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   Chapter 13 Valentine's day romance

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 12255

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After they shared an intimate kiss, Oscar was so happy. She held her in his arms for a long time.

" Sweetheart, will you still marry me if you found out that I'm different from what I was when we were still kids?" Oscar thought of the reality and spoke to her with gentleness in his voice.

" Honey, I have patiently waited for your return and I'm not backing out on our promise. Unless you're not serious about me." Cynthia looked at him straight to his eyes.

Oscar smiled and pinched the tip of her nose. " Of course, I'm serious about you! I've never been serious in my entire life but only to you and to my work as a doctor, sweetheart!"

Cynthia smiled happily and buried her head into his chest." I hope so!"

" Are you still doubting me, sweetheart?" Oscar gazed at her lovingly.

" Can you blame me? The entire nursing staff knows that you're such a playboy. You almost had a relationship with all the beautiful nurses in your hospital." Cynthia sounded displeased.

" I won't be involve with any other woman aside from you, sweetheart. I swear!" Oscar raised his right hand and looked seriously at her.

When Cynthia saw how he was determined to keep his words, Cynthia nodded and said: " Okay!"

From then on, Cynthia and Oscar became officially couples. The rumours about Oscar being into a serious relationship made everyone happy at the same time disappointed. He kept his distance to all the nurses in their facility and never engaged in disloyal act. Everyone couldn't believe that the playboy doctor has changed a lot since he met Cynthia. They even celebrated Christmas on Cynthia's place and when New Year came, Cynthia was the one who went to Oscar's place.

A month have passed and their relationship began to grow more and more stronger. They had established trust and loyalty to one another. They barely can't be separated from each other. Cynthia always goes to Oscar's office to spare some time with him since he had become busier than ever. Every weekend, they go on a date and they always visited the dark forest on their day offs where their love started.

Valentine's day came and Cynthia went shopping with her siblings. Cynthia bought a watch which was the latest model of Rolex Watches. She intended to give it as a present to Oscar. She also bought several things for her siblings.

In the Metropolitan Hospital, Oscar was thinking of how he will celebrate Valentine's day with his girlfriend. He wanted to do something special that he had never done to any of her girlfriends before. Then, an idea popped into his mind. He called James to reserve a yacht for their special date. He ordered a dozen of red roses and he instructed his men to make a firework display on the night of their date.

He also ordered a chocolate cake shaped like a heart. The last thing that he did was to buy a necklace for her as a gift with an engraved name of both of them in it. He smiled when he had finished all his plans for their special date.

Suddenly, he felt that something was still missing on his plan. What did I forget? He asked himself. Afterwards, he remembered what was missing. It was a song. He wanted to sing infront of her. That would really surprise her. He thought.

He took his phone and called Denise. He had Denise number because she called him once when it was Cynthia's birthday.

" Hello? Denise, can I ask you something?" He asked to Denise when Denise answered her phone.

" Oh, brother-in-law! What can I do for you?" Denise sounded excited when she heard his voice.

"Ahmm...Denise, what's Cynthia's favourite song? I really like to know what it is. I am planning on something special for our

that you'll never leave me." Oscar held her hand gently and squeezed it lightly.

Cynthia was speechless. This man cares a lot for her. She felt a little guilty because she had despise him for a bit. She was the worst woman. She set a wire tapping on his telecommunication systems with the help of Dark Lord and Boltzilla. How will I ever return the love and happiness that he had shown to me. She thought while staring at Oscar.

She set aside her thoughts for a while and enjoyed the evening with her man. Oscar remembered the necklace he bought and he stood up and knelt down infront of her. He kissed her hand lovingly.

" Honey, what's the matter?" Cynthia got confused when she saw him kneeling down infront of her.

" Will you stay by my side forever, sweetheart?" Oscar looked up to see her face.

" Of course, I will." Cynthia replied.

Oscar smiled contentedly with her answer and then he embraced her tightly, putting the necklace he bought on her neck.

Cynthia felt that Oscar had put something on her and when she touched her neck, she had discovered that she had a necklace on her.

She lifted the pendant and took a good look at it. " Honey, this is beautiful! I love it! Thank you!" Cynthia felt like she was about to cry. Her happiness was shown all over her face.

Oscar was pleased to see her smile and when their eyes met, Cynthia lowered her head and claimed his lips. Oscar gave her a tongue twisting experience when they were kissing. It was new to Cynthia but she coped up with it. They had intensified their kiss and her hands swirled around his neck while Oscar encircled his arms around her waist.

When Cynthia felt like she was about to lose breath, she pushed him away. Oscar just stared at her with a lustful look on his eyes.

" Cynthia...I can't hold on anymore...Please let me have you...I want you..." Oscar touched her cheek gently.

With her eyes half closed, Cynthia nodded to him. Oscar lifted her into his arms and carried her into the cabin, laying her down on the bed. Oscar was being gentle on her because he knew that this was new to her. Oscar kissed her passionately until they were drowned into their deep longing for each other. He made love to her in bed that night.

Cynthia felt pain and pleasure when she made love to him. She laid her naked body into his arms as they moaned and groaned. They expressed their deep love for each other with no doubts on their mind.

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