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   Chapter 9 A lunch date

Unbreakable Vow By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9735

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After they had finished taking their breakfast, they all parted ways into their respective offices. Cynthia went to the park to change her preference today. She was wondering if she could see something interesting that may convey to her novel that she was making. She walked around the place all alone.

When she saw a couple sailing in a boat, her mind began to imagine some ideas about the characters of her story and how the events of falling in love will push through in the story. She sat down near the lake and used her phone in noting her ideas that's popping out on her mind.

Not long after, Cynthia's mobile phone vibrated. She browsed her phone and saw a message coming from Oscar saying: " My day is not complete without you by my side, beautiful!"

Cynthia smiled when she read the message. She replied to his message by texting :

" That's so sweet of you, Oscar! How many girls have heard you say those words just to please them?"

She was about to stand up when her phone vibrated again. She tapped her phone using her finger and read the message inbox with her eyes only. The message was from Oscar again saying: " I had never said any of those words to any other woman aside from you. I'm just being honest with my feelings for you."

" How cheesy?! Aren't you suppose to be busy in your field of work as a doctor? Why are you wasting your time trying to get into me?" Cynthia sent it to him from her fb account.

" I'm busy but I can't stop thinking of you, Cynthia. I told you last night that I am serious about getting to know you because I'm in love with you. " Oscar sent his reply to her.

" Stop flirting! I'm not what you think I am. So drop it already. " Cynthia sent back her response to him.

" I swear I'm serious about you, beautiful! Just give me a chance. Please?" Oscar replied.

Cynthia smiled when she read the magic word which was "please". Then she sent a thumbs up emoticon to him before she put back her phone on her pocket. She stood up and went for a walk again.

After she got tired of wandering around the park, she headed back home. Upon arriving on their house, she opened the main door cautiously. She glanced at the cage near the window where the birds where chirping. She took out the dove from the cage and fed them from her palm when she poured a small amount of bird food on her hand.

Cynthia felt calm and relax while looking at the doves eating on her hand. Marie and Serena saw her sitting on the chair near the window. They approached her with a cheerful smile.

" Hello, big Sister! Can I touch the doves too?" Serena said while walking towards Cynthia.

" Of course! Come here, my little sister!" Cynthia answered with a wide smile on her face.

" Me, too! Me, too!" Mikaela said jumping excitedly.

Cynthia poured the bird's food on Marie's palm and transferred gently the two white doves on her too. Mikaela touched the doves

ith so much affection. " Good afternoon!" She said.

Oscar lowered his head while gently holding Cynthia's hand and kissed the back of her hand tenderly. " Have you been waiting for me for a long time, sweetheart?"

" Nope! I just arrived here five minutes ago." She replied.

Oscar sat down opposite to her. They were facing each other and Cynthia couldn't stop her heart from beating so fast. Her hands began to feel cold. She was so tensed.

" Let's order some food. I'm starving!" Oscar waved his hand to a waiter he saw nearby. The waiter in a butler suit came to their table. He gave the menu card and waited for their orders.

" What do you like to have for lunch?" Oscar asked her.

Again, Cynthia can't decide on what to eat. She felt so nervous that she can't relax and stay calm. " I'll just have the same food that you'll take. As long as it's not spicy. I hate spicy food!" Cynthia answered.

" We'll have chef salad, chocolate mousse cake, beef steak and two glasses of red wine please!" Oscar said to the waiter.

When the waiter left, Oscar stared at Cynthia again. " I'm glad that you showed up. I really like to see you and be with you. Now, my day is complete. Thank you!" He said to her without blinking his eyes for a bit.

" I should be the one thanking you. You're a busy person and yet you find time to be with me for lunch." Cynthia felt so conscious.

Once more, Oscar held her hand lovingly. " It's my pleasure, sweetheart. Now, I am fully recharge again. Holding you and being here with you is like heaven. I wish we could stay like this forever."

Cynthia bit her lips as she looked at how romantic the situation was. She only read this on her novels and now, she was experiencing it. This is so unreal! She thought.

After two minutes, their meal was brought into their table. They ate together in that fancy restaurant of the hotel. Oscar kept on staring at her even if they were eating.

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