good and bad memories. We will never forget you. Rest in peace my dear friend. You'll always be in our hearts forever. We love you, bro!" White Knight showed his soft side to everyone. He cried as he said those words but he remained in control. In his mind, he added: " We'll find justice into your death. We promise!"

Four men came and carried Boltzilla's coffin putting it inside the deep whole under the ground and they buried him with a heavy heart. After the funeral, Cynthia went into White Knight's main office inside the headquarter. She searched for a clue on what's the identity of the perpetrator responsible for Boltzilla's death. She carefully scanned all the papers in the drawer of White Knight.

Until finally, she saw a secret profile on the assignment of Randolf. She read the document and placed it back to the drawer after memorizing the names and addresses in that said document. She went back outside the office and walked as if nothing happened. She used her unlocking skills in decoding the password of White Knight security system in order for her to enter his office and locked it after she had finished what she needed to do in there. She went to the armour chamber and took some weapons she could use on her plan of attacking.


a note on his body and left him on the side of the road. The note says: I'm a drug Lord. After what she had done, Cynthia went to their house to change her clothes and take a bath.

In the CNW News Channel, they featured the dead body found on an alley. Oscar was watching the news and he found it interesting. He thought that the drug Lord was punished by what he has done to others. The moonlight alliance society heard also the news and they rejoiced because justice was on them.

" Dark Angel has done it again by herself! " Dark Lord said while watching the news on TV.

" Yeah! She really did it with her own hands again! She's terrifying when she's really mad but she's a sweet and loving person." White Knight said while drinking a glass of wine.

" I bet her boyfriend doesn't know how terrifying she is. I've heard that her boyfriend is the famous playboy doctor on metropolitan hospital. He's gonna be in trouble if he makes her mad one day." Skull said and laughed out loud.

Dark Lord and White Knight never minded Skull's remark about Dark Angel.

Meanwhile, Miguel was intrigued by the news himself. He was wondering who massacred the drug Lord. He was thinking hard also on how to use this news in creating a fuzz over Dark Angel.

After taking a bath, Cynthia went back to the cemetery where they buried Boltzilla. She wanted to tell Boltzilla about what happened. She wrapped her armours and put it under her bed. Her clothes that was spilled with blood was already in the dust bin. She asked Lailah to dispose the used clothes on the dustbin before she headed out again.

In the cemetery, she offered white roses and said a prayer for Boltzilla's soul.

" My friend, you can rest in peace now! You had your justice. I finally killed the bastard! Goodbye, David!" Cynthia said glancing at the engraved name on the tomb. Then she imagined David smiling at her while singing his favorite song and playing his guitar. A shed of tears fell on Cynthia's eyes. Finally, she smiled too and walked away feeling relieved.

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