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   Chapter 12 A childhood memory

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9238

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Cynthia went into the dark forest all alone. She saw a big narra tree at the center of the forest. She then remembered a childhood memory that she kept only to herself.

It was a summer vacation back then. The whole members of the family Chou went in their vacation house situated near the dark forest. The villagers were afraid to go to the dark forest because of the rumours that who ever enters the forest will be cursed. The curse would bring misfortune to that person who enters it.

One day, Cynthia with her mother and other siblings went into the forest. She had her pet dove with her, too. She was only 5 years old back then. Her mother was carrying baby Denise and her other hand was being held by Randolf who was only 3 years old before. Their father went fishing in the lake near the dark forest too.

Cynthia was busy playing with her pet when it flew away from her. She tried to follow it and catch it but she lost it and when she turned around, there was nobody aside from her. She was all alone. She tried to find her way back to their vacation house but she still was inside the dark forest. Her feet became tired and she sat down under the big narra tree. It was getting dark and she began to get worried and afraid.

Suddenly a young boy came to her rescue. " Hey, there! What are you doing here? Are you lost?" He asked her.

" Yes! I'm lost and I can't find my way back home. Can you please help me?" Cynthia looked at the boy with a pleading look.

" What can you give me in exchange if I help you out?" The boy asked with a grin smile on his face.

" I don't have any money but I can give you my butterfly hairpin. It's expensive and you can sell it if you want." Cynthia bargained with him.

" Clever, little girl! I don't need money but I'll take that butterfly hairpin of yours as a remembrance." The boy laughed at how she made a bargain with him.

" So you'll help me get out of the forest?" Cynthia's eyes widened hoping for good luck.

" Yes! I'll help you. Hold my hand so that you'll not get lost again." The boy instructed her.

Cynthia nodded and held his hand. His hand was so warm and comforting.

" What's your name little girl?" He asked without glancing at her. They were walking hand in hand outside the forest.

" My name is Cynthia. How about you big brother?" Cynthia smiled at him.

" Just call me Greg!" He answered.

Not long after, they had reached outside the forest. " Can you be my husband when i grow up? You're brave and handsome. I like to have a husband like you." Cynthia said to him with an innocent looking face.

The boy was dumbfounded when he heard what she just said. He shook his head in disbelief and said to her: " Okay! Let's make a deal! When you grow up, come back here a

w me?" Cynthia doubted him and pushed him away.

Oscar took something from his pocket and laid his hand infront of her. He opened his close palm and she saw her butterfly hairpin that she gave to Greg.

" Impossible!" Cynthia exclaimed.

" Can I see the toy I gave you before?" Oscar was relax and calm.

Cynthia took her bag inside the car and took something on her bag and showed it to Oscar. " This is the toy gun that Greg gave me but you're not Greg. How did you get my hairpin? Where is he?"

" I told you that I'm Greg. My real name is Oscar but in this place, they all call me Greg. That's why I told you that my name was Greg. Cynthia, you must believe me." Oscar explained.

" What was the promise we made here if you really are Greg?" Cynthia was not convinced.

" We had a pinky swear here. We promise to each other that when we grew up, we will get married and I have been holding onto that promise until now... because of the hairpin that you gave me.... as a proof of your unbreakable vow of unity with me....Cynthia, I've always come here....Waiting...Praying for the day that we'll see each other and fulfil our promise." Oscar answered with so much emotion on his face.

When she heard his sincere statement, Cynthia smiled and ran into his arms. She felt so happy. The man she have been waiting for so many years was now infront of her. The man whom she vowed to be with for eternity. Oscar held her closer to him, pressing her body as he expressed his love for her.

" I love you, Cynthia! I have always love you since we were kids." Oscar whispered into her ears.

" I love you, too! You're the only man for me!" Cynthia said and looked at his face lovingly.

Their eyes met and Oscar lowered his head to kiss her. He claimed her lips with so much passion. Cynthia kissed him back with anticipation.

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