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   Chapter 11 Find my soul mate

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 7033

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The four of them met here in the organization when they were still on their training as a new member of the alliance. They had built a strong bond as friends aside from treating each other as siblings. Their organization was called Moonlight Alliance Society.

" Sorry, guys! Times out!" Cynthia said to her companions. She stood up and walked away from them.

" When are you coming again?" Dark Lord asked.

Cynthia glanced back at Dark Lord. She saw the sadness on their faces. " I know I'll come back again sooner or later." She said and winked at them before she opened the door and went out of the room. She headed outside their headquarter and drove her car back to their house.

Evening came and she had just arrive to their house. She was about to walk straight to her room when she suddenly felt something was wrong. She put her hand on her pocket to check her precious treasure but it wasn't in her pocket anymore. She panicked at the thought that she must have dropped it somewhere.

" Oh no! Where could that be?" She said anxiously.

Then, Serena came to her with a curious look on her face. " What's the problem, big Sister?"

" My toy gun...It's missing! I can't find it!" Cynthia looked around the place.

Serena helped out to look for it too and she accidentally step onto something on the carpet near the door. She took a good look at it and saw the toy gun that Cynthia was looking for. " Sis, I found it!" She picked it up and gave it to Cynthia.

Feeling relieved, Cynthia put the toy gun close to her heart and closed her eyes. " Greg!" She whispered in the air.

Serena heard the name Cynthia just called out and she got curious. " Who is Greg, Sis? Is he your boyfriend?"

Smiling at Serena, Cynthia just shook her head and patted her sister's head gently. " Thank you for helping me look for this, little sister! I owe you big time today!"

" You're welcome!" Serena smiled sweetly to her.

Cynthia left Serena in the living room when she walked towards her own room. She laid down on her bed and looked at the toy gun once more. She kept the promise she mad

my soul mate." Oscar smiled as he answered back at him.

" You're going there again? Can't you just move on and forget about that promise and that girl, bro? You've been there several times to look for her. Aren't you tired?" Louie was anxious. He was concerned about his friend.

" I never back out of my words and find her. I believe today, I might be able to see her again." Oscar was hoping just like Cynthia. He was optimistic in all aspects. He doesn't give up without a fight before surrendering. He was always persistent to achieve his goal. Today, his goal was to meet the girl who owns the butterfly hairpin.

" You sucks, bro!" Louie exclaimed.

" Whatever! See you later, bro!" Oscar went inside his car and left Louie shaking his head in disbelief.

Cynthia and Oscar was thinking the same thing as they drive separately on their individual cars. Their faces were glowing and their minds was set on one goal. Their goal was to meet each other. There was no traffic that day and the weather was fair.

As expected, Cynthia arrived in their vacation house after three hours of driving while Oscar was still on the road, heading towards the dark forest. Cynthia got out of her car and took her things inside their vacation house. She smiled sweetly when she took a deep breath, taking in some fresh air. She glanced outside the window of the house and saw the dark forest nearby.

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