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   Chapter 19 Beginning of Friendship

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 13811

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In the headquarters, all were weeping because of what happened to Boltzilla.

The whole music industry heard the sudden death of David and they mourned for it. But Cynthia was the most affected one among them all for the lost of him. They paid tribute to his heroic deeds in the organization. Cynthia bowed her head and clenched her fists as she cried silently while standing infront of her deceased friend.

They all prayed for his soul.

White Knight approached Cynthia, held her in his arms and let her cry on his shoulder. He knows how Cynthia treasured much her friendship with Boltzilla. He comforted her like he used to do.

" I think you better get some rest. I'll drive you home!" White Knight pinched her chin and looked at her with gentleness in his eyes.

Cynthia gazed one more time on Boltzilla's body before she distanced herself to White Knight.

" I'll be okay. I think I'll be going for a walk for a while. I want to be alone." Cynthia said to White Knight.

" Are you sure?" White Knight doubted.

Cynthia nodded and went to the changing room to change her armour and dressed herself with her normal clothes. After dressing, she headed out of the headquarter with a heavy heart. She felt like she wanted to kill someone. She felt like her heart was torn into pieces. As if her heart was stubbed by sharp knife.

While she was walking in the street, her mind was lost. All her memories with Boltzilla suddenly flashback on her.

" Hey, there! You're new here too, aren't you?" Boltzilla said to her. She was standing on a dark corner of the training room.

Cynthia looked away instead. She felt uncomfortable being noticed by anyone. She was always alone and never had friends because she rejected to have one.

" Hey! Do you have a name? Don't be shy! We could be friends you know." Boltzilla continued talking to her even if she wasn't responding to him.

Cynthia was about to walk away when Boltzilla grab her hand.

" Come on! We could be partners on this training! How about it?" He smiled at her.

Cynthia was irritated by him and so she pulled her hands back. " I can train by myself!" She said stubbornly but Boltzilla never gave up on her. He continued following her and sometimes, he would sing infront of her, playing his guitar. Cynthia then gave him a chance to be his sparring partner. As days passed by, they became closer to each other. Boltzilla only smiled to her but not to their other companions. Their bonding time was sitting on a meadow grass while Boltzilla was playing his guitar and singing. Cynthia would just listen to him. They would ate lunch and dinner together under a mango tree near the training room.

One time, Cynthia was being bullied by some girls in the headquarter because they thought that she was weak because of how innocent she looked like. Fed up with their teasing and mocking, she challenged those girls in a battle.

The five girls and Cynthia went into the training room. Cynthia fought by herself using only her body while the girls used spears, knife, darts, baseball bat, and an arrow in fighting her. With Cynthia's speed and fighting abilities, the five girls were beaten by her. They were kicked, punched and dragged down by her. She can easily adapt herself with the technique of the enemy they use and she used that technique into them.

The five girls were aching in terrible body pain. They were all down the floor. Unexpectedly, seven guys came to help the five girls. They were furiously angry and they all surrounded Cynthia. One by One, they attacked her but Cynthia dodged all their punches and swirling kicks.

Boltzilla happened to be walking in towards the training room when he saw that Cynthia was being attacked. He dashed towards one of the guys attacking Cynthia and helped her fight the seven guys. Cynthia was surprised that Boltzilla came to help her.

" What are you doing? You should not be involving yourself into my business. I can fight them by myself!" Cynthia said in a rough voice.

" Suite yourself then!" Boltzilla gave way to her demand and didn't interfere further. He stand aside in a corner and watched her fight.

She's really amazing. She has a great speed and fighting skills. She's beautiful and smart too. Boltzilla thought while watching her.

Unknowingly, one of the guys managed to scratch her shoulder with a sharp sword. Cynthia got more furious and excited and in a few seconds she twisted the guys hand and caught his sword from him. Cynthia's shoulder was bleeding. She was about to stub the man's body by his own sword but Boltzilla reminded him of the consequences of her action.

" I wouldn't do that if I were you. Remember the rules of our organization." Boltzilla shouted.

Instantly, Cynthia threw the sword away and gnashed her teeth. " Go away now! While I can still control my temper!" She said to all of them.

Everyone in the training room walked away quickly. They were all frightened by Cynthia's furious look. However, Boltzilla remained inside and went near her." Good job!" He praised her.

Cynthia shove his hand when he tried to help her stand up.

" Don't be stubborn! Let me help you! There's a poison on that sword he was using a while back." Boltzilla said with a concern look.

Suddenly, Cynthia felt dizzy and becoming weak. " What's happening to me?" She said, touching her forehead.

" I told you so!" Boltzilla lifted her up and carried her towards the infirmary. He took some medicines on the cabinet and applied it to her wounded shoulder.

Moreover, Cynthia was laying down on the bed as he applied the medicine ointment into her shoulder. She was perspiring hard. She closed her eyes to take a rest.

Boltzilla sat down near her, watching over her. After an hour of sleep, Cynthia woke up and saw Boltzilla beside her.

" Why are you still here?" Cynthia asked in a low tone of voice.

" I want to ensure your safety. Isn't that enough reason." Boltzilla answered." Can we be friends now?"

" You're so persistent. To be honest, I never imagined to have a friend. I was always alone." Cynthia said with a sad face.

" You'll never be alone. I'm here for you from now on. You can treat me as a brother and friend. Since, in this organization, we are all family. " Boltzilla smiled gaily on her.

" Okay! I'm Dark Angel but in reality my name is Cynthia Chou. I'm a novelist." Cynthia introduced herself and accepted him.

" I'm happy to be your acquaintance, Cynthia a.k.a. Dark Angel. I'm David a.k.a. Boltzilla. I'm a musician. Would you like me to sing for you?" Boltzilla introduced himself.

" Is it okay?" Cynthia was now being shy.

" Of course!" Boltzilla said with full of energy.

From then on, Boltzilla and Dark Angel became friends. They became sparring partners and every time they were all alone, Boltzilla will play the guitar and sing a song for her. Cyn

thia would just sit down and listen to him. That's how their friendship started.

In every mission they were assigned together, they would back up each other but another person became their friend. It was White Knight.

At first, White Knight seemed to be a moody and hot tempered guy. He always succeed in every mission he was assigned to. He has an arrogant look but has an appealing body features. All the girls in the headquarter knew how he dealt with his comrades but when he encountered Dark Angel and Boltzilla, he envied them.

One day, Dark Angel was sparring all alone in the training facility because Boltzilla had to attend a concert. Boltzilla had taken a leave of absence for two weeks but he always contacted Dark Angel in his free time.

White Knight wanted to have someone to have a sparring partner. So, he tried to approached Dark Angel. " Hey! Want to have a sparring with me?"

Cynthia looked at him straight to his eyes. " Why me?" She asked with a furrowed brows.

" No one wanted to take me seriously in a fight. I thought you're different from them. So, will you fight with me?" White Knight was determined to have a sparring partner.

" Okay! But I'm warning you! I won't hold back when I'm on a fight!" Cynthia warned him.

White Knight was thrilled by what she said and he nodded. Both of them used a long stick as their defence. With a quick draw of the stick, Cynthia hit White Knight's arm.

" Great! That's what I was looking for. A real fight." White Knight looked at her with deep eyes.

" I told you that I won't hold back, didn't I?" Cynthia smirked.

White Knight made his move and he hit Dark Angel's leg in a swift strike of his stick. Cynthia got thrilled and she was warmed up by his attack.

They fought for about two hours and they were both sweating hard.

" You're good! Just like what they have told me!" White Knight said while attacking her.

" You're good too yourself! Your skill is quite impressive!" Cynthia said while dodging his attack.

In a swift mood, Cynthia felt the right time to attack using White Knight's own technique of fighting.

" What?!" White Knight blurted. He was shock by Cynthia's new way of attacking and he realized that it was the same technique he was using on her.

How could that be? She is using my technique. At first, she was dodging my attacks but the truth was she was observing all my movements. She is clever! White Knight said to himself.

Intentionally, Cynthia hit herself on White Knight's attack and pretended that she was weak and harmless as she was dragged down into the floor.

" I'm sorry!" White Knight said when he saw her reaction. He threw his stick and went close to her but suddenly Dark Angel held his hand and pinned him down on the floor. She was on top of him.

" You're easy to be fooled. In a real fight, you should not trust your enemy. Whether that person is a man or a woman. You lose!" Cynthia smirked once more while breathing heavily.

" You're right! You got me there! You can get off me now or do you wish to stay on top of me?" White Knight teased her.

Cynthia realized what he meant and so, she moved away from him. Her face turned red because she felt embarrassed a little.

"You're so cute when you're blushing!" White Knight laughed.

Cynthia looked away and was about to walked out of the room when White Knight grabbed her hand, stopping her from getting away.

" Can we do this again tomorrow? We can be partners! I could be your friend. " White Knight said with a smile on his face.

" You're handsome when you smile. Keep that up and you'll have many friends but that doesn't include me. I have already a friend. " Cynthia declined. " We can do sparring again but no ties attached."

" That's unfair!" White Knight reclaimed.

Cynthia was dumbfounded." What do you mean by that?"

" You allowed Boltzilla to be around you all the time. Why can't you have another friend? That's why I called it unfair." White Knight explained.

When Cynthia looked at him again, she saw Boltzilla in him. They were both persistent, good looking and a good fighter.

I guess it won't hurt if I have another friend whom I could entrust myself to. She thought.

" Okay! We can be friends but I'm warning you, don't ever betray me or you're dead. Got that!" Cynthia threatened him.

White Knight was glad to hear what she said and he eventually hugged her after that. They became close friends while Boltzilla was not around her. White Knight always ensure her safety and never allowed anyone to hurt Cynthia. Cynthia observed that White Knight was a really nice guy and so she behaved normally infront of him.

From then on, White Knight and Dark Angel became friends like Boltzilla. When Boltzilla came back to the headquarter, he immediately looked for her. He found her under the mango tree with White Knight. He was saddened to see her laughing and happily chatting with another man. He felt a little jealous.

Instinctively, Cynthia noticed that someone was watching over them. She looked around with a serious look on her face. Then she saw Boltzilla.

" Boltzilla!" Cynthia called out her friend.

Boltzilla walked towards them and gave her a warm hug. He glared at White Knight who was sitting next to Dark Angel. Cynthia gladly embraced him back.

" Were you lonely without me? Is that why you are with him now?" Boltzilla stared at her beautiful innocent looking face.

" I wasn't lonely because White Knight is here. You have the same characteristics. You and him share a common trait. His a new friend." Cynthia cheerfully answered.

" I see....I'm Boltzilla...Nice to meet you White Knight!" Boltzilla made a handshake with White Knight.

" Glad to meet you too." White Knight said, gazing at him.

" I'm sorry but can I leave the two of you for a moment. I need to go to the bathroom." Cynthia said to them.

The two men nodded and Cynthia stood up and walked away from them.

" What's your real intention on becoming close to my Dark Angel?" Boltzilla glared on White Knight.

" Chill out, man! I'm just a friend to her. I don't have any bad intention to her. She's a nice girl and I like her. I'll even protect her with my own life. She is dear to me." White Knight said seriously.

" Glad to hear that! I'm sorry if I acted rudely. I was just afraid for her safety. She is like a sister to me and I treasured the moment we spent together. I hope you can forgive me. For Dark Angel's sake, I'll be friends with you. As long as she is happy with it." Boltzilla said sincerely.

" We have the same feelings towards her and I forgive you. Friends?" White Knight accepted his apology with a clear heart.

" Friends!" Boltzilla made another shake hands with White Knight.

The three of them became good buddies. The two men cared, loved and treasured their friendship with Cynthia.

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