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   Chapter 14 Book signing

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9709

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After they made love that night, Cynthia woke up when she felt her stomach was grumbling. Her lower body part was still in pain. Oscar was awakened when she moved her body.

"Are you hungry, sweetheart?" Oscar looked at her with gentleness in his voice.

Cynthia nodded shyly. She can't look at him straight to his eyes because she was aware of his nakedness underneath the quilt that they were both using. Oscar smiled and touched her face gently, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead before he stood up away from the bed. Cynthia looked away at him.

Oscar put on his underwear and pants and took his phone. He called one of his men to bring some food into their room. In a few minutes, one of his men came knocking on their room. He opened the door and he took the food that one of his men brought for them. He closed the door after.

He went back to the bed where Cynthia was waiting for him. He placed the plastic bag containing some food that Oscar ordered from his men to buy.

" Can you sit down, sweetheart?" Oscar asked her as he sat on the side of the bed. Cynthia nodded and forced herself to sit down. She was holding the quilt to her chest so that her nakedness can still be covered by it. She bit her lips when she thought how will she be able to eat if she was holding the quilt.

" Is there something wrong?" Oscar looked at her full of concern.

" Ahmm...I can't feed myself if I'm holding the quilt." Cynthia courageously said what's bugging her.

Oscar held the styro plastic which contains some amount of food and prepared to spoon-fed her. " Say ah!" He smirked while holding a spoonful of food.

" Stop teasing me!" Cynthia blushed all of a sudden. It was embarrassing for her to be spoon-fed by him but since she had no other choice, she obeyed him because she was too hungry and exhausted.

" That's my girl!" Oscar exclaimed when she ate the food he was offering to her.

As soon as she finished eating, she took the glass of water herself and drank it. Then she remembered that she has a book signing tomorrow to attend.

" Honey, I need to go home. I have a book signing to attend tomorrow. I can't afford to be late." Cynthia said anxiously.

" Okay! I'll drive you home then, sweetheart. I'll just send your car through one of my men." Oscar said with satisfaction.

" Can you turn around please?" Cynthia pleaded.

Obediently, Oscar turned around and gave her clothes that he took from the floor. Cynthia took the clothes and quickly changed herself into it. When she was done dressing herself, she stood up carefully from the bed.

" Are you finish, sweetheart?" Oscar asked.

" Yes! Can we go now?" Cynthia answered.

Oscar turned around to face her and he smiled thinking how beautiful Cynthia was. He held her hand gently and they walked out together from the yacht. He accompanied her into the car that was parked outside the yacht and dr

but I have to get her approval first. By the way, I'm Carl Boulton, an editor assigned for Miss Celestial Nymph. "

" Thank you! Just call me anytime, Mister Boulton." Miguel shook hands with Carl before he turned his back on Carl and left.

Carl put the business card on his pocket and went to a nearby vending machine to buy some water. After getting a bottle of water and some snacks from the vending machine, he went back to Cynthia who was looking engrossed with her book signing. He placed the food on Cynthia's table when he got near her.

" Thank you, Carl!" Cynthia smiled as she opened the lid of the bottle of water and drank it. She was almost done with her book signing. She received so many comments from her fan readers that had boost her pride. It was almost twelve noon when she had finished her book signing. She felt exhausted yet satisfied by her fan readers complimenting her.

" Good work, Cynthia!" Carl said after they were done with the book signing.

Cynthia stretched her arms. "Thank you, Carl! Where are we going next?" She said twisting her head.

" Tomorrow, we'll be at Central Mall Bookstore. By the way, did you encounter a man a while ago?" Carl asked.

" What man? There were several men who came here today, Carl." Cynthia said.

" A commentator came here today and he was asking me if I could set an appointment for your interview with him. Are you into it?" Carl answered.

" If you think this is a good publicity for my books, then you can go ahead and set an appointment for me to him." Cynthia somehow had a bad impression on the commentator that Carl was telling her.

" Okay! I'll call him later to verify your appointment with him. Does the 26th day of this month sounds good on you?" Carl wanted her approval.

" Yup! That would be perfect!" Cynthia replied before she waved her hand to bid farewell to her companions and headed outside of the bookstore." Bye, guys!'

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