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   Chapter 10 The Four Gods

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 7444

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While they were eating, Oscar asked her several intriguing questions.

" Is this your first time?" He asked.

" What do you mean?" Cynthia said with an innocent looking face.

" Is this your first date with a man like me?"

Hearing his question, Cynthia choked and grabbed the glass of water infront of her. She drank and massage her chest afterwards. " What if it is my first time to go on a date?" She asked with embarrassment.

" Is that mean I'm your first kiss too?" His eyes were sparkling even more in anticipation.

Cynthia stopped eating and wiped her mouth with the table napkin. " I think I'm done eating. Thank you for the lunch!"

Oscar stopped eating and looked at her with his puppy look eyes. " Please stay for a little while longer. "

Cynthia's heart softened when he used the magic word onto her. She remained seated and drank the red wine infront of her. Oscar smiled when he looked at Cynthia who didn't move from her chair.

Am I being to kind to him? Whenever he looked at me with his puppy look eyes, I become stiff and vulnerable. She thought.

As Oscar looked deeper into Cynthia's innocent face, he remembered the vow that he had made to a little girl when he was a child. Her face resembled the little girl's face so much that he kept hoping that Cynthia was that little girl he met before he was a kid.

Why am I remembering that innocent looking face of an angel? Why can't I move on? Looking at Cynthia now, as if I'm looking back to the little girl I have promised to marry. This is nuts! Why am I still hoping to see her and meet her? He thought.

When Oscar was finished with his food, he escorted Cynthia back to her car. " Thank you for dining with me, Darling!"

Cynthia smiled and opened her car door. " Thank you, too!" She said and went inside her car. She started driving her car, leaving Oscar behind. Since it was still too early to go home, she decided to go to their headquarter to kill time.

When she arrived at their headquarter, she parked her car on the garage and entered her code on the alarm system of the main door for her to enter. As soon as the door opened itself, she walked in and went to the training facility. While she was walking, the man a

are our specialties." Dark Lord said with confidence.

" Great! Problem solved! How about we go for a KTV at our entertainment facility. It's been a long time since we had fun together." Cynthia suggested.

" Sure! I'll text White Knight to come there! He'll be delighted!" Boltzilla said seriously.

" The four Gods have been reunited again! This is great! Let's party!" Dark Lord yelled and danced without music.

" You're crazy! You're dancing without a music!" Cynthia laughed.

Her laugh echoed in the room and the two man gazed at her with full of emotions. They both loved Cynthia secretly. Not as brothers and sisters but as a man loving her woman. Cynthia patted their shoulders hard. " Stop looking at me like that! It irritates me!" She said with a warning look on her face.

Both men looked at their sideways to avoid having eye contact with her. They don't want her to get mad because she rarely visits them. The three of them walked together in the entertainment facility. When they sat down on the large couch, White Knight came into the room.

His poker face suddenly changed into a warm tender look. They had fun singing and dancing in that room. It was rare for them to have fun together because they were all busy doing their own things in the organization aside from their own professions. White Knight was a Chief Prosecutor in the State. Boltzilla was a famous musician and loved to play guitar while Dark Lord was a CEO of a multi-million company.

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