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   Chapter 17 Randolf's mission

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Laying down her body on top of him, Cynthia felt satisfied. Her worries were driven away. Oscar meant everything to her for now.

" Honey, I was just wondering. Why do you always have to be so stingy every time you get so close to me?" Cynthia teased him.

Oscar brushed her long black hair. " That's because I'm only yours. I was bound to be indulged by you and you alone. Do you hate me for being like this?"

Cynthia shook her head. " I like you the way you are now. Do you trust me, Honey?"

" Of course! I trust you, sweetheart!" Oscar said sincerely.

Silently, Cynthia buried her face into his chest. One day, she'll have to let Oscar know about her secret identity. As for now, she has to keep it for a while longer until she finds out the truth why her organization wanted him to be tracked.

Oscar felt Cynthia was hiding something from him but he doesn't want to brag into her. He'll wait for her to speak for herself. They put back on their clothes and Oscar drove her back to her place. He gave the flowers to her and kissed her forehead afterwards before he left that night.

The following day, Cynthia received a phone call from White Knight. Cynthia was already free again from her work. She had finished all her affairs regarding her book signing and personal interviews.

" What's up?" Cynthia asked when she answered the phone.

" Is Randolf with you? I can't contact him since yesterday." White Knight asked.

" No! He must have been on a business trip. Why? Does the organization need his assistance?" Cynthia questioned him.

" He was assigned to do a task. Can you just relay my message to him if ever you manage to get through him?" White Knight reprimanded.

" Sure! Tell me exactly what's his task and I'll gladly tell him about it." Cynthia answered.

" His mission is to deal with one of the drug Lord who is shipping a large amount of drugs through a large sea vessel. We need to know who are the other parties involve in the transaction at the same time get rid of the drug Lord and the drugs." White Knight explained in details.

" Where is this sea vessel?" Cynthia asked.

" it is located at southern Maryland coast. Be careful! The drug Lord can be tricky." White Knight warned her.

" Can I go with my brother on his mission?" Cynthia offered herself to help.

" No! You have your own mission to deal with, Dark Angel. Focus on that!" White Knight's voice was deep and provocative.

Cynthia sighed helplessly. " Okay!" She said before she heard White Knight dropped his call. When she was about to go to the study room, she saw Randolf walked into his room with a gloomy face. She followed him and called out his name." Randolf!"

Upon hearing Cynthia's voice calling him, Randolf turned around to face her. " What is it, Sis?"

" White Knight just called me. Why can't they contact you since yesterday?" Cynthia bragged at him.

" What does he want this time? I was too busy at work and I don't want any disturbance that's why I turned off my phone until now." He answered.

" You have been assigned in a mission. This mission is tough I must say. They don't want me to get involve." Cynthia said in a rough voice.

" Oh! What's the mission about?" Randolf asked one more time.

" You need to go to southern Maryland coasts for a transaction with the drug syndicates. The drug Lord are shipping a large amount of drugs through a large sea vessel there. Call White Knight for further information." Cynthia seriously looked at him.

After hearing her explanation, Randolf nodded and opened his phone. He received several messages from White Knight about his mission. He looked back on his sister." I'm sorry, sis but I have to go to my room to change first before going out again."

Cynthia nodded and let him off. She went to the study room to continue writing another story. She opened her laptop and smiled when she saw the background of her laptop screen. It was their picture on one of their dates. Oscar looked so handsome that she eventually giggled.

After changing his clothes, Randolf went out again and went to the headquarter. He greeted his comrades when he arrived. White Knight was walking in the hallway when they cross path.

" It's about time you came here. Go to the changing room now and get your armour. We'll proceed to the mission tonight. We have to settle some tactics on how to deal with the enemies." White Knight was always on his poker face.

Randolf nodded and went to the changing room after being instructed by White Knight. After taking his armour and weapons, he went into the meeting room. There were Boltzilla, the ninjas and Skull sitting inside the room, waiting for his arrival. White Knight was there only to give information and guidance on how to proceed on their plan.

" Now that everyone are present now, let's begin discussing our plan of attack. Boltzilla will be the leader. The ninjas are your back up together with Skull. As for you, you'll be the negotiator to the drug Lord." White Knight l

ooked each of them viciously. " Well take action at exactly ten o'clock sharp. Are there any question?"

Each of them looked at each other and it seemed that they were no question. They were given pieces of paper containing on how they will enter the sea vessel and destroy the drugs and the drug Lord. White Knight passed the papers to each of them. There were pictures too of the main target.

" Okay! Since there are no question, I bid you all Good luck and may the blessings of our heavenly father be upon all of you. Our meeting is adjourned. " White Knight and the others parted ways after. They all left the meeting room with determination.

At exactly ten o'clock sharp in the evening, the men prepared themselves for their attack.

Randolf was called the Manipulator. He was dressed in a black suit and was wearing a fake moustache, fake eyebrows and a blue coloured contact lens to hide his identity. They all went into the southern Maryland coasts and Randolf presided to be the one that the drug Lord will have to deal with concerning the shipment of the drugs.

The others were on their respective area, hiding and waiting for his signal. All alone, Randolf met the drug Lord infront of a big sea vessel.

" Good evening, Mister Matt Clarington! I'm here for our transaction. Where are the drugs?" Randolf said to a fat man wearing a red suit with his bodyguards around him.

" Good evening, Mister Ivan Couver! Care to join me inside the vessel? We'll talk about business there." Matt Clarington smirked.

Ivan Couver was the name Randolf used in connecting to Matt Clarington.

" As you can see, Mister Clarington, I'm defenceless. How can you ensure that I'm safe while I'm in your hands?" Randolf played along with his game.

" You have my word that you're safe in my care, Mister Ivan! Please follow me!" Matt said and led him on board the vessel.

The vessel was too spacious and luxurious. It was designed for elite travellers who wanted to explore the sea. Matt and Randolf entered one of the rooms in the vessel. Randolf looked around and just like he was instructed, the vessel was indeed a useful tool for illegal transactions since it was not easy to be traced by the police.

Randolf held his watch that has a detector and warning signal. He pushed the little button on it to inform his comrades to start attacking.

" Mister Ivan, here is the money for your transaction and the drugs were already in place. So, all you need to do is give the drug to our buyers. Is that clear?" Matt placed the briefcase on top of the table infront of them.

Suddenly, one of Matt Clarington came rushing into the room with a bad news. " Sir, we are being attacked!"

" What?!" Matt got shocked and got furious. He took out his gun and aimed at Randolf. " You!....You must be one of them. Don't move or I'll shoot you!" He warned Randolf.

Matt's bodyguards began to surround Randolf and tried to tie him up but Randolf made an instant move on them. He caught one of the men's arm and twisted his body facing Matt. He kicked sideways the other two men who came close to him. He fought by himself and Matt started shooting his gun at Randolf but Randolf dodged his attacks. He ran and punched Matt's face.

Matt was taken aback but resisted to let him off. Matt waved his hands asking for reinforcement from his men." Get him and kill him!" Matt said angrily. There were five men who came at once and surrounded Randolf. Matt got away with the briefcase on his hand.

Randolf fought with the five men until he was able to get out of the room.and followed Matt who was still running on his way out of the vessel. Matt shot several times at his direction but Randolf was able to avoid all of his attack.

They were already on the dock when Randolf was shot by one of Matt's men. They surrounded Randolf and beat him until he was unconscious. Boltzilla tried to save Randolf when he saw that Randolf was in danger but even him struggled to get through to Randolf who was lying down on the ground beaten.

The ninjas tried to help Boltzilla and fought back to their enemies but they failed in saving Randolf from the enemies.

" Boltzilla, we are running out of bullets and our bodies are beginning to lose strength. We should back out now!" Skull said breathing heavily.

" No! We must take Manipulator with us back to the headquarter. Dark Angel will get furious on us if she finds out that we didn't retrieve her brother." Boltzilla answered roughly.

" We can save him if we have regained our strength. If we pursue on going in the battle, all of us will be in danger. Think about it. We are all exhausted now. We won't let him die! Let's back out now!" Skull commanded him.

Boltzilla shook his head as he looked away at Randof who was surrounded by their enemies." I'll come back and get you! I promise!" Boltzilla said with a heavy heart and left with his other comrades.

They failed to execute their plan and as a result, Randolf was kept as captive by their enemies.

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