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   Chapter 16 A new enemy

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After crying out her burdens to her brother, Cynthia excused herself and went back to her room. She felt relieved after crying. She never had done that but at the burst of the moment, it just happen. She doesn't care what her brother thinks about her now. She was just being honest and true to herself.

The following day, Cynthia was preparing herself for her next route which was the Central Mall Bookstore when she noticed a red velvety box. That box contains a luxurious rolex watch. She remembered that she wasn't able to give it to Oscar on their Valentine date because she was preoccupied by the heat of the moment that they shared. She took the box and put it on her bag. She decided to drop off to Oscar's office before going to the Mall.

After she had finished dressing up herself, she went out of her room and went into the dining room to take her breakfast. The whole family was sitting and having their breakfast already when she sat down on her chair next to Randolf.

" Good morning everyone!" Cynthia greeted them.

" Good morning!" They all replied to her.

" Sis, do you have an appointment again for your book signing?" Denise looked at her sister with a warm sweet smile on her face.

" Apparently, yes! I'm going to the Central Mall Bookstore today." Cynthia answered. Lailah approached her and gave her a plate and made a coffee for her. " Thank you, Lailah!"

" I heard that your books were sold out in an instant on its first book launching. Congratulations!" Cameron smiled at Cynthia while he was holding a newspaper.

" Thanks, Dad!" Cynthia humbly said to her father. She took a slice of bread and fried egg, putting it on her plate and ate it. She quietly had her breakfast and took a sip of her coffee until she had finished eating. She stood up and excuse herself afterwards.

" I'm going out now, Mom...Dad..." Cynthia kissed her parent's cheek before glancing at her siblings. "See you later guys!" She said to them and waved her hand.

She walked out of their house and drove her car towards Metropolitan Hospital. When she arrived in the hospital, she parked her car and got off from it. She walked inside the hospital heading to the Director's Office. As she passed by, she heard some nurses gossiping at her back.

" Who is she?" a shorter nurse asked to one of her companions.

" That's Miss Cynthia Chou. She is a famous author and Doctor Oscar's girlfriend. " Another nurse with a long hair answered.

" She is not so pretty but I guess love is indeed blind. I am more beautiful than her!" A slim figured nurse with a curly hair said to her other companions.

Cynthia ignored all of what those nurses was talking about. She was confident that Oscar would never betray her trust on him. For those nurses who envy her, she'll just leave them be. As soon as she reached the Director's Office, she knocked on the door first.

" Who is it?" It was Oscar asking out loud on his office.

" Guess who?" Cynthia said to make Oscar take a wild guess on who she was.

Upon hearing a familiar sweet tone of voice, Oscar smiled with excitement. His heart skipped a beat. He dashed toward the door and opened it. He found her woman standing infront of him with a smile on her face.

" Can I come in?" Cynthia asked.

Suddenly Oscar pulled her hand and embraced her tightly. His body was so warm and he took Cynthia's luscious lips in an instant. Cynthia didn't resist and she kissed him back as well. One minute later, Cynthia pushed away Oscar to look at him.

" This is a surprise! You made my day so wonderful, sweetheart!" Oscar gladly said while holding her hand.

" I came here to see you and I wanted to give you something. I forgot to give it to you last Valentine's day. "Cynthia opened her bag and took the box. She gave the box to him.

Oscar took the box from her hand and opened it. He was delighted on what he saw.

" Sweetheart, thank you!" He said and took out the watch from the box." Can you put it on to me, sweetheart?"

Cynthia smiled and put the watch on his wrist." Sure!"

After putting on him her gift, Cynthia felt so happy that she encircled her arms around his waist. Oscar embraced her once more when they heard an announcement coming from the intercom.

" Paging Doctor Oscar Valdemor! Paging Doctor Oscar Valdemor! You are needed at the emergency room ASAP!"

Oscar pouted his lips in disappointment. " There's my call!" He said before giving a distance between them.

" Honey! It's okay! I have to go ahead too. I don't want to be late!" Cynthia touched Oscar's cheek.

" How I wish we could still talk for a little bit longer, sweetheart but.... Oh well!...I'll walk you out since I'm heading to the emergency room." Oscar was saddened.

" Honey, cheer up! I'll drop by again some other time. Okay?" Cynthia consoling him.

Oscar pinched her chin to face him and kissed her lips once more before they headed out of the room. They were holding hands but they parted ways afterwards.

Cynthia drove her car again and went to her destination. She went near Carl and asked him on some specific instructions. The whole day, Cynthia had a meet and greet with her fan readers. It was a long and tiring day for her again but she remained calm and happy throughout the event because of Oscar.

One weeks later........

In the publishing company, Carl called Miguel about Cynthia's interview.

" Good morning, Sir! It's me, Carl Boulton! I called to give you Miss Celestial Nymph's available day for your interview with her." Carl said.

" Good morning too! I remember you mister Boulton. So, when will she be available?" Miguel asked with a grin smile on his face.

" She will be available on the 26th day of this month. Are you okay with that day, Sir?" Carl informing Miguel on the phone.

" Yes! That will do! Crescent Moon Hotel would be the venue if possible at around 8 pm, Sir." Miguel said.

" Okay, Sir! I'll inform Miss Celestial Nymph about it!" Carl confirmed.

" Thank you, Sir! Good bye and have a nice day." Miguel said.

" You're welcome, Sir! See you on the 26th. Bye!" Carl said before he hung up the phone.

Meanwhile Miguel had his plan on track. He managed to get into Cynthia's schedule not knowing that he was an enemy. Miguel smiled when he finally had his chance to take his revenge on her. Miguel was the younger brother of Congressman Bernard. Since his brother was killed on a tragedy, he tried hard to find out whose the perpetrator of his brother's death.

No one knew that Congressman had a little brother because Bernard kept him away from the trouble of being a politic. He had taken care of Miguel on his own because their parents were all busy with their personal life. Their parents were divorced and had their own family. But even if Bernard had been separated from his younger brother because he was taken away by their mother, he still managed to had a communication with his brother. They were the closest siblings.

After knowing that Bernard was killed by a certain person named Dark Angel, Miguel used all his connection to trace the real identity of Dark Angel. In his investigation, it led him to Cynthia. His resource personnel reported to him that Cynthia was connected to Dark Angel.

For him to get through to Dark Angel, he must have

to deal with Cynthia himself. If he will be able to get close to her, that's the time, he will use her to kill Dark Angel.

On the 26th day, Miguel was eager to meet his enemy. Today was the scheduled interview of Cynthia to him. He was about to meet her around 4 pm this afternoon at a private restaurant near their publishing company. He prepared himself to meet her.

In the opposite direction of the publishing company, Cynthia was sitting inside a restaurant wearing a simple dress. It was just a mere interview and she thought she didn't need to make a good impression on him. She sat quietly while waiting for the man to arrive. He sent a message to Oscar to get in touch with him.

She really missed him so much. She was drinking her juice when her phone rang. She put down the glass and took her phone. She took a good look on the screen of her phone and saw that it was Oscar calling her.

" Hello, honey!" Cynthia cheerfully said.

" Hi, sweetheart! I miss you!" Oscar said with so much affection.

" I miss you too! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get in touch with you recently. I was too busy with work." Cynthia explained herself to him.

" I know. I saw you on TV the other day. I'm very proud of you sweetheart. You're books are getting more and more good feedbacks on you. When are you free? I'd really like to spend some time with my girl." Oscar said proudly.

" I'll text you when will I be available, honey. I hope you're not mad at me." Cynthia said in a low tone of voice.

" Why should I be mad at you, sweetheart. It can't be helped. You're a famous novelist after all. I kind a feel lonely without you." Oscar's voice saddened.

" I love you honey! I'll make it up with you promise after my busy schedules." Cynthia compromises with him.

" I love you too! I wish to hold you right now but I know it's impossible because I'm at work right now." Oscar said feeling down and lonely.

" I know. Take good care of yourself, honey." Cynthia felt his agony and it made her heart sad.

" That should be my line. Take care of yourself too, sweetheart. I'm sorry but I have to hang up. I just really wanted to hear your voice. I have to go back to work." Oscar said in a hurry.

" Okay! Bye!" Cynthia hung up the phone afterwards.

A man, looking so gorgeous, approached her on her table. Carl was with the man.

" Hi, Cynthia! Have you been waiting long?" Carl said, smiling at her.

" Hello, Carl! I just arrive a while ago. Please have a seat!" Cynthia answered.

But before they could sit down, Carl, introduced Miguel to Cynthia.

" Mister Miguel McGuire meet Cynthia Chou also known as Celestial Nymph...Cynthia, this is Mister Miguel McGuire. He is the one who will interview you about your books." Carl said, glancing on both of them.

Cynthia and Miguel shook hands before they sat down on the chairs next to her. Miguel took out his tape recorder and placed it on the table. " Shall we begin, Miss Chou?"

" Sure! Go ahead, Mister Boulton!" Cynthia answered back.

" Good evening everyone! Welcome to 101.6 magic world station! I'm Miguel Boulton on a live interview with your most requested person of the day. The world most famous author Miss Celestial Nymph. Good evening, Miss!" Miguel started his introduction.

" Good evening!" Cynthia greeted.

" For our first question, may we please know the real identity of Celestial Nymph? Everyone are eager to know the real identity of Celestial Nymph. " Miguel asked with high energy.

Cynthia glanced at Carl waiting for his signal if she will reveal her identity or not. Carl seemed to know what's on her mind and he nodded as his confirmation.

" My true identity is Cynthia Chou from Maryland. " She answered.

" How old are you, Miss and are you single or married?" Miguel asked another question.

" I'm single but not available. I'm 27 years old." Cynthia replied.

Miguel was intrigued by her first statement. " What did you mean by what you first stated, Miss Chou?"

" I'm happily in a relationship right now. That's what I meant." Cynthia said straight to the point.

" Meaning you're not yet married?" Miguel wanted to clarify her statement.

" I'm single!" Cynthia clarified herself.

" Who inspired you to make these fascinating novels?" Miguel interrogated her.

" My inspiration are my family and the man I love." Cynthia was quite direct.

" Do you have any message for your fan readers all over the State Country and to Maryland?" Miguel focused himself on his interview with her.

" To my fan readers: Thank you for your support and I hope you'll continue reading my novels. I love you all!" Cynthia answered with full of energy.

" Last question, do you happen to know Dark Angel? We have been informed that you are somehow connected to her." Miguel looked at her deeply.

Cynthia was dumbfounded. She was shocked. For a brief moment, she was grasping what to say to him. But then, she revived her self esteem and answered with determination. " I don't know any person with that kind of name. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I have no connection to that person you are referring to that is connected to me."

She firmly looked at Miguel. What is this guy up to? Is he a new enemy? What does he know about Dark Angel? Cynthia thought.

" That's it, folks! Thanks for tuning in and thanks to our honoured guest for tonight, Miss Celestial Nymph! Good night everyone! Tune in again next time on this channel. Bye!" Miguel turned off the tape recorder after his last words.

Cynthia and Miguel shook hands for the last time before they parted ways. Cynthia went home after her interview. She texted Oscar when she laid her body on her bed. She didn't waited for his reply because she knew that he was busy on his work as a doctor. She placed her phone on top of her chest and closed her eyes, thinking of her interview with Miguel.

Suddenly her phone rang, she caught her phone and answered it without looking who the caller was.

" Hello!" Cynthia said.

" Sweetheart, how's your day?" It was Oscar.

" It's okay! Are you still in the hospital?" Cynthia's voice was calm and relax.

" No, sweetheart! I'm here infront of your house!" Oscar said.

Cynthia was dumbfounded. She immediately got up from her bed and went infront of their house. When she opened the main door of their house, she saw Oscar standing and holding a bouquet of flowers. Cynthia smiled and ran towards him.

Oscars opened his arms to welcome her. Cynthia hugged him and her heart was beating so fast. " Why have you come here this late at night, Honey?"

" I wanted to see you and kidnap you!" Oscar smiled and lifted her, carrying her into his car.

" Oscar! What are you doing?" Cynthia laughed gaily.

" I'm kidnapping you! I want to be alone with you tonight!" Oscar said and drove his car. Cynthia sat next to him wearing a robe to hid her body. She was wearing her negligee and she was not wearing her bra.

On a riverside, Oscar stopped the car and began to kissed her passionately.

" I want you...I need you... I love you...Cynthia!" Oscar whispered into her ears as he craved for more.

" I love you too!" Cynthia whispered in between her moans. The moon and the stars witnessed how they made love and how they cherished the moment together.

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