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   Chapter 20 I'll take my revenge

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Chapter 20 I'll take my revenge

Looking at the clear sky, Cynthia felt her heart was sinking when she remembered those good memories of their friendship. Her tears dropped from her eyes. She sat on a swing and started crying out loud. She can't bare the heavy weights buried in her heart. She was the reason why Boltzilla died. He sacrificed himself to save her.

Her phone rang several times but she ignored to answer it. Then a man in a business suit came close to her, standing and watching over her. She lifted her head to look at the person approaching her. It was White Knight.

" I'm sorry if I followed you! I was concerned about you. Randolf is okay now. He is resting and being treated in the infirmary. " White Knight casted a concern look on her.

Cynthia bit her lower lips to stop herself from sobbing. White Knight kneeled down infront of her and pinched her chin. " Don't blame yourself. It was beyond our control. David will be sad if he saw you like this. Cynthia, we both love and care for you. Please stop crying!" He said holding her both hands.

" I'm sorry! I just couldn't bare it! If he didn't save me and my brother, he will still be here with us. I'll take my revenge after his burial. I swear! I'll give justice to his death!" Cynthia said with so much anguish in her heart.

" We'll have justice for him. Come now! I'll send you home." White Knight said to her and she obediently followed him. They went inside White Knight's car and accompanied her, driving her towards her house. They were both quiet as they were on their way towards the ancestral house of the Chou family.

When they arrived, Cynthia's mobile phone rang once more and this time she answered it.

" Hello?" Cynthia's voice was full of sadness.

" Sweetheart, what's the matter? I've been calling you for almost thirty minutes already. " Oscar was concerned.

" I went to see a funeral of a dear friend of mine. I'm sorry, honey. I just arrived home. " Cynthia said with a sad face.

" Oh! I'm sorry, sweetheart! Would you like me to come over? I'm free this afternoon. " Oscar said.

" Okay! I'll wait for you at home, Honey." Cynthia said before she looked at White Knight who was standing next to her.

" See you later, sweetheart. I love you! Bye!" Oscar hung up his phone after calling her.

After talking on the phone, Cynthia put back her phone on her pocket. " Thanks for dropping me by, White Knight. I'll come over tomorrow's funeral of Boltzilla."

" You're welcome! Please get enough rest." White Knight said, touching her face gently.

Cynthia gave him a faint smile and nodded. White Knight went back to his car and drove away from Cynthia's place. However, Cynthia opened the main door of their house and went straight towards her room. When she opened the door of her room, she laid her body on her bed and grab

eart, I miss you! You're driving me crazy!" Oscar said and once more, he kissed her lips passionately. Cynthia kissed him back. She really do miss him too. They only stopped kissing when they heard someone choking near them. When they look at their side, they saw Neil standing and watching them.

" Brother-in-law, how nice of you to come and visit my sister. Did I interrupt you somehow?" Neil was smiling but deep inside he was annoyed by Oscar's presence. He was still unsure of Oscar's real intention on his sister. That's why whenever he saw him, he acts indifferently to him.

" No! You weren't interrupting us at all. I just wanted to make sure that Cynthia is okay." Oscar looked at Neil with a straight face.

Neil took a glance on his sister and he saw her puffy eyes. He went close to his sister and comforted her." Sis, if you need a shoulder to cry on, we're here for you! We love you!"

He held Cynthia's hand gently.

Looking at her worried brother, Cynthia nodded and patted his head. " Thank you, brother! I'm fine now." She said in a soft tone.

" Good to hear that! I'm going outside to hang out with my friends. I'll be home later." Neil said. The truth was he was going to the headquarter to see for himself of what really happened to Boltzilla.

" Be careful, brother!" Cynthia said in a worried look on her face. She was afraid that one of her siblings might be in endangered again.

Neil turned his back on them and walked away. The lovers held each other feeling their warmth.

In the Moonlight headquarter, they were all busy preparing the funeral of Boltzilla. The family of Boltzilla were there, wearing a black ribbon on their heads. They were sad to see Boltzilla inside a coffin, cold as ice. They planned to take his burial on the following day. Only sadness and tears can be felt in the environment. In silence, they prayed for justice in his death.

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